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  1. Don't need it, but absolutely want it. I might go $1500.
  2. I also prefer the plate, but they are hard to come by compared to chuck, at least around Chicago. It must be all those central Texans not wanting to share the good stuff! Easy to cook, almost fool proof compared to brisket. And delicious!
  3. Wild and farm raised are pretty different experiences. Many who are used to farm can find wild off-putting. Wild tends to be a little drier to the mouth and has a different type of oil to the taste. I grew up eating a lot of salmon, and tend to eat it less as an adult. I really prefer either sushi grade (raw) or gravlax. When I do grill it I always go for wild that is in season like Sockeye/Copper River/Pacific salmon.
  4. Since day one with my Primo I've used a Map torch. Hundreds of cooks and I'm still on the same canister. Start a fire dead center in the firebox (for low and slows, multiple for hot cooks) close lid while keeping both vents open. Wait until the temp gauge starts moving and adjust vents accordingly. Once you learn your grill it comes as second nature.
  5. I'd start off with cooking at a higher temp and learn your grill. Broken record here, but Kamado's have a learning curve. Even then, 170 is pretty ambitious. I've gone as low as 190 at a constant temp, but that was with some help with a pit controller.
  6. Nothing like an ash free firebox full of lump... my happy place.
  7. "Yowsa!" That's a good looking hunk 'o meat.
  8. Okay... so not too many fish fans in the forum?
  9. Thanks all for the welcome! As for capacity I just cooked 20lbs of pork butts a couple weekends ago for 25 people. The Junior can handle up to 4, 10lb butts when positioned correctly. It was a tight fit, but I've cooked an 18lb packer brisket on the Jr. If I do a labor day party this years I'll snap some pics.
  10. It's a small window to get really fresh Sockeye in the midwest. I grabbed this earlier today and did a cedar plank cook. A little mustard, fresh thyme from the garden, S&P and a dusting of brown sugar. Sorry, no pics as I got a little too excited with the quick cook. So, how do you like to cook salmon on your Kamado?
  11. Congrats! Not much better than a weekend steak cook.
  12. I like 21 days on NY Strip loins and 45 on Ribeye rolls.
  13. Huh, I've done a fair bit of dry aging and notice a pretty big difference over wet age. Different mouth feel, different level of moisture, different tenderness and yes, different taste.
  14. Royal Oak lump is widely available and what I mostly use. A word of caution, sift through the bag before or while you're loading the grill. Occasionally some foreign substances like rocks and bits of concrete can be found in RO bags.
  15. I've had my Junior for 8 seasons. 2 winters uncovered. A little crazing on the glaze and the firebox finally developed a crack last year, both of which are to be expected. As for the gasket I had the original on mine for 6 years. I cooked on the grill a lot, which developed a caking that eventually became a sealant. By year 6 nothing was left of the felt gasket, yet I could still hold and maintain a 190f cook for 12 hours. Many BGE users go non-gasket and I would have done so as well on the Primo if I wasn't at a dealer a couple years ago. The firebox developed a crack last year, which isn't unusual and to be expected. I know BGE users have gone years with cracked fireboxes and have read most people on the Primo forum having no adverse effects cooking with cracked fireboxes. Primo will also sell you a new FB for a pretty reasonable cost if you're that anal about it. Primo has the same conditions as any other ceramic: First, don't cook with the lid open. If that's your style get a Weber Kettle or a Santa Maria grill. Get in quick, get out quick. Let the cooker do its thing. "If you're looking, you ain't cooking." Ceramic and metal behave differently when exposed to weather and climate changes. Understand that adjustments will need to made from time to time, especially after shipping. If your dealer doesn't do this for you, don't blame Primo. The ceramic "neck" is supposed to be narrow compared to the vent. Some like to circle the neck with a gasket, others don't. I'm in the "don't" camp and also think a 100% seal on a ceramic is not only unlikely, but extremely overrated and unnecessary. If you can't get get your cooker under 300f either an adjustment is way off or you haven't learned your grill. If people can keep a, leak like a sieve, stick burner at 200f for 20 hours you should be able to keep a heavy lidded ceramic at 250f. Finally, the LG300 is a relatively new model in the Primo lineup, which might be leading to the confusion when receiving accessories that don't fit. That's not build quality, but human error. Rant over.