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  1. I've always kept vents closed,I've never had mine rust but usually don't go 2 weeks between cooks either.I looked at your info for location suspecting this could play a factor. I see your from Florida, have you had issues with past grills?
  2. Just thinking, that's the only thing it seems I did differently, maybe allows stock leg to fit further down into bushing??
  3. Also, did you remove the end caps from the stock legs?
  4. I can't tell from the pictures, did you use a reducer bushing 1-1/2" to 1-1/4"? The reduced fits snug to my stock legs,so snug that I glued the pipe to couplers and am able to remove leg with coupler with ought moving the bushing from stock leg
  5. Had to go back to Menards today so, I picked up the parts # Nibco 5801 (1-1/2 coupler) Nibco 5801-2-F (1-1/2 -1-1/4 Flush bushing)
  6. I agree, both serve their purpose well. Please update us with your project.
  7. Having trouble uploading pictures, The bushings fit tight to the stock legs, and I glued the pipe to couplers for quick connect.
  8. 1-1/2 Black PVC, 1-1/2 coupler with 1-1/4 bushing, Link is posted above. This cost me under $12.00 USA and simply snaps together.
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