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  1. Just used those pieces today to replace my hinge. The washer/sleeve and not go on the shaft of the hinge to prevent it from opening. My KJ Big Joe came with a defective hinge which was replaced promptly. New hinge was easy to install. While talking to KJ customer service I suggested they made a video showing replacement of the new hinge design. They said they would ask John Setzller to make one
  2. Received my replacement hinge assembly from KJ. (The hardware packag with the sleeve, washer and nut is used on the shaft of the hinge to prevent the hinge from opening.) I replaced the hinge and the lid operates flawlessly. Thanks KJ Customer Svs.
  3. Effie from KJ customer service contacted me today. A new hinge assembly is being shipped out. I will update on the installation, I was told to use the hardware pack to prevent the hinge from opening.
  4. I created a issue online with KJ customer service. Let's see what they say. Very frustrating issue for me.
  5. Setting up newly purchased KJ Big Joe; out of the box the lid won't stay up. I've tried tightening the screw by holding the bottom bolt with a 7mm socket and tightening the nut with a wrench. I'm afraid I'm gonna break the bolt, I can't imagine how much tighter the nut can go, it's all I can do to hold the socket/ratchet and tighten the nut. I can't get it tight enough to hold lid open. Is there a secret I don't know about ?
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