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  1. Congrats!!! Awesome achievements!
  2. Definitely agree a goal really helps keep me motivated! I've run 3 marathons and find the training to be too much. Love half marathons. Maybe try running a 5K every month and working on speed as a way to keep challenging yourself. Lately (last 9 months) I've been doing a lot of cross training. Good luck!!! Keep us posted your training progress! Best
  3. Last week I started the BeachBody 21 Day Fix Challenge! Part of the materials include access to Fixate which is BeachBody's version of the food channel. Watching Fixate on a rainy Sunday morning inspired me to try a Herb Crust on Ribeye Steak, make my own baked beans, and sweet potato fries from scratch! Started with ribeye from the side of beef we purchased from a local farmer. I made the herb dry rub and let the meat sit over night uncovered in the fridge. After allowing my meat to come up to room temp, I seared it on my cast iron flat plate (used the side burner of my gas grill). Forgot to take a picture! Following the quick searing, I placed the cast iron flat plate directly on my Akorn for 6 minutes at appx 375 degrees. Removed the meat, let rest, finished the rest of dinner prep and served. Turned out awesome!!! Great way to spend a beautiful Kentucky Saturday in July!
  4. Thanks for posting this marinade!! I made it today and everyone, except my daughter, loved it! I did have the montreal steak seasoning, so I used the following website: https://www.chowhound.com/recipes/montreal-steak-seasoning-10590 The great thing is I have some of the Montreal seasoning left for next time! Best Mike
  5. I've had my Kamado for about 4 months. I found Kamadoguru.com early on and love this site for information on smoking and grilling! Best Mike in Louisville
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