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  1. Sorry to hear that! But, I guess I expected it. I would not have trimmed any fat, but especially any fat separating one muscle from another. It is particularly important for that top section you separated, because it is the leanest part of the short rib. Fat is where your moisture is. Removing it, even on the top, imo, is removing moisture. It also removes the opprtunity for the absolute best bark you can imagine. I guess I also am cut from a different cloth which sees that fat and 'the meat' as one and the same.
  2. #1) Glad the ribs turned out well. #2) Don't have the sloroller and ends of ribs do not get burned, so, while I don't doubt it helps, it's certainly possible to get a good result without it. But, possible flame or direct heat exposure around the edges of the deflector plates is certainly an issue.
  3. Amazing cook! This was so appetizing until I saw that those disgusting toes in the last pic...
  4. As to your question, everything you get on the short rib is part of the short rib (in the U.S.). But, I don't understand why anyone would trim that fat off. No explanation needed, I just don't. It makes it that much more difficult to get a moist end result.
  5. Yeah, having a basket is the biggest part of it and the III's just come with a basket
  6. Every pic I've seen pushes the grate surface up at least two inches above normal. For me, that would compromise my ability to cook a 3rd or 4th brisket etc., on me second tier. I already have some difficulty fanangling things so that the temp gauge does not poke into my meat giving off flase readings. And, it appears that you would either use the sloroller or the divide and conquer- at least it using as an accessory for the KJ or KJ II.
  7. Looks great! And, nice muffin rack also and muffiny, cornbready, roll thingys.
  8. Glad to hear it, I absolutely thought they were the responsible party. And, money talks
  9. It makes a world of difference. When I first joined the forum, it seemed that John sort of steered people away from using tech. Now, it appears to be a total 180°. Anyway, I was grateful for the first stance because it forced me to learn the grill and I didn't want to deal with more tech anyway. The baskets sealed the deal for me. There is zero need to use one now, imo. Note: I said need, not preference or desire. Those basket dramtically increase airflow allowing the grill to come up to temp much quicker than with the factory grate. All issues with incomplete burn patterns as desc
  10. In Tejas, we like to call ourselves cooks instead of Pit masters and yup, adjusted for hair, height and hue and it's pretty much me.
  11. so, I'm putting my money on @Ben Maas having either a Classic or Classic II (or BJ) and no KAB or KJ Basket. I had similar issues until I fitted my BJ with a KAB and my BJ II with a KJ Basket. It is the essential accessory, imo and the only necessary "tech" I tolerate in my cooking.
  12. Looks great: good job!!!! No criticism here but, on the points, if you cut that in the other direction- ala against the grain- you will have a much more pleasurable eating experience. The brisket will seem even more tender. Well done. Also, just make sure to stay far away from flats. we don't countenance flats around these parts...
  13. @Golf Griller, so the Gov. is letting you guys out of the house now? Just jokin'. Nice looking steak
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