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  1. I can't be of much help. I do not cook flats. However, I will comment on a few things that stand out to me. I do not remove fat caps period. The one flat I reluctantly cooked for a neighbor turned out far below my expectations, which only reinforces my commitment to not cook flats. (may have some impact...) Using the extremes, you cooked a 5 lb. flat two hours longer than you did a 10 lb. flat. While each piece of meat is different and cooks differently, that just sounds wrong. (may have some impact...) I personally don't think water pans are necessary in a ceramic kamado. (seriously doubt any impact...) I don't use crutches and my briskets come out just fine. So, I'm not inclined to target that as the difference either. Same as #3 regarding the mop. Internal temps do not necessarily tell the story on a brisket. For me– tenderness does. I've had this happen anywhere from 192° to 208°.
  2. There is a 'natural' separation or seam between the spare ribs and the belly. The butcher would just follow that separation. That really is the key to all US cuts of meat– the art of following those natural separations / seams of bone, cartilage and fat between the various muscles.Anyway, there are several of these videos on youtube if you want a different view of the process
  3. Nice purchases Now the warranty from Costco on the TV's is as valuable as the deals offered... I've thought about the III and it's nice but, I hold my current hand, I think. The extra space would be nice but what what I do most often, I would need either the ProJoe or a reverse flow offset. That or find an easier way to corral both BJ's to the same location. And that cart is fantastic but, as mentioned above, I really need something that can roll through grass easily. Particularly need that on the Joe I gifted to the Church. And that price for a high quality lump is just fantastic in my opinion. I grab some every chance I get. It winds up being a better deal than I could get on Royal Oak, Frontier or Cowboy. And I have sworn off all of the above for various reasons...
  4. The locking lid is not available for the 1st gen. KJ. I absolutely love my upgrade to the mesh gasket. Wouldn't want to live with it now. Main reason: in the past anything cleaning the felt after spills resulted in some damage to the felt– with the mesh, it's wipe and go...
  5. There are plenty of other reasons to purchase a Costco membership. You walk in there with no particular purchase in mind and walk out with all kinds of ... 'stuff'... you never knew you needed...
  6. Thanks guys!!! Was actually thinking of adding kale to the cabbage initally. Might try that next time.
  7. I would return the gasket. Honestly that first gasket looks perfectly fine. At the very least, I would not throw it away.
  8. Thanks. Somehow the flavor is all the way to the bone. Leftovers even better.
  9. thanks! still not used to cooking on the soapstone but I do know this– both times I've cooked chicken on it, it has been the juiciest chicken I've ever eaten. And, there are a lot of years behind that statement.
  10. I remember the first several months of owning KJ where you would actually call them and speak to -Meghan- I believe it was and often get out through to a warehouse manager. Those were the days.
  11. Keto sigh... eating Keto so here’s tonight’s offering.
  12. With me it depends on whether I have received the product intact OR have been using it for a while. Specifically as it relates to KJ, the both the manual, if I remember correctly, and the website refers you to contact KJ regarding these kind of issues. I was referring to contacting KJ as opposed to asking people on this forum. Imo and in my practice, I consider that an unnecessary and unproduct step. Yup, this is what I was referring to.
  13. In my first 4 to 6 months of cooking on the kamado, I had this issue regularly. Then I adjusted how I started fires for the low and slows beginning with a much smaller fire that I did not have to choke down, allowing the kamado to come slowly up to temp and to heat soak. I can now open the kamado for up to a minutes or more without seeing any spikes, if I need to. Granted, I still prefer to do much of my wrapping, etc. off grill and with the lid closed. But, those issues are a thing of the past for me. The other piece of the puzzle was using a grease pan for brisket cooks. The fat from the brisket would flare up from time to time before that adjustment.
  14. Your welcome. I've had posts disappear also. Just chalk it up to human error, browser issues, internet connection, etc. If that deck is according to code, you should never have any problems with the cart. However, getting it up there might be an issue. Also, pass on the info you got on the cart, I know it's a haul from where I am but, I need something I can maneuver through the yard AND that looks amazing!!!
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