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  1. Might as well provide an update in case this question should come up for others. I saw some consistency across recipes for a half cup each of s&p for a 12lb packer. For my 9 pounder, I reduced to 1/3 cup, slightly less by pound than those recipes. The result was a nicely cooked, more than edible, but over salted brisket. I'll continue the s&p approach. It yielded fantastic bark but I'm going to have to go lighter on the quantities and continue to experiment. For what it's worth, this 9lb flat took 17 hours to reach 203F! I cooked at 230 most of the way, wrapped
  2. For the first time I'm going to go straight dalmatian on a 9lb brisket flat early tomorrow morning. I've always used more complex rubs. I know I'm going 50/50 s&p, but I haven't found consistency in the actual amount to use. Looking at several recipes they range from a few tablespoons of each to as much as a half cup. You'd think there'd be a rule of thumb like x tablespoons per pound of brisket. Any guidance on this is appreciated. I'm tempted to just use excess and dredge for maximum coverage.
  3. I live in a climate that is very humid in the winter (rain, clouds, fog, etc) and not at all in the summer. From what I've observed that cool temperature winter humidity definitely appears to affect my cooks in the same way you describe, especially during overnights as the air gets cooler and wetter. I have babysat my grill well into the night making sure the temp has held a steady 225 without adjustment for up to a couple of hours after putting the meat on before heading off to bed only to check a few hours later and find the fire dwindling to temps around 190. Daytime, good weath
  4. Stick with mild smoking wood. Pecan is excellent on pork. Bury a couple of chunks about half fist size in with your charcoal but position it away from where you'll light the charcoal so they won't burn until some hours later into the smoke. Just a few inches from the center where you'll light. Light your charcoal in the center, then with the lid open let it go until the flame burns out. Place your deflector plates in the low position, close the lid, and let the grill get to a steady 225. There should be little or no smoke coming out of the chimney.
  5. I've been thawing a steak in the fridge the last couple of days to cook tonight but it wasn't moving along fast enough for me. Last night I put it in some water and left it in the fridge overnight. It turns it there was a hole in the packaging so I woke up this morning to find the water tinted red and the steak a sad gray. So I have a half day to doctor this thing up as best I can. The only thing I can figure is to pat it dry, salt it and put it on a rack in the fridge. I'm cooking this reverse sear and fortunately serving it as French dip sandwiches so the steak doesn
  6. A little background. For the past month or so I've been cooking salmon once a week with the goal of perfecting it on the grill. My wife does it great with a combination of the stovetop and broiler on cast iron but I've never been able to get it down on the grill using the CI half moon. It's always been burnt, following the recommendations of several techniques I've found online. I responded to something @John Setzlerwrote on Facebook jokingly asking him to help me perfect crispy skin salmon. To my surprise, John responded by making this video: I just cooked this up tonig
  7. I've let them go way too long and they were unusable but within a few weeks should be fine.
  8. Thanks for that. I can't get oak anywhere nearby but this will work for me.
  9. I set the temp to 180 yesterday and it only overshot to 190ish before settling back down.
  10. @GiffS How open is your top vent? For 250 mine is open less than a quarter inch and it doesn't overshoot. When I've had it more open I've had it go over.
  11. The advice from @Golf Griller is exactly right in my experience. Too much charcoal is not your issue. Definitely check for and seal any leaks.
  12. Looks great. I've done it twice now and have gone with indirect. How did the bottom of the rice turn out direct?
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