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  1. So just revisiting this thread a year later. I would not have bought the Ruixin Pro. Many of it's screws no longer tighten. They just reach a point just shy of snug and then spin endlessly. The suction cup also is totally worthless at this point. Sharpening is no a little like chasing a roller coaster as the unit shifts underneath you while attempting to sharpen. I guess I could salvage it by attempting to secure it to a board. or table but at this point, I think I'm just going to move on to stones...
  2. that's what we're trying to get our collective head around John, the exact placement of the drip pans when using the SLoRoller
  3. you will discover that these gaskets wick water so, as the rain hits it, it will soak with water. No adverse effects on any cooks imo, they just tend to get wet easily and hold moisture in my experience.
  4. How does steak get left over??? Nice cook And, I didn't know that it was possible to sear steak on a kamado...
  5. looks pretty darn good there!
  6. yeah on rough terrain, moving the grill is more like a two man job. One of the reasons (along with moving around the yard) I need to find a solution with much larger rubber wheels. Your patience will be rewarded with an updated grill. You'll be cooking soon enough...
  7. Hmmmm, 450°-ish? What is the max temp on the SLoRoller again John? Wow, that's great news! That was my #1 concern. Now, if I can just figure out where that grease is going and what it's doing in the firebox.
  8. I want to have the hobby of woodworking but, the cost off all the necessary wood working equipment always turns me away! Before their divorce, a neighbor two doors down had a full-blown workshop in his basement. I still don't know how he moved that stuff out. He had every conceivable saw, planner, router, drill, etc. and massive vacuum that overhung each station, with hoses to take all the sawdust away. The basement was spotless.
  9. Maybe no stall but certainly a significant slow down from middle to end.
  10. Yeah, but her's is more of the classically trained musician who doesn't care for musician's who can't read music. But, every now and then they find someone they really admire and are shocked when they put sheet music in front of them and they respond, "what is this?" She wants to see me with a Betty Crocker / Bobby Flay cookbook in front of me. Now she will not eat my "fabulous" chicken salad– too many ingredients. One day at Church she was lavishing praise on the younger man that brings Chicken salad and he told her, "Oh your husband made that."
  11. Well I’m not a ford person but I can’t appreciate a man’s cars! I’m really not a Chrysler person but I just fell in love with how he fixed his car up. I’m currently biding my time waiting to obtain some incarnation of a 600+ hp Camaro my computer must have a virus! I certainly didn't type- I'm not a fourth person!!!
  12. A vintage Yamaha actually, with a stereo out. An APX10N. Here’s the long answer on Music. I started off playing rock - (Hendrix, Deep Purple, Buddy Miles, Santana) And funk ( Sly & the Family Stone, Earth, Wind and Fire, Ohio players). Then graduating high school a friend turned me on to Frank Zappa. I was a liner notes person so I started listening to all of his musicians – George Duke, John Luke Ponty, The Brecker Brothers, Chester Thompson, etc. So, obviously I then went into jazz until I became a Christian and focused on gospel/any of the above mentioned styles. Haha. Mostly a jazz influenced mix of worship music now.
  13. First saw it in 2005 when my uncle first bought. He was diagnosed terminal and past last week. But in January, I bought it from him with ~15,000 miles on it. And my other obsession...
  14. BGE has done a wonderful job redefining them as Eggs. I still get people calling my Joe and Egg.
  15. I do not even want to name how many times my wife eats there in a month. There was a time when I wouldn't want to say how many times a week. She doesn't like to eat my cooking– it took years to get her to eat vegetables that weren't severely and tragically overcooked– And, while I will cook for one, it gets to be a mental hurdle doing all the shopping, prep, cooking, cleaning and seeing her pull up, open a bag and throw everything into the trash can. Also, unless it came from a restaurant, I don't think she ate leftovers as a child. So, we tend to eat out much more than we should. I've cooked 5 out of the last 7 days on my new health push so, I'm doing pretty good at developing a new normal.
  16. Thanks, @skreef, My wife sort of “ruined” both my children with that. Her idea chicken comes in a tender. My son was about 23 before I finally converted him over to bone in chicken. Alas my daughter is in her 30s, she’s lost forever.
  17. Oh, I didn’t. I watched very closely as it took on straight-line winds. But, check this out: Don’t underestimate the power of the Joe.
  18. Oh I don’t judge friends cooking. I’m there to enjoy. I can appreciate what each person brings to the table. I make, in my estimation, the Best Chicken Salad ever. At Church a younger man always like to bring it. So, I defer and let him bring his- and thoroughly enjoy it. I’ll cook a steak however they want it but, I take no requests on my BBQ. There is no BBQ sauce on the premises. I have to be in a very rare mood to eat a restaurant’s sauced BBQ. If a friend makes it at home, I’ll enjoy it, whatever he puts in front of me. Same attitude toward food trucks, for the most part. Recently, a food truck made the news as having the best brisket around. I came across him at a Street Fair. He offered a sample and doused it in his blueberry BBQ sauce. I told him it tasted good. But he’ll never see me again. It sounds like you are referring to being finicky more than snobby. In my mind, being a snob has more to do with your expectations regarding quality and standards of preparation, etc. Finnicky says, I don’t eat broccoli. Snobby says, the broccoli was over cooked, under seasoned and they probably should have just served the crowns. Also, my wife would eat at Crackle Barrel Several times monthly. I basically can only tolerate it’s breakfast. Many a night I’d just sit at the table drinking a sweet tea, watching her eat. That is, until they started serving bone in chicken. Now all of a sudden she doesn’t want to go as often.
  19. I understand the concern. The hooded cap on my KJ alleviated at least 95% of my fear. If an ember where to make it past the deflector plates, grates, meat, etc. It's going to hit that hood and die. I have seen gales force plus winds that caused embers to exit the ash drawer but, a simple spin of the Kamado in a direfferent direction and that concern is gone. The last thing then is the Kamado overturning. My first Big Joe was on my patio when the remnants of a hurricane blew threw– 45mph sustained and gusts to 75mph. That nest never budged. I just make sure I set the wheel locks...
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