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  1. It's possible but I did press them in a towel after rehydrating and browned them in the pan before removing them and mixing up the base so it should have been minimized. I also may have gone too heavy on the olive oil which could have contributed to extra brothiness as well as the overcooking.
  2. Both of the recipes I referenced while cooking as well as the instructions on the bag of bomba rice gave a 3:1 broth: rice ratio. The inspiration for making this was that we were hosting a friend who just returned from Spain where she'd taken a paella class and she thought ours had a bit more broth ratio than they'd used in class. I was mostly following the recipe from that class for the base. For the broth I made and froze pork broth earlier in the week. I set two cups of the frozen broth on the stovetop, added one cup of the water I'd used to rehydrate porcini mushrooms for the dish and set my stove to the lowest "Melt" setting. Next time I'll turn that up and get it near a boil as you recommend.
  3. I think I put in too much broth and overcooked the bottom waiting for it to boil off.
  4. Maybe a little too much socarrat but everybody was very pleased. I just picked up this pan after using a friend's in the past. I love how many variations you can make of this dish.
  5. Thanks, @ckreef. I'm going to try direct this time.
  6. Last time I did paella I set the deflectors on the accessory rack and the pan on that. It came out great but I don't remember if I had the tasty burned bits at the bottom of the pan. Which setup do you folks favor? I'll be trying an elk, chorizo and mushroom paella in a few hours.
  7. I've used a Maverick 732 the past three years. Very good battery life but I always found the unit loud and annoying--both the alarm and the beeping with every button push--and the connection tended to cut off periodically with the alarm going off every time it did, which was generally while sleeping during an overnight. This summer I replaced it with the Thermoworks Smoke. The result of my upgrade: slightly less loud and this slightly less annoying. I still lose the connection, with the same alarm waking me up in the night, just with a slightly better tone than the Maverick's chirping and they insisted on the damn thing beeping with every button push (why??). So, I regret spending the extra money. I bought it thinking I'd add the Gateway eventually which would put the connection on WiFi and automatically track the progress of my cooks that I currently log manually. Given the disappointment, I'm reluctant to spend more to get the Gateway. That said, the Smoke feels like a much more solid build than the Maverick and I believe it will last longer in the end.
  8. Might also consider rolling at a lower temp until the stall then bringing it up to 250 to avoid being done too early.
  9. I'd throw it on between 11-midnight, personally.
  10. I love that cut but have never seen it for sale separate from the rest of the spare ribs. I like to trim it off for a mid-cook snack while making St Louis ribs.
  11. I only worry about over trimming as I did with my one real brisket failure. I trim off any meat that's browned and take off any big fat deposits from the sides. I've stopped trimming between the point and flat except what sticks out from it and hardly touch the fat cap except where it's really thick.
  12. Great looking cook! My butcher has been advertising elk and I've promised a friend we'll be having her over for it.
  13. What temperature? I'm depending on my 14.5 pounder to finish up in 16-20 hours at 225, no wrap.
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