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  1. Thanks. I’m starting to cook with it more often. Great great flavor.
  2. the idea of cherry dessert is bringing a tear to my eyes. yummy
  3. haha... yeah but that's not the reason– though many will try to hide dry brisket by either chopping it or covering it in bbq sauce. True believers want the fatty and they don't sauce it ever. Nothing cute on this end– just salt, pepper, wood (preferably oak or pecan), fire and smoke...
  4. didn't go as I hoped so had to adjust schedule. First, BJ was slow in getting started and I rethought holding the steak for so long at that temp. Anyway, I smoked them to about 85° or so- that was all the time I had before needing to transfer to the park. Cooked the chicken just shy of 155° and finished the skin on the park grill as well. steak one: steak two:
  5. I get nervous whenever I see the words 'brisket' and 'bbq sauce' in that close proximity to one another. Depends on how big it is, how many sides you are having and their propensity to eat the links.
  6. Firing up the smoker now. There is asmall bit of logistics. The family is meeting at a park. My brother is (sigh) grilling ribs at home. And going to do burgers and hot dogs, metts and links at the park. I'm doing the chicken at home and going to smoke the steaks to about 120° and hopefully hold them about an hour or so. Then finish them on a soapstone at the park. We'll see how this goes!
  7. Two prime grade cowboy steaks. Should have bought them on Sunday when they had 3.5lbers. Will reverse sear over pecan wood. (3) spatchcocked chickens. Plan was for rosemary but my herbs have gone bad. Plan B= Peri Peri chicken. Here salted and Peri Peried... properly paprika'd, peppered, onioned and garliced...
  8. No... never had an issue... Light with 91% rubbing alcohol– in 3 or 4 places for a hot fire. Have two grills– one with KAB, the other sans. While one is 'harder' to hit higher temps with the larger size lump, never an off taste or smell. Which is my question and perhaps I overlooked the answer above. As @fbov asked, are you smelling anything while the lump is burning? It's difficult for me to imagine off tasting food without offputting smoke. Are you pouring in lump dust along with the lump or simply setting the pieces in the grill?
  9. It's official: it's two cowboy steaks and rosemary smilled chicken (smilled= smoked then grilled)
  10. as if KK actually eats the fish she cooks...
  11. My daughter has been to Brasil 3 times and this is their ribeye basically. I've had it at a Brazilian Steakhouse but unfortunately, we were 3/4 through the meal before we found out that if you preferred your steak cooked anything less that well done, you had to request it. So, I haven't had the best example of this cut. Where were you able to find it?
  12. Odd... The point is always identifiable because of the fat seam that separates it from the flat. But, grass fed or not, "that is how my butcher cuts all of them" is no reason to continue to do that. How did it turn out?
  13. Either beef plate ribs and rosemary chicken OR two or three Costco prime cowboy steaks and rosemary chicken.
  14. Haven't yet tried rosemary on salmon but it's fast become my favorite herb on chicken. Looks delicious.
  15. They are going to have bags there. I can't say that I have used hundreds of bags like John, but certainly a few dozen and have never experienced anything like what you are describing.
  16. Must be over... not seeing it on their site
  17. Likewise!!! Not going to argue over the steak title. Looks amazing regardless!!!
  18. @martianpc, my knees are knocking for your grill. Hopefully that's more stable than it looks on this end.
  19. Costco! Now! $12.99 per pound for Prime! I'm going to grab a couple for the 4th. Though, it is too early to buy them now. Don't want to freeze them. Hopefully they're still there through next week.
  20. The squash is very good. Used' 'is' because I will be finishing off the remnants today. On Monday I used a small portion with the remaining steak and cheddar eggs for breakfast then made actual Spaghetti w/ hot Italian sausage with part of it. Will use the remainder for a late breakfast today. Many good butchers carry them. If you keep your eyes open, several grocers carry them from time to time because of their rising popularity.
  21. Well, not at the moment but, they're dropping like flies. Given recent history, I expect one or two more trees to go at any moment. @Edward Cook, absolutely. I have had the wonderful experience of having some pretty great neighbors throughout my life and their help, counsel and mentoring has proved invaluable.
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