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  1. fire management... any temp can be held with proper fire management... I've held 150° for three plus hours while cold smoking salmon and the temp never budged. The fact that others have achieved it doesn't mean you can. You have to Indentify what you are doing wrong (this is a learning process) Develop a method of loading lump, lighting lump, vent settings and heat soak that will allow you to achieve the results that you want upon correcting what you are doing wrong. It's going to be a process of trial, error and correction to find out what works. I've held 150° for thr
  2. I use this. I bought it from Costco a few years back. Works great I just wish it could be mounted on a stand or that I had a wall, ledge or some type of shelf closer to the Kamado that I could sit it on.
  3. @K_sqrd, a stack control is totally unnecessary, if the seal is good on the doors. The pit (and it's stack height) is designed for a small fire and max airflow- i.e., no choking the fire. It states that the pit is also designed to be oiled periodically. That's the route I'd go, if I bought one. Wouldn't think of painting it. I think I know where the intake control is but need a better look. Also extremely interesting where he has the temp gauge. And, it appears to be a 24" round to me.
  4. I don't know that you can beat the onions recommendation per se. There's no fat content so smoking isn't an option, imo. You can sear it over hot coals, I guess. But. liver is just... liver... Any root veggies of course would compliment well, and garlic of course. I'd maybe get creative and have 1/3 in the morning with my eggs. Chop 1/3 into small cubes and add taco seasoning for a burrito or tacos for Lunch. Make a small portion of chili for dinner... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. I consider the Jambo's too pretty to cook on. And probably a little out of my price rance, if I remember correctly. I'd have a hard time passing up a Shirley Fab smoker especially because of the smaller wheels on this one. That firebox is massive also, don't you think?
  6. When I was in Austin last summer we tried Franklin BBQ for the first time- carry out, not the long lines. Had to order about a month in advance, of course. Brisket was very good. The pork ribs were the best product we ate. I mean ridiculously good. Anyway, there was discussion at that time about him making his own smokers. I guess with COVID and everything I forgot about it. Looks like he started making them in May. These things are tanks https://franklinbbqpits.com
  7. I used to intentionally seek out the biggest birds I could find on Thanksgiving. I think 26lbs is the biggest bird I could find. Never had an issue with tenderness or toughness compared to the smaller oven roasted birds that others in my family cooked. This was pre-Kamado btw.
  8. Nice job! Din't read the title properly and expected to see blue corn chips. But, you had the real deal. San Antonio was my first introduction to Tejano Music and most importantly: the Frito Pie...
  9. I lock the wheels and that's it. This thing withstood hurricane level winds and never budged! I would also note that your gas grill is all flat surfaces which the winds can exert enormous pressure upon. The wind load upon the cylindrical shape of Kamado's is significantly less.
  10. the discussion regarding baseball cards is upsetting to me. In large part because I have no idea how many future Hall of Famers' rookie cards I destroyed in the spoke of my bike prior to getting my Vroom Bronco...
  11. First, John's question is a legit one but also the strategy of cooking at 4+ hours per pound. Sound ridiculously high with all due respect. However, in the midst of a cook you have to take on the Marine's attitude to adapt and overcome. So Buttburner's advice becomes critical. Sometime Saturday Morning at the latest, I would have increased my cooking temps in order to get finished around my target time...
  12. great Job! And, don't worry, before too long someone on the forum will convince you that you need a temp controller to do what you just did without a temp controller...
  13. Sorry to hear about you warranty issues but glad they are getting worked out. But, I don't know that'd spring for 'spares' under any circumstances. Unless I had confidence I could sell them and recoup my money, that is... A deflector plate on my oldest BJ split in two about a year and a half ago. Amazingly, it was my fault and not a warranty issue. I know that's a fairly unique situation apparently. Anyway, I haven't had any problems continuing to cook on it. And, I'm never going to have tech issues with the Joe because I refuse to buy any.
  14. I'm not anti glaze, just anti glaze for the ribs I cook. No sweet and no sauce just because it's so overdone. And surprising even the people who swear by sauce say their the best ribs they've ever tasted. Most of that is because they're only ever tasting sauce. But, I do take it as a challenge. Pecan is my absilute go to also. It's so... refined... in my opinion and again hickory is what every one uses around me. Have a bit of post oak now. I like post oak also, it's less 'prominent' or in your face than pecan. It's also cleaner, if that makes sense- more of a complimentary note th
  15. I don't have the sloroller but, John has stated at the end of this thread that the second grate is a no-go on the III's or KJ's using the sloroller because the first grates sits higher. I would set the brisket on the first grate and mac & cheese on the upper grate while cooking @275-285°. The mac & cheese should be able to brown at that temp.
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