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  1. I agree to a great. If you've built a big fire and the ceramic is heated through, certainly smaller vent settings can sustain it. But imo, a lot depends on how hot the fire is to begin with. More specifically, how I started the fire: in one place, in two, in three, etc. Even with the meat heating up etc., if a small fire is started and vent settings have sustained the 225° temps extended periods, the question is what could cause a spike up to the 325°. In my experience it's the small pieces basically acting like kindling.
  2. If that at all diminishes the grade of driving in and out in the winter, despite the extra cash, that would be a great bonus!
  3. Phew!!!! that was close! Now I am able to say, "unfortunately, I'm in Greater Cincinnati, so I won't be able to distribute a care package." I know there is a push toward the technology and temp controllers, etc. But, the best investment I made for my Kamado was the Kick Ash Basket. My Version II came with the KJ basket. It took care of the overwhelming majority of temps issues I faced along with carefully choosing my lump and the manner in which I load the basket before a cook (ensuring a good mix of both large and medium pieces). In the case of bags full of small pieces, all bets are off regardless of the basket used. I know that I am going to have problems. Anyway, good cooking up there...
  4. First of all, if as I suspect, these are not official "KJ" replacements, you are not comparing apples to apples. Reference: https://www.bbqguys.com/kamado-joe/fiberglass-gasket-for-18-inch-classic-grills?utm_source=google&utm_medium=paid&utm_campaign=1757301804&utm_content=341652417329&utm_term=3008775&species=shopping-ad-smart&campaignid=1757301804&adgroupid=67470556263&creative=341652417329&targetid=pla-975734711952&network=u&device=c&adtype=&productchannel=online&productid=3008775&productpartitionid=975734711952&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1dPwh6_A6AIVEYiGCh3KoAMBEAQYASABEgK7VfD_BwE
  5. Ok, am I the only one that thinks that French Fries cheapen an otherwise great plate of bbq?
  6. The pictures of the hole were totally unimpressive until the guy stood in it and the walls started going up. It's amazing what is lost in translation from reality to a photo. Nice project!
  7. @len440, I subscribe to the mailman code of bbq. come rain, hail, sleet or snow...
  8. That's what I meant, half of a half. I am able to cook without issue
  9. the challenge here is being both ultra polite and totally non-commital ... ummm, I have one shot at this so, here goes... Are you in NorthEast OH by any chance? With the KJ Basket, it's not as much of an issue of restricting airflow. When the fire is burning the larger pieces it does well. But then it gets to section where there is predominately smaller and tiny pieces. All of those small pieces act like kindling since they are so easily ignited.
  10. My biggest issue is the packages not lasting as long as I'd hoped. Apparently, they are eating pulled pork and brisket for breakfast, lunch and dinner...
  11. Yep, I assumed there had to be a drip pan in there somewhere! Thumbs up.
  12. I have a cracked deflector plate- two halves. Still cooking, still works perfectly
  13. Yikes! love everything here except the 'no water pan'. Well, I never use a 'water' pan either but in a Kamado, I consider a drip pan aboslutely essential for brisket, especially at higher temps. If my drip pan is directly on the deflector plates, I add a little water to dilute the fat as it renders so that it doesn't burn. That fat has to go somewhereand nothing it does, including catching fire, is something I want. How are you avoiding that? I typically start @ 225° but crank it to 275°–285° after a couple of hours.
  14. currently making care packages for seniors: my parents and older aunts
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