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  1. The cast iron is better if you don't want to wait FOREVER to heat up the soapstone. I got the soapstone a few months ago (possibly as much as a year ago but who knows during covid times?) and love the results but I light my grill an hour and a half before cooking to get to searing temp. Am I doing something wrong? Other than that, I use the cast iron in addition to the soapstone when I want a full searing surface, though that's not ideal since they're at different temperatures.
  2. They seemed to change their sourcing during early COVID and the bags with different packaging were poor quality. From what I've seen they are mostly back to the old packaging with quality lump. There was plenty of the better stuff at my local Lowes on a recent visit.
  3. You have options! I do them a little different depending on what else I might be cooking. If I'm smoking something low and slow, I just throw them on and let them smoke alongside a couple of hours. That gives a chewier snappy skin. If I'm grilling other things direct they come out juicy and cook quickly over a medium hot fire. If my focus is mostly the sausage I do a two zone setup at a hot temp and cook indirect before putting them directly over the flames at the end. Basically anywhere between 225-400+ depending on the goal, how much time you have and your preferences.
  4. Bought the BGE roasting/rib rack locally. So now I have two rib racks.
  5. Every Thanksgiving I wish I had a roasting rack to get a few more inches of clearance between the bird and drippings and then I forget about it for a year. Any suggestions on a good rack to fit the Classic?
  6. Not in my experience. Once it's up to temperature my fan barely runs.
  7. Circumstances have found me in a position where I have an extra Billows fan and I would like to offer it to some member of this fine community. I would like to hear from somebody who will make use of this, and already has or imminently plans to purchase a compatible remote thermometer (Signals, Smoke X, ThermaQ 2). This will fit in a USPS Priority Mail medium package, so I ask that you pay the cost of shipping $15.05 via PayPal Friends & Family. Included in the package: -Billows fan. -Fan cable adapter & cable. -Authentic & original Thermoworks Billows packaging (a box) with a strip of flue tape if needed for your cooker. -Distinct smell of barbeques past. NOT included in the package: -This thingy, this thingy, or this thingy that makes the fan go blow (required). -Fan plug (not required, I've never had one. Maybe it helps shut down the vent but personally I just always remove the fan and plate after use). -Mounting kit. Actually, I do have the large plate from the kamado kit I can send along but I do not know what kamados it's compatible with (may or may not be required depending on your cooker, see Q&A at link provided. I can only tell you that the small plate from the kamado kit fits the KJ Classic). -Deadly viruses (well, no guarantee). -Product support. Carefully read the Thermoworks pages to determine compatibility and/or any additional parts you'll need.
  8. I do mine at 325 and it takes about 2.5 hours for 14-16lb birds. Check it earlier and more often with an instant read instead of relying on the leave in probe.
  9. I have the 14" and one regret. While the pan is great quality I wish they hadn't embossed their logo on it making it more difficult to clean.
  10. It didn't cross my mind that she hadn't done the cook on the KJ but I did suspect she used a torch on the money shot.
  11. I've followed this recipe twice now and, while delicious, I just can't get that perfectly puffed skin she achieves. https://jesspryles.com/recipe/pork-belly-porchetta-crispy-skin/ I don't aim to be that perfect but I'm not even getting close. By the time any crackle shows I'm already over target temp and it's totally uneven with a bit of crackle here and there but mostly chewy tough skin. My guess is a combination of temperature adjustment and opening the lid earlier to keep the internal temperature low while the fire does its work on the skin. Anybody having better luck with similar recipes?
  12. Can some scientist explain how a brisket cooked at 190 reaches 200 IT?
  13. Might as well provide an update in case this question should come up for others. I saw some consistency across recipes for a half cup each of s&p for a 12lb packer. For my 9 pounder, I reduced to 1/3 cup, slightly less by pound than those recipes. The result was a nicely cooked, more than edible, but over salted brisket. I'll continue the s&p approach. It yielded fantastic bark but I'm going to have to go lighter on the quantities and continue to experiment. For what it's worth, this 9lb flat took 17 hours to reach 203F! I cooked at 230 most of the way, wrapped in pink paper at 165F, and cranked up to 250F as my patience waned in the second stall around 185F. I was probing for tenderness, not just temp, and that's just what it took to get there. I was going to deliver portions of this brisket to friends and family for Rosh Hashanah dinner last night since people couldn't gather due to COVID. Instead I was calling them to apologize and will be delivering cold brisket today.
  14. For the first time I'm going to go straight dalmatian on a 9lb brisket flat early tomorrow morning. I've always used more complex rubs. I know I'm going 50/50 s&p, but I haven't found consistency in the actual amount to use. Looking at several recipes they range from a few tablespoons of each to as much as a half cup. You'd think there'd be a rule of thumb like x tablespoons per pound of brisket. Any guidance on this is appreciated. I'm tempted to just use excess and dredge for maximum coverage.
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