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    Restaurant Depot

    Dude. Where is your Costco located that brisket costs $7.99? In every state that I have checked, including the Brooklyn Costco, brisket prices have been consistent: $2.99, two years ago, $3.29, the last year and a half. My local grocers however have ridiculous brisket prices most of the time.
  2. CentralTexBBQ

    Good for your heart

    John please stop showing that Finex cookware. I'm trying to save money here.
  3. CentralTexBBQ

    Boneless Beef Short Ribs

    Great job!. lol, it reminds me that i did not allow our dog to look at my food. He could only dream in kibble...
  4. CentralTexBBQ

    Nashville-ish Hot Chicken Sandwich

    Way to go! I have been craving Nashville hot for the last week. I'm going to get a 'fixe' tomorrow.
  5. CentralTexBBQ

    Thermometer Calibration - A Dry (chicken) Lesson

    If the skin is bite through I am satisfied. Really, I tell you what, if it is flavorful I am satisfied. Never heard of bite through until I started watching BBQ TV. Nevertheless, when I want crispier skin, I go with an oil or oil and vinegar spritz in the last 30 minutes or so of the cook. And, I may even finished the last 5-10 minutes or so over direct flame to crisp it even further.
  6. CentralTexBBQ

    Site Change Proposal - PLEASE VOTE

    Oh, just found out where the actual poll is; LOL scratch the above post! Nope wrong: I don't see the poll....
  7. CentralTexBBQ

    Site Change Proposal - PLEASE VOTE

    I have to admit I didn't see this poll. When I come to the site, I typically check four things, probably in this order: Kamado Cooking; Kamado Joe; The Cooler; Accessories & Product Reviews. When I am in less of a hurry, I check other things and often find I am missing out on some good things: like KK's Nashvilly Hot Chicken cook. lol
  8. Ok, I'm 4 minutes into this video and already convinced this guy doesn't know anything about Kamado Grills. "The fire is too far away from the meat to get a good sear"? not here. Also, other than the portability and price point of my grills possibly, I'm trying to think of a downside to owning a Kamado. Hmmmm, compared to every other grill /smoker I've owned. Hmmmm, can't think of one.
  9. CentralTexBBQ

    Presidents day ribs

    looks delish. You've inspired me to thaw out the rack I have in the freezer and smoke them- hopefully Thursday
  10. CentralTexBBQ

    I Love Enchiladas Verde con Pollo

  11. CentralTexBBQ

    New Big Joe

    That's a nice looking meal there! And welcome...
  12. CentralTexBBQ

    First Cook on the Soapstone.

    They look amazing! Scallops simply out are the brisket of the sea! Love 'em and can't get enough of 'em.
  13. CentralTexBBQ

    Tonight's Paella

    LOL. I had no idea what I was looking at initially. That is other than it looked fantastic! Thanks @K_sqrd for the assist.
  14. Excellent job; looks amazing! I happened upon using that wire rack for cooking bacon not long ago. Makes great, great bacon.
  15. CentralTexBBQ

    Where did you buy your Kamado Joe Grill?

    Wow! FB, Google and the like are just too invasive for me. I would love to simply interact with those in the forum. But, that opens the door to them squirreling through my contacts, examining what sites I visit and articles I read, and them selling that info and sending tageted ads supposed in line with my preferences. I understand the move but, I enjoy the illusion that I still have some modicum of privacy.
  16. CentralTexBBQ

    Thermometer Calibration - A Dry (chicken) Lesson

    Haha, yeah... All my family- mother had 15 siblings are from Temple, Belton, Killeen, Heidenhammer, etc. and their dozens of children mostly spread out to the larger cities in TX.
  17. CentralTexBBQ

    Where did you buy your Kamado Joe Grill?

    @BURGER MEISTER, none of the shows that I attended had anything remotely resembling that depiction. I am certain that atmosphere was not widespread. I don't know whether it was restricted to larger cities or perhaps more remote areas where the shows may not have come as often but, in Ohio (bought my first KJ in Cleveland and second near Dayton), there was no mad rush at store opening. Once, in Cincinnati, I was surprised to see the deal still available on the afternoon of day two of the roadshow. I passed at the time. 6 Months later, I obtained the deal, late afternoon of day two outside of Dayton. Should've added- with my Executive Membership and the incentives on a recently obtained Costco Visa, I got a very nice piece of change back.
  18. I guess, I could wait and do an unboxing, install and review video on Youtube but, I'm no Youtuber so, why start now? Anyway, I called my local Authorized KJ dealer on Monday and inquired about a replacement Wire Mesh Fiberglass Gasket for an original, pre-2017 Big Joe (Model #BJ24RH). He then called KJ for me (KJ simply referred me to the dealer), I was given the part number #BJ-MGA24 and told that they would in fact be able to order it from KJ. He called again yesterday to say that it will be here in a about week and cost around $90. YES!!!
  19. CentralTexBBQ

    Thermometer Calibration - A Dry (chicken) Lesson

    I am from Temple! Go Wildcats! Currently living in Ohio but plan to retire in Texas in another year hopefully. Btw, my estimate was for a whole chicken. Spatchcocked @ 350°, I am definitely checking it by the 60 minute mark. I'd expect it to be very close to done ~75 Minutes.
  20. CentralTexBBQ

    Where did you buy your Kamado Joe Grill?

    voted but can I do so twice? Both both new at Costco, the second, included the Joe Jr. for the now defunct Roadshow deal.
  21. CentralTexBBQ

    The Burn Shop - Custom Grill Grates

    Yeah, it heat soaks almost like a soapstone, imo. Looks nice! Almost like SS in the pic above.
  22. CentralTexBBQ

    Thermometer Calibration - A Dry (chicken) Lesson

    And to be clear, I am not at all disagreeing with you, simply saying that it is a good practice to check early and often despite how much anyone trusts the therms. Granted, you may have been way above 350° but, that target temp is the stickler for me. At that temp, 2 to 2&1/2 hours is what I'd expect for a spatchcocked turkey- depending on size. I also am familiar with “if you’re lookin you ain’t cookin.” But, that goes out of the window: The closer you get to doneness. On shorter cooks On a kamado (for the most part). Not recommending opening the lid every two seconds but, the heat soak in the ceramic ensures both a significantly less drop in temps and far faster recovery than in an offset or Weber style grill. I don't open often because I want every last ounce of smoke on the food. Barring that, I find open the grill for 20 seconds to check a temp negligible. Then again, what do I know?
  23. CentralTexBBQ

    Thermometer Calibration - A Dry (chicken) Lesson

    In my world- i.e., my methodology- checking the temps of food while cooking has nothing to do with confidence in the therm. It's good practice. I would expect a chicken to be done way before the two hour mark if cooking @ 350° (just based on experience). The less experience i have in a given area, the more often and earlier I am going to start checking temps because, I can always resolve undercooking but, I can't undo overcooking.
  24. Really don’t care that it’s -1° outside or that the windchill is -21°. This is the reason I bought the Kamado, exactly for times like this. So, roasted chicken soup is on the menu but, not your mamas chicken soup.