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  1. I don't think so. Beef can handle just about anything and in a reverse sear, the steak isn't going to take on enough smoke to be overpowering. But, personally, I'm not a fan of hickory. It's just too prevalent in BBQ in the States so, I'd opt for something else.
  2. @adauria, I'll take you word for it that you;ve done your homework. Those storefronts mean nothing. They may be real OR they may be knock offs posing as the real manufacturer. Case in point, https://www.amazon.com/K701-Open-2DBack-Headphones-Varimotion-Flat-2DWire/dp/B000EBBJ6Y/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=akg+k701&qid=1594187329&sr=8-1. This is a $500 pair of headphones at an unbeatable price. Until very recently, clicking on the AKG link took you to a page which looks exactly like the manufacturer with all the correct logos etc. However, the manufacturer's website warns against buying the knock offs: https://www.akg.com/counterfeit-warning.html A convoluted way of saying, I bought my KAB via their website, if I bought again, it'd still be there as opposed to amazon. Just saying.
  3. I've fallen out of love with cooking @ 225° so, 250° is going to be my lowest temp. I love to be between 270° and 285°. Still at the 250° mark, it may go 3.75 hours or so but, it's certainly no where near 6 hours. My real point was that the temp is far less important than checking early on. I understand the statement, if you're looking you ain't cooking. Though, I think it's less relevant in the Kamado. There is no harm is in checking for doneness early. There is no remedy for checking too late.
  4. Simply put, you are grossly overcooking the ribs. I don't know where these "methods" originated and I've never been a fan of them. I do understand that many are. However, that method must be readapted to the Kamado. Not only is it a matter of how you check for doneness as @Mattman3969 inquired but, when. I do not wrap and they do not come out dry, but I am checking for doneness much earlier than you. I've never had baby back take longer than 3.5 hours. Spare ribs typically shy of 5, maybe 4.5. All of that changes with how hot you are cooking but in general, whatever "method" you use, check for doneness earlier.
  5. And, the last I checked, KAB's are bought from KAB's site not Amazon.
  6. Thanks! I was skeptical about whether I would need to bust out the 2nd Big Joe but, it was able to handle everything.
  7. I guess in all the stress of the cook and serving that i did get a pick of the finished rib. Normally cook these until they shred with a fork. I purposely pulled these short. In the low to mid 190° so that they have more of a steak quality. Still far more tender than a steak but, a little shy of fork only.
  8. Thanks! The bottom grate is custom from The Burn Shop. The top is a cheap 21" Weber grate from Lowes elevated by, (if I remember correctly), 3/8" x 6" SS bolts, washers and nuts.
  9. btw, that's a chicago style beef polish sausage. Other than the sausage I'm used to in Central Texas, this is absolutely the best that I've had. It's fantastico!!!
  10. For far too many of my relatives, that petroleum based odor and taste is an essential part of the flavor profile.
  11. Aww, that's too bad. I actually did have an extra bone... lol Good luck on the cook!
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