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    seeking 1st the Kingdom, anything related to large bodies of water, music- particularly Christian, real authentic Texas style low n slow bbq, creating my own recipes
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  1. CentralTexBBQ

    Search For A New Forum Begins

    Maybe I've been overlooking the banner but I, for one, am sad to see the end of the forum. As I am 100% opposed to the invasive nature of social media in general and google and facebook in particular as it relates to privacy and their use and misuse of it, my search for a new forum begins. Probably won't be checking in as often as I wean myself during KG's death spiral. Wish well to all of you as you move over. CentralTexBBQ
  2. CentralTexBBQ

    Free Stone Peaches are here !

    Thankfully, I was only there long enough on Wednesday to jump in an Infiniti Q60 and make the 600 mile drive to El Paso. We did get back in just enough time on Friday to catch a Diamondbacks game. Still 102° @ ~10pm
  3. CentralTexBBQ

    Homemade BBQ challenge!

    very well done...
  4. CentralTexBBQ

    Free Stone Peaches are here !

    When I was in Phoenix two weeks ago, I thought of making the drive up to Prescott. Had I known this was on the menu, I would have made the drive.
  5. CentralTexBBQ

    Who needs an oven?

    Very, very nice...
  6. CentralTexBBQ

    SATURDAY FEEDING/ new storage

    Well done! And, nice location on the grill.
  7. CentralTexBBQ

    ck sk Homemade BBQ Sampler

    my comments are as follows: Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang! and, Dang!
  8. CentralTexBBQ

    Rosemary Parmesan Bread

    in a word: yum
  9. CentralTexBBQ

    Few Goodies

    Great additions. Love that basket as well. Hey @KismetKamado, did I miss the gasket install?
  10. CentralTexBBQ

    Heat Deflectors Leaking?

    Yup, we talked about that, That definitely is a concern apart from using a drip pan or something to interupt that direct line of sight. Another issue is that if the food renders a lot of fat, ala a brisket, that small opening is enough to begin scorching or igniting that fat at higher temps- 275° and above.
  11. CentralTexBBQ

    Pulled A Fast One; Chopped A Second One

    Lol. Not really. Goat yes, lamb yes, deer of course, spare ribs every now and then, bear, turkey, elk. And of course your usual regimen of vermin: possum, armadillo, porcupine, etc.
  12. CentralTexBBQ

    Pulled A Fast One; Chopped A Second One

    It was such a time crunch, setting up and transporting everything to the Church, that I totally forgot about it.
  13. CentralTexBBQ

    Pulled A Fast One; Chopped A Second One

    Thanks. She thoroughly enjoyed the day. And, of course the Godiva Chocolate!!!
  14. CentralTexBBQ

    Pulled A Fast One; Chopped A Second One

    I have not. But, I realized that they have not been good examples of pulled pork. This did not require BBQ Sauce, which is my preference and a well established bark. I have a new appreciation for it. Will not hesitate to cook it more often now.
  15. CentralTexBBQ

    Pulled A Fast One; Chopped A Second One

    Plated... Kaiser Buns were buttered, seasoned with granulated garlic and seared on the grill. This person opted for the slaw on the side