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  1. so I posted about cooking in a full blown polar vortex once and the Canada gurus wanted to get in a pissing contest and say things like "-32°, wind chills? Oh that's nothing! I cook in -80° weather while walking 5 miles to school uphill both ways all the time!" You'll be fine!
  2. I've mentioned this before but, they normally cut these into short ribs up north. You can ask for a slab and they will being them out to you. But, I'm picky and it's always better to have selection of slbs to pick through. Great grab and LOVE the price!!! That price in the era of exorbitant pork rib and beef brisket prices is outrageous.
  3. Thanks, I understand. IT is almost always an also ran for me. A very distanct also ran. Exception being poultry and I check IT for that simply because my wife bought a Thermoworks for me a few years ago. Other than that, I infrequently check a temp only to get an a rough idea of how much longer a cook might take. Or, out of curiousity to see what the temp was after I've pulled it. I understand there are different kinds of cooks and methodolgies but I subscribe to @philpom's philosophy
  4. Haha, title was confusing. I was trying to figure out what a 'Ribs Pork Butt' was? But nice looking color / cook. Decent sized but also...
  5. For the record, I am not anti wrapping. I just find it unnecessary. It was a vital part of my process early on as was spritzing. And, I am pro each person finding their own process. There will always be those who swear by injecting, cooking on one side or the other, wrapping in foil, braising, finishing in the oven, etc. I just don't want anyone to confuse a moist brisket with wrapping and vice versa. I do not wrap and have zero issues with dry brisket. I do think that the resolution to a dry brisket lies in the list I gave above.
  6. Between Costco and especially RD, I can almost always get them before $6 per. And that's about my ceiling on them, just as $3.79 is my top price for brisket.
  7. wrapping is also an enemy of bark, even parchment. Used to do it on my first coupla briskeetos. Now, they ride naked as they day they were born... Even when it's not hot I can get that moisture from the lower vent. It's a familar friend...
  8. +1 on the not spritzing. spritz destroys bark +1 on a possible shield under the flat however, a large enough drip pan also accomplishes the same thing A couple of other things to consider. Causes of flats being tough or dry = selecting brisket with too thin or a drastically uneven flat undercooking overcooking not enough rest
  9. Thanks @K_sqrd and @TKOBBQ, it's starting to sink in more now that NY's Eve is upon us. For the past 20 years we'd always attend a late night Church Service in ushering in the new year. Anyway, vaxed, vaxed and boosted and it made zero difference in this case... Go figure
  10. Interesting. No salt brine on mine and they always come out perfectly- i.e., not too much, not too little. The confusion is that they are mislabeled of course. Just found out recently from a friend that Costco does the same. In El Paso, I can find plate ribs displayed. Up here, they not only divide them but cut them in half. As you stated, you have to specifically ask for them. They typically have full racks in the back waiting to be cut. BUT, make sure to ask for the pricing also. It SHOULD be less than the price of the cut ribs. Nice looking ribs there
  11. I think it'll make a world of difference that was my experience also. lose but no leakage during cooking. I had to constantly spin it to reorient the logo in the front. It certainly feels so much more secure now
  12. my first "official" job as an 6 or 7 year old was at Piggly Wiggly
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