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    seeking 1st the Kingdom, anything related to large bodies of water, music- particularly Christian, real authentic Texas style low n slow bbq, creating my own recipes
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  1. CentralTexBBQ

    Cleaning brightwork

    Yikes, I could buy half a bag of FOGO at that price!!! I also use distilled white vinegar in my hot water soak. And who knows what the secret formula is but it specifically should be Dawn and not any other brand.
  2. CentralTexBBQ

    KJ Classic II heat

    Yes, you have to give it time for the fire to establish however, you mentioned earlier that you couldn't get the temps to rise even with a fan. It still sounds like damp lump which was then dried out during the cook in which you couldn't get the temps to rise. Once fired out it lit better. Just my opinion. Anyway, glad you're up and running now.
  3. CentralTexBBQ

    So... My Mac Died Saturday: Long Live The New Mac

    LOL, my fault. Sorry for the Apple-speak! I'll do better. I have Logic Pro, Final Cut X, dozens of 3rd party apps that work with Logic, a Windows partition for the accounting software. It's going to be a significant learning curve finding a way to work effectively with the myriad of USB-C to Firewire; USB-C to Thunderbolt, USB-C to HDMI, USB'C to USB 2.0 adapters that I'm going to need. Not to mention the additional external hard drives. Not really looking forward to this. It's already a nightmare. The tough bar: I wasn't;t crazy about the idea when I watched the Keynote. But, seeing how others have integrated them into their workflow using the Pro Apps, I do think I'll be using them- eventually HAHA
  4. CentralTexBBQ

    Brisket burnt ends

    lol. I'm a traditionalist so, no burnt ends here.I come from that no bbq sauce part of Texas LOL
  5. CentralTexBBQ

    KJ Classic II heat

    Depending on how long between your last cooks, the residual lump can build a lot of moisture content. Sounds like you cleaned everything out but put the 'wet' lump back on top. Of course, by 'wet', I do not mean wet to the touch.
  6. CentralTexBBQ

    Latest Buc-ee's haul

    I'm tearing up just imaging my wife saying those words to me
  7. Love the stainless KAB baskets and I understand feeling the need to get something shiny and new but, if we were really being honest here, looks that that old basket was perfectly fine and functional. LOL Congrats and good cooking!
  8. CentralTexBBQ

    Latest Buc-ee's haul

    Farm raised? LOL The one near Waco. Temple born and raised
  9. CentralTexBBQ

    Royal Oak issues

    I think so. Never had that issue with RO. The reason I am shying away however, is the increasing number of stones, uncarbonized lump and amount of dust in the last five or so bags.
  10. CentralTexBBQ

    Chicken Kale stew - open pit

    way to throw down
  11. Quite a sinking feeling when you are working on music and suddenly the screen goes grey. I guess the call it the 'grey screen of death' for a reason! After rebooting, I noticed the background of the screen was alternating stripes of red and black. A few reboots and attempts at trouble-shooting later, it never reached the recovery screen or would boot to the desktop. Finally, I think I heard it whisper, "it's been a privilege" before it gave up it's ghost. Anyway, it made for an interesting day trying to conduct our church service without a central component. And several hours later, I was able, grudgingly, to find a replacement. Now, I need to learn a new way of working since these hard drives are so ridiculously small without getting into even more ridiculous pricing. This 13" screen is also berry, berry tiny compared to my previous 17". Anyway, new MBP meet the KG forum. KG forum, meet the new MBP. Smiling to keep from crying.
  12. CentralTexBBQ

    Latest Buc-ee's haul

    @philpom, I have it on good authority that all meats purchased at Buc-ees should be accompanied by quotes: "beef", "venison", etc. Just kidding', can't wait to shop at one. I've passed by the one on I-35 outside my hometown several times without stoppong. Looks good.
  13. CentralTexBBQ

    KK Cook - Kinda

    LOL! It's good to know that I can try this once I get my stone Are you going to tell Mr. KK that he could have been doing this months ago?
  14. CentralTexBBQ

    KK Cook - Kinda

    Is it about the same thickness as the KJ stone?
  15. CentralTexBBQ

    KK Cook - Kinda

    Nicely done (Mr.) KK. I do like the idea that the stone is there to cook a slice a bit longer if it's too underdone for my taste. And, I'm wondering two things: how long did the stone stay heated and would the KJ soapstone retain it' heat as long? Finally, I love that second rack in the KK, wow!