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  1. I was thinking the same thing. More specifically, how big the tail is. But, I think the OP was just justifying the buy as opposed to commenting on the actual weight of the claw. I don't think they had cooked it at that point.
  2. I love toying with the idea of swimming in the ocean depths, until I see something like this I have to add: the size of that claw also makes me want to swim wearing a cup and two very thick pair of jeans
  3. You wouldn't unless you start reaching higher temps or, if the grease starts to drip between the deflector plates into the firebox.
  4. I'm thinking a sledge hammer maybe? I would love to make this a family meal. Full disclosure: no one else in the family eats lobster. LOL
  5. In case you missed it.. I can hear one of these babies calling my name . https://www.thrillist.com/news/nation/costco-selling-giant-lobster-claws https://www.delish.com/food-news/a26883812/costco-three-pound-lobster-claws/
  6. No... No... What do you think the Demo deal entails? It is not what is once was. Can't remember the details. They throw in a bag of lump, I believe. Possible, I guess, but I've attended a Road Show where KJ restocked the show because so many were being sold. You can always call ahead. No... This is what comes standard when purchasing a KJ vs buying At Costco.
  7. Agree 100% with @Polar Bear. I would add that at this same point in the life of my original gasket, I was seeing visible wear. Any spill of sauce, fat, etc. on the gasket resulted in even more visible wear after cleaning. This gasket, I can clean normally without having to be concerned about damaging the gasket. My 2¢.
  8. THIS... If the butt is too hot, the moisture has done an Elvis and vacated the building. As it rests, the muscle relaxes and reabsorbs some moisture. Overly simplistic explanation... If a moist butt can be achieved without wrapping or injecting, I personally am not going to add other steps in an attempt to correct an issue because I tend to think I am just hiding the issue and not resolving it. I want to gain the experience of correcting the mistake. Then i have a skill that I have added to my repertiore. If I was to start wrapping during the cook or injecting my butts, it would be for reasons other than moisture- i.e. flavor profile or speed up a cook, etc.
  9. These things are full of intramuscular fat. I do none of the above and have not experienced a dry butt yet. Granted, I am a brisket cook as opposed to a butt cook, but, I'd personally look elsewhere. How are yu judging doneness and when are you pulling it off the grill. Are you resting it, and if so, for how long?
  10. Interesting... and never... which makes it even more interesting... Is this on a classic or a big joe?
  11. That may be a little tougher in that you are changing the full range of dates that they have asked you to serve.
  12. That's interesting GG. What factored into your decision to go Nomex and not the wire mesh?
  13. @Golf Griller, you should be able to write them regarding the dates you have planned for your vacation, noting your availablility throughout the other portion of the summons. They should be able to work with you and excuse you from those dates. LOL– do not list Vacation from May through August.
  14. I am just the opposite. I simply refuse to follow a recipe. I am always 'seeing' ways to improve it even as I try to follow it. I know if a recipe has the flavor profile I am looking for. Anyway, the good thing about this soup is that it would be good sans meat or by sustituting the chicken for beef, turkey legs and wings, etc. I am going to start forcing myself to document the quantities I am using in the future. But, here are a few hints- of the listed spices (fennel, basil, thyme, celery seed, salt, fresh ground black pepper, ginger, coriander, peri peri), most prominent are the black pepper and sea salt. The ginger and peri, peri are the least prominent- just dashes. In the case of the peri, peri because my uncle does not like spicey food. Two weeks ago, I replicated the soup and after sending him half, I increased the amount of the peri, peri to give me a decent kick. In using celery seed a little goes a long way also. And, I may have overlooked it but, Bay leaf goes into any soup, chili, stew that i make.
  15. Father's Day present to myself. Designed it and sent it off to the burn shop. Here is a better look. Ummm, propriatory by the way... typing in the copyright as we speak... @John Setzler details the process a little more... The difference between the two is that John's is carbon steel and i ordered the stainless...
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