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  1. Just make sure you take a good first sip so your beer doesn`t spill. Just kidding. I don`t think it matters. It would be nice if it was level or close to level. Just make sure the wheels are locked.
  2. B&B is on sale at ACE Hardware. 20 lb. bag for 11.99
  3. Well the Fed Ex truck showed up today. Driver left box on front porch, rang bell than left. Went out to see what he brought. KJ deflector plate. Awesome. Box also said made in China. Got gloves and stuck it in corner of garage. Not opening that baby for a week. I am thankful it showed up though. Hope everone else gets their issues solved.
  4. My plate cracked in half right across the middle. Now it is half of a half. Tried foiling and smoked a butt. Plate halves were hanging close to fire by time butt was done. Not Good. Now I use my pizza stone.
  5. Have a Classic Joe for 2 years. Fine cooker. Had a heat deflector plate crack in half in Feb. I didn`t drop it or bang it against anything. Opened it up to cook lifted the plate, only half came along. Anyway I called KJ opened a claim. Got a ship date of 2-21. Ok 2wks go by. After 2 e-mails with no response 3rd time was the charm. I was e-mailing because I hadn`t received anything and I was assumming it had shipped. E-mail stated they were back ordered. As of now I have no deflector plate, no idea when plate will showup.
  6. I had one crack middle of Jan. Went out pulled cover, opened lid, pulled deflector and only half came out. Cracked completely in half. Didn`t drop our bang anything. Customer service said nothing about foiling. Bought in June 2018.
  7. lotosmoke

    Rain Cap

    Hello , does anybody know if the rain cap for BGE fits KJCI. I wait to cover till completely cooled down. Which is usually the next day. I covered one time when the cooker was barely warm to touch and it took the water repellent out of cover. Cover from the cover store. Very nice cover but didn`t like that.
  8. Ace Hardware has Kamado Joe Classic for 699.99.
  9. Thanks for all the posts. You guys have been very helpful.
  10. I was looking hard at this grill last year but it`s hard to find any information. A few you tubers but other than that nothing. Looks like a well built grill but since I have purchased a Kamado Joe I stopped doing any research. I seen John had a short review in Dec of last year. Looking forward to a cook John. Maybe a cold weather low and slow to check heat retention and fuel consumption. Oh by the way John I came across some of your Man Cave Meals video`s and they were excellent. You always cover the important info weather cooking or doing a review. Thanks again.
  11. Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Had a question about what type vacuum sealers guys are using. Anybody have a suggestion? Thank you
  12. Hi Marty. I`ve had my chef alarm for 2 years and still on original probes. In fact I just changed the batteries after 2 yrs of use 2 to 3 times a week. For storage I hang mine on the side of the fridge over 2 magnetic clips. That way I`m not coiling them up after each use.
  13. Hello pudding. I have a Thermoworks Smoke and a Acorn Jr. Don`t know if gauge is adjustable but when checked with the Smoke thermometer the dome gauge was 50 degrees lower. If you go to Thermoworks web site they explain how to do boiling water test and ice bath test. I have checked the Acorn temp more than once and it was always 40-50 lower than the smoke reading.
  14. Thanks for the replies. I decided too go with the Elite cover from the cover store.
  15. Hello all just received a Kamado Joe Classic. Bought from Ace Hardware for 699.00 What do you guys recommend for a good grill cover? It did not come with one.
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