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    seeking 1st the Kingdom, anything related to large bodies of water, music- particularly Christian, real authentic Texas style low n slow bbq, creating my own recipes
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  1. CentralTexBBQ

    Cowboy Ribeye Revisited

    I have applied forensic analysis to the above photos and the problem I have with the plating is that there were two cowboy ribeye's cooked and I couldn't possibly be seeing more than a 1/2 of one on that plate. Where's the rest of the beef? Then again, upon further review– perhaps your husband let you have all of the shrimp so that he could have 1 1/2 portions of steak. Wise man!!! Just kidding! Fantastico
  2. CentralTexBBQ

    New Kamado Joe Cart

    I need something that is going to get me through the grass/yard at least occasionally. So, no interest on this end
  3. CentralTexBBQ

    2019 New Kamado Joe III being sold

    Thank for the info, yeah it would have to be more compact. However, for low and slows there is zero way that I could utilize both this and a drip pan– at least my current variety of drip pans
  4. CentralTexBBQ

    KJ classic vs Big Joe downsides?

    I have two Big Joe's one at work and one at home. After about the first month, I have never used that divider. The capacity of the BJ is hard to beat however, not everyone needs it. I do a large percentage of 'big' cooks– 20 people or more so, for me, it's a no brainer. If needed, I can transfer one of the Joe's to the other location for added cooking space. That said, these babies also will go through a bag of lump like nobody's business. I also mac out the capacity with an extra cooking grate. The same can be done for the Classic so, that is an option for some extra room. That room is best taken advantage of during low and slows in my opinion unless you go this route... And I'm really kicking myself that I didn't discover this earlier. I've done 25 burgers or 25 pork chop cooks where attempting to move things from one grate to another or reach items on the back of the lower grill was a nightmare. This is ingenious. Anyway, the extra will will still not get you anywhere near 6 racks of ribs. Imo, that about maxes out the BJ.
  5. CentralTexBBQ

    Gaps in firebox

    the warp makes zero difference in assembling the firebox on this end
  6. CentralTexBBQ

    2019 New Kamado Joe III being sold

    I don't wee how it would work. That deeper base is to take advantage of the insert. In a regular BJ, the top of that insert would have to be very close to grill height.
  7. CentralTexBBQ

    Extreme Diet Trends

    One of the issues with diets in general and exercise programs in general, is they are much easier to maintain when first viewed as a lifestyle change as mentioned above AND having a spouse (or someone) committed to the same program. I lost 30lbs a few years back on a modified keto plus carefully managing the several times of day that I was required to eat. While it was fun treating myself on Sunday's to a full Longhorn Outlaw Ribeye meal and taking up the next morning to find I had still somehow lost a pound and a half, eventually, the work load was just too much to maintain. Had my wife participated in it with me, I probably would still be eating the same way.
  8. CentralTexBBQ

    Gaps in firebox

    Probably but, I think it's a solution in search of a problem., sort of. I don't think it's keeping anyone from cooking and a second pair of hands is always a good idea when assembling the firebox. That is, unless you want to channel @In2Fish and apply some good old American ingenuity. [For the record, I do not doubt the ingenuity of other countries.]
  9. I tend to think that after the iKamand has compiled all the data from all the cooks, we'll know what we already know. It will take X hours give or take Y hours. I'm with @Bgosnell151 and @Panchango on this one.
  10. CentralTexBBQ

    Anniversary Duel

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! and remember... thou shalt pull no rib before it's time
  11. This would be my version of a Komodo Kamado. Others have three four five plus Kamados, I'd just have the Big Joe and this monstrosity. My adult toy and companion to my Hennessey Camaro
  12. the most impressive thing about these grills is the welds– like butter, as if a robot laid them. It also used to be the price of them. I really wish I had jumped on them early. Could have had one on the cheap. But, I am happy to see they've raised their prices. I didn't think the business could survive long term at the pricing when they started out.
  13. CentralTexBBQ

    Veggie Larded Rotisserie Pork Loin Roast

    Ok, first the cutting board and the knife... wow. And that little alligator ss contraption– wouldn't even proffer a guesses to where to obtain one OR why they exist. Anyway, 'learnt' something AND it's looking nice! Can't wait to see the final product
  14. I am totally satisfied with the smoke profile of my BJ also. But, it was after much trial and error to get to a level of smoke I was watisfied with. I've never had much success with trying to open my bottom vent all the way and maintaing any reasonable temp. I guess it all boils down to how the fire is being lit. Jambo's are like the BMW's. As much as I want a Yoder, I think I'm still going to wind up with a Shirley... p.s.- after renting a Traeger for a catering job, I also found the s.p. on the pellet grill to be too light
  15. CentralTexBBQ

    KAB for XL - conidering the purchase

    No bag needed for the leaf blower. Just sayin'