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  1. That was my method before the Kick ash Basket for my BJ1 and the KJ Basket for my BJII. Now I use three or four alcohol soaked cotton balls and twenty minutes later, I'm good to go... a tad longer if the lump isn't fresh. I gave my chimney to my brother in law
  2. I agree wholeheartedly about the clean grill. I consider them separate issues. If my grill is clean, I do not need a paeticularly long warmup. If the deflector plates are filthy, my plans morph into a cleaning, understanding that it may well take an hour before the crud and off-putting thick white smoke are gone.
  3. Kielbasa is one of my favorite things. Steak looks great also.
  4. Glad you got it worked out! Keep working your plan. On a high temp cook, I'm just not going to let the grill burn for an hour. I'm too much of a lump miser. In fact at higher temps, if there is any off-putting smoke after 15 minutes or so (about the time it takes to get up to temp) it's undoubtedly due to buildup on deflector plates.
  5. Not certain where to post this but, I came across this article in Popular Mechanics, rating the supposed top 10 Kamados. Perhaps understanding them eaving out the luxury brand(s), I guess I am wondering how in the heck they totally slept on Primo. That is one fine grill. https://www.popularmechanics.com/home/g35845428/best-kamado-grills/
  6. I spy with my little eye dual USB-C and dual USB-A ports. Well thought out. No fighting over who gets to charge phones on long hauls... Nice truck
  7. Nice looking cook. Hope they tasted as good as they look
  8. KK, in my world fat dripping into the fire = flavor!!!! I avoid it on low heat, restricted oxygen cooks. But in high heat burger or steak cooks, bring on the fat.
  9. +1 with everything @keeperovdeflame stated. You were going down in quality when you moved from BGE to Cowboy. I thinking what is happening is that unfortunately, the taste of cooking over coals just isn't for everyone. The taste of food cooked over lump is 100x better and "cleaner" than that cooked over briquettes in my opinion. So I have no explanation as to why people are experiencing issues with its taste. Anyway, I hope you get it worked out.
  10. First of all, as a preemptory statement, I 200% do not believe two chunks of oak or hickory is too much for a brisket. I in fact use more for that size of a cut. I anticipate dissenting opinions following. Second, if you are changing rubs and the smoking wood, you are in fact not getting the same flavor profile!!! I'll let that statement sit for a minute. The good news is, that you can refine your taste buds over time. But, it takes effort and concentration. A paller can be discerning enough to distinguish between, garlic or no garlic, onion powder or no onion powder,
  11. I'd personally find a use for it. I ditched my old firebasket and much later realized that it would have made a heck of a blast furnace when burning limbs. I'd probably rig some kind of stand and retask that baby as a grill... However, throwing it away will definitely silence the mrs. complain about the yard turning into a junkyard
  12. The first thing I did after purchasing both of my KJ's was to check the tightness of the bands before using. Difficult to whether there is cracking in that video / pic but, apart from that. It seems that the bands where loose. At least, that is my totally unqualified opinion...
  13. I respectfully beg to differ that any of this will necessarily take your cooking to the next level. Except perhaps, avoiding #4 at all costs. Since you understand the concept of choking a fire, you know that it is counterproductive to get all of the lump lit solely for the purpose of choking it. You start small fires for low temps and bigger fires for higher temps– setting the vents so that the amount of air drawn will maintain the target temp. Excess air will force temps upward. Insufficient air reduces the temp. I just smoked 10 pounds of Salmon today for our Resurrec
  14. found even more evidence of mishandling- scratches and scuffs in the paint. But for the most part, happy to have my car back sans the grille
  15. Almost a full 90 days later, I finally get my car back today. On the way to pick her up now.
  16. great looking ribs!!! at all times, less is more for me...
  17. so lesson learned. bottom of brisket received a ton more heat but a very good cook overall. Happy non paying customers all around.
  18. Well we’ll see how this goes. Color absolutely sucks. No bark whatsoever to speak of. Hopefully it at least blackens in the rest. Probably left it on a tad too long going by color but it jiggles when it walks so, it went into some overpriced peach paper I found and await the guests
  19. thanks for the reminder. i can’t bring myself to braise but i can add a small water bowl for some humidity!!! Great call. Forgot that was an option since using a kamado
  20. after spending the better part of a month in El Paso helping my daughter to buy, move-in, repair, get settled in her home, she asked that I cook a brisket. Her friends have heard the legends and have been shown. many of my cooks, issuing their demands for a sample. Anyway, this will actually be my first brisket cook in Texas andI want to properly represent my home state. But I’m working at a disadvantage. I do not have my regular KJ Big Joe’s of course nor, any offset available. My daughter purchased a non-descript pellet cooker from Academy Sports and i’m a little nervous about t
  21. I was very pleased with the Dyno Ribs I bought from Porter Road. That said, apart from curb appeal, I'm not convinced that the difference between them and the plate ribs I get from Restaurant Depot approaches justification of the price difference. That said, the R.D. in El Paso is amazing compared to Cincinnati. Highly organized, well laid out, lit signage over the various cuts of meat, etc.
  22. hey, no biggie. we're all infallbable...
  23. very, very interesting. Nevery had that experience with Costco briskets. However, the higher grade of meat, the more intramuscular fat they have. Excuse me if I used the wrong word on the fat- still adjusting to this El Paso time change... great job on the cook
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