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  1. I also used the plate hanger. Worked like a charm. Have seen people post the removed original vent and the TTT fits in the opening.
  2. First cook with the Tip Top Temp on my Akorn Kamado. Smoked a pork loin to perfection this morning. Have a pork butt on now (less the apple wood chunks) In prior cooks on both a vertical smoker and on the kamado, temp would sour when the wood chunks for smoking would catch. Now with the Tip Top Temp, it closes the damper until the temporary spike subsides, then opens back up to maintain constant temp. Before the Tip Top Temp those adjustments were manual and much more tedious!
  3. Made some egg cups that were tasty and did some round eye steaks that I will sear and slice paper thin for sandwiches. Haven't tried the steak yet. Checked temp throughout the bath and held perfect temp.
  4. Maybe not top of the line, but a good introduction?
  5. Basic unit for $50.00 can't not buy one at that price!
  6. I've been looking at picking up the adjustable grilling grate to make "grilling" easier: https://www.chargriller.com/grill-extras/adjustable-fire-grate-6214
  7. Two successful cooks in, stored Akorn on covered patio, vents open. Two weeks after no cooking, surface rust on what I thought was a well seasoned grate. Coated with vegetable oil after use. What is best why to store akorn? Vents open? Vents closed? Thanks!
  8. Just realized I had not installed ash pan properly, haven't had 1st cook yet. Thanks!
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