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  1. What temperature? I'm depending on my 14.5 pounder to finish up in 16-20 hours at 225, no wrap.
  2. I use Blue Fire gloves and lift the edge of the plate with the ash tool to grab it. I keep a 18x18 paver on my grill table to set hot elements on.
  3. Here's my Thanksgiving turkey from last year and the last whole chicken I did. Followed Meathead's method for the turkey and it came out great. I don't know if I'll do his gravy again in the future as the bottom was a little steamed but the family announced I'll be in charge of the turkeys going forward. https://amazingribs.com/tested-recipes/turkey-recipes/bbq-and-grilled-turkey-recipe-ultimate-turkey-easily-adapted-cooking For this chicken, I wanted to try John Setzler's method of tying the bird so I followed his recipe. Only thing I'd change there is to drop the temperature next time. He does his around 425-450° and I find 375-400° best for chicken on my grill.
  4. Makes me wonder why the hell I'm not pulling a butt off the grill right now. Looks good!
  5. Baked potatoes for me. Roll them in olive oil, sprinkle salt, fresh cracked pepper and paprika then throw them right on the grill indirect with cherry smoke at 400 for about an hour until the skin is a bit crispy and separating. Slice them open and load them with whatever you care. Personally, I always do twice baked potatoes, usually with some caramelized leeks mixed in but no need to make it complicated. If cook time is no issue, I have to agree with ribs as long as you already have your rub on hand. I have my butcher cut them St Louis style and save the tips for another day, and they always remove the membrane for me. All that's left is to sprinkle on rub (I make batches of Meathead's Memphis Dust) and put them on at 225 for 5.5-6 hours. Long cook but minimal effort for the reward.
  6. Now this is just cheating on the stuff it challenge. Rainiers and brie? Wow!
  7. @Golf Griller I dislike fried oysters for the same reason I dislike fried mushrooms, and I absolutely love mushrooms. In either case there's so much moisture in them that you get steaming, scalding hot fireballs under the breading. Both premises offer so much promise but I can't agree with the results.
  8. Thanks, @skreef. I usually like oysters exactly two ways. Love them raw and I have a nostalgic attachment to those little smoked oysters served from a tin on a cracker. Other than that, I don't usually enjoy cooked oysters but the mix of ingredients in this recipe took away the pungency that sometimes offends me and everything blends nicely.
  9. We have trucks nearby with cabeza and it's one of my wife's favorites. She prepared our tacos and went with a carnitas style in a cast iron. I think after the smoking it really needed to have more fat drawn out with the stovetop cook and it worked great.
  10. I might have to take that back a bit. These tacos were delicious. Pig face tacos? Tongue 'n cheek tacos?
  11. In my area of the northwest the bans are not due to fire risk but to air quality. We're not in much fire danger but smoke particulate from Northern California, Canada and Eastern Washington assures outdoor cooking bans for parts of July and August.
  12. I haven't made a meal of it yet, but having picked the meat from the skull, tasting along the way and discarding pieces that were too fatty, too gamey, or that I just couldn't bring myself to ingest, I declare this a worthy experiment that I cannot recommend to others. Stick with head cheese if you find yourself in possession of a pig head. The fat and skin are just too thick to get any flavor penetration from the rub. The resulting meat is too sparse and gamey. I'll be chopping this up and flavoring it heavily.
  13. It appears I gouged her snout with the dome thermometer. Don't know if she was happy about that! She was a tight fit.
  14. It's not how bendy the ribs are. It's whether the crust shows cracks when you bend it. I love hickory and use it on meats that others don't care for it on but for pork I'll take pecan, apple, cherry in light doses.
  15. What do you feel the SloRoller lends to the cook? What's the difference with vs without it?
  16. Too keep the deflectors clean I either wrap them in heavy duty foil (for something like chicken or other lighter drips), use a drip pan lined with kosher salt (for large pieces of meat), or don't worry about it knowing that they'll clean themselves next time I cook with high heat (for lower fat content items like veggies with olive oil). I find that the foil minimizes flare ups. I put them in as soon as my coals are lit. I use a fire starter so whenever that flames out the deflectors go in. Too add smoking wood or rearrange my setup while hot I lift the edge of the deflector with the ash tool then use Blue Fire gloves to handle it. I've tried a few kinds of gloves and this is the only one that lets me handle them comfortably. I keep a 18x18 paver on my grill table to set hot pieces on.
  17. Sounds like your plan is all set but I like putting the meat on late the night before and not worrying about it finishing on time. You get roll it slowly at 225, it will finish up midday and hold for hours in a faux cambro. Avoids sweating over how long that second stall will last and you can always crank the heat late in the cook to move things along.
  18. I load up on KJ Big Block when it's available at Costco (only during the road shows) and supplement with Royal Oak, but only the ones that say US made on the bag. My typical setup is to put some KJ on the bottom, which is great for airflow thanks to its size and burns cleanly, then the cheaper RO on top of that. I find RO a little smokey and less consistent but it's a good price, usually has some decent sized chunks, lights easily and burns hot. There's a thread in the accessories subforum comparing different brands. Unfortunately, I don't know how to get some of them near me and others are quite expensive but there's good information there from ckreef who's been very generous with his time.
  19. Thank you. I'm not sure what I did different than this but maybe it was the unformatted link button. Looks good!
  20. Thank you, ckreef. How do I link properly to this thread from the entry thread? I noticed the other entries display differently than my link.
  21. Dutch oven. I have the Lodge 5qt rather than the KJ. It's cheaper, it fits perfectly in the accessory rack, and the lid doubles as a handleless skillet which is great for fitting on the grill. And it gets use in the indoor kitchen. I'd like something larger but the KJ version is not much bigger. I consider it much more a necessity than the CI griddle. It offers a completely different way to cook rather than just a different surface. The griddle is also a pain to maintain. It's heavy and difficult to clean and is usually so hot coming off the cook that I neglect cleaning it right away because it can't be handled for so long before it cools.
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