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    seeking 1st the Kingdom, anything related to large bodies of water, music- particularly Christian, real authentic Texas style low n slow bbq, creating my own recipes
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  1. you may find this helpfull or at least gain an understanding of what may be going on.
  2. Just drove several miles to find out Kamado Joe canceled the schedule roadshow in Centerville Ohio. If you were planning to attend, don’t. this really threw a wrench in my need to stock up on big block. But in better news at least they have brisket, my regular Costco is out.
  3. That Central Texas Barbecue is a 'short' that was awarded best short film at the New York Food Film Festival. Their first full feature 'Barbecue' Movie can be found on Netflix for free– Itunes, Amazon Video, Vudu, etc. for a price. It covers barbecue culture around the globe and includes some Texas pitmasters toward the end. There was a time you could watch the entire thing on vimeo for free... https://www.barbecuefilm.com
  4. went on a TX bbq tour a few years ago and 'mistakenly' stopped at Black's BBQ in Lockhart. I was so mentally tired I forgot I wanted to visit Kreutz Market instead. It was a fortunate mistake. Their beef rib was probably the best I had on the trip- (sampled everyone's beef rib, brisket, pork ribs and sausage). Anyway, yeah, whether hot sauce or olive oil, mustard, etc., it's always advisable to have some form of binder to hold the seasoning. But, I think it's primarily the result of two things. The 'Texas style' uses way more seasoning than you'd imagine going. And, I find I can only achieve that beautiful mahogany crust when cooking at higher temps. I don't think 225° – 250° will get you there. Especially, in a kamado (super moist environment). One further note, have so much admiration for the Black family in general and their history in particular. After eating there I looked them up and found this from Edible Austin... This vid is supposed to start at the 7:45 mark but, for some reason it won't
  5. Thanks @Rob_grill_apprentice, I forgot to take pics of the two center cut pork chops. Interested, Killeen? I walked in Restaurant Depot at the exact right moment. They were giving them away @ $3.30 a pound.
  6. Thanks @Ron5850, I did. Mrs. CentralTex flew my daughter in from El Paso. So, the whole family was together and nothing is more important to me than when us four can sit down around the same table. My version of heaven on earth. oops! and an additional 16 other people this time around.
  7. Farewell tour... the beef, beef, and more beef why do people show without RSVPing Central Texas Style cook plate ribs on at 6:30, cooked at 275° – 283°, pulled at 1:30 at ~203°. spinach, honeycrisp apples, cranberries, candied pecans, strawberriespepitas, pulled cowboy steaks @ 137°... somewhow missed the sweet potatoes and mac and cheese...
  8. Thanks. I’m starting to cook with it more often. Great great flavor.
  9. the idea of cherry dessert is bringing a tear to my eyes. yummy
  10. haha... yeah but that's not the reason– though many will try to hide dry brisket by either chopping it or covering it in bbq sauce. True believers want the fatty and they don't sauce it ever. Nothing cute on this end– just salt, pepper, wood (preferably oak or pecan), fire and smoke...
  11. didn't go as I hoped so had to adjust schedule. First, BJ was slow in getting started and I rethought holding the steak for so long at that temp. Anyway, I smoked them to about 85° or so- that was all the time I had before needing to transfer to the park. Cooked the chicken just shy of 155° and finished the skin on the park grill as well. steak one: steak two:
  12. I get nervous whenever I see the words 'brisket' and 'bbq sauce' in that close proximity to one another. Depends on how big it is, how many sides you are having and their propensity to eat the links.
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