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  1. sorry, got tied up in repairing a crashed pc. since you are monitoring temps, you'll see it rise to 160ºish to 170ºish range and stay there. I stopped using butcher paper early on, choosing just to cook without wrapping. When I did use it, it was an arbitrary choice for me usually after 7 or so hours of smoke.
  2. overthinking it- major reason why I don't pay any attention to temps while cooking. I would say that size matters when considering how quickly a piece of meat should be expected to cook. So, the other part of my answer without knowing the size of the trimmed brisket is: i dunno... More seriously chillax and enjoy the cook.
  3. Thanks for the question @Wellspring - Jason, I'd much prefer the tool chest. But, I guess I could get my mind around a good quality dolly. My question would be whether it would replace the nest, etc.
  4. Yeah, this steak was as tough as any well done sirloin you'd ever eat. Had the leftovers the next morning for breakfast. It was even worse, though it couldn't have been much past medium even when reheated. I don;t understand it really, the steak was well marbled
  5. The garlic isn't an essential rub element for me but my preference is at least 1 to 1.5 to .5. The larger the cut, the greater that ratio goes in favor of coarse ground black pepper- a minimum of 2 to 1. Not opposed at all to the Cayenne as @Gebo suggested but also adding onion from time to time in the same ratio as the garlic. The cayenne is not at all noticeable on larger cuts and in the proper ratio even on smaller cuts. What is does is to 'wake up' the other spices. When I do utilize garlic or onion it is going to granulated. That is a must!
  6. Costco carries a very high quality of fish, seafood andpork, lamb and beef, imo. Obvi, I have also ordered from Porter Road. I have Butcher's Box ribeye that was gifted to me (but, I'm not a fan of boneless). I'll try that tomorrow. I do go to my local butcher for specialty sausage and seafood from time to time. Especially for big cooks, if the items can;t be found at Costco.
  7. Great news on the replacement. A guru gifted me their broken stone since KJ offered a replacement. I cook on it with no issues whatsoever. Everytime there's a sell, I consider buying one then talk myself out because this is perfectly functional...
  8. You gave me a heads up on the Costco tomahawks but unfortunately that was superbowl weekend and I already was thawing out my dyno ribs. When I looked for them a few days later they were gone. The first kroger tomahawk was actually pretty darn good despite the E.Coli. But that Costco Prime vs the Kroger choice makes all the difference in the world.
  9. forgot the lasagna: asiago, extra sharp white cheddar, mozzarella, anise root, white onion, brussels sprouts and butternut squash.
  10. I’m a glutton for punishment. The last time I tried a tomahawk from kroger it was recalled three weeks after i had eaten it for E. coli. Yup, three weeks after... Here’s tonight’s entry paired with what I’m calling a veggie lasagna. Cooked to a perfect medium rare. Honestly, disappointing in that it was a pretty tough chew.
  11. By the way @JeffieBoy, that "midget" should definitely have read "smidgen". I HATE SPELL CHECK!!!
  12. I do not cook by temp or by time. Just by sight, feel and probe test. It's why my last cook surprised me as to how quickly the Porter Road Dyno Ribs cook to doneness. I've never come in under 7 hours before even when cooking at slighty hight temps. 275º–280º vs 265º–270º. However, since I obtained a Thermapen for my birthday 2 years ago, I do check out of curiousity as to what temp I am pulling it at. It was 202º. But, it might as well have been 192 or 210º for all I care. Good quality plate ribs cook to beyond fork tender, imo– as in the pic below and these are seriously high qua
  13. Thanks all, the top of the rib was definitely something I'd not experienced before. The thin layer of meat meat along with the rendered fat and black pepper for a ridiculously bark– beef bacon...
  14. Keto works if you work it. The lemonande was actually minute maid's zero sugar– good stuff
  15. Hit my target doneness. 5hrs @ 270°. who would’ve thought? a highfalutin meal like this deserves a 32oz mason jar
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