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  1. Thanks for all the posts. You guys have been very helpful.
  2. I was looking hard at this grill last year but it`s hard to find any information. A few you tubers but other than that nothing. Looks like a well built grill but since I have purchased a Kamado Joe I stopped doing any research. I seen John had a short review in Dec of last year. Looking forward to a cook John. Maybe a cold weather low and slow to check heat retention and fuel consumption. Oh by the way John I came across some of your Man Cave Meals video`s and they were excellent. You always cover the important info weather cooking or doing a review. Thanks again.
  3. Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Had a question about what type vacuum sealers guys are using. Anybody have a suggestion? Thank you
  4. Hi Marty. I`ve had my chef alarm for 2 years and still on original probes. In fact I just changed the batteries after 2 yrs of use 2 to 3 times a week. For storage I hang mine on the side of the fridge over 2 magnetic clips. That way I`m not coiling them up after each use.
  5. Hello pudding. I have a Thermoworks Smoke and a Acorn Jr. Don`t know if gauge is adjustable but when checked with the Smoke thermometer the dome gauge was 50 degrees lower. If you go to Thermoworks web site they explain how to do boiling water test and ice bath test. I have checked the Acorn temp more than once and it was always 40-50 lower than the smoke reading.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I decided too go with the Elite cover from the cover store.
  7. Hello all just received a Kamado Joe Classic. Bought from Ace Hardware for 699.00 What do you guys recommend for a good grill cover? It did not come with one.
  8. Hi Raylam, ordered last Friday just received this morning. Unboxed and found I have the old style top vent. Felt gasket and no latch. But it did come with the new firebox. The description on Ace site is backwards. They list features for classic II as the first generation. Also lists a cover on which I am now shopping for. For 700.00 I thought the price wasn`t going to get any lower so I purchased one. Happy Grilling.
  9. I`m guessing you got the large Akorn? I have the small Akorn and I bought a coated steel grate from weber. The smokey Joe grate is the same size as the Akorn Jr. Don`t have to worry about seasoning. Just hit with brush or stone after grilling. You might want to check to see if other grates will fit your Akorn.
  10. Just finished initial burn with Jr. One half chimney KBB. After the first hour I hooked up the Chef Alarm. I got a reading of 475. Wow. I have a weber kettle , which I really like cooking on , but after an hr 1/2 I`m starting to see temps drop. This with top vent just cracked open and bottom about 1/4 inch. After the second hr. I still had 450. This is gonna be fun.
  11. When I view the info on low and slow I cannot get any pictures to load. Any help appreciated. Thank you
  12. Newbie here, was reading the topic on vent settings for low and slow. When you refer to .5 or 1.25 are you saying 1/2 inch or 1 1/4 opening or stating the position of vents using the numbers?
  13. Sorry, every cook.
  14. Thanks, I can`t wait to get started. Ordered a stone for Jr. and a cooking grate. A weber plated steel so I`m not treating cast iron every cool.
  15. lotosmoke

    Akorn Jr

    Hello everyone. Just bought an Akorn Jr. I have a weber kettle and wsm 18 but walmart had these on sale and I couldn`t go home without it. Wife is a little upset. You know what they say, better to ask for forgiveness than permission. Ha
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