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  1. i loaded the pizza at 500F. i was using this deep dish pizza dough recipe below. by the time all the toppings were perfectly done the crust was scorched. i thought i was going to have trouble wiht the dough not crusting up since it was in the pan but the opposite happened. the stone transferred way too much heat into that pan . THE ‘QUOD STYLE DOUGH All Purpose Flour 100.0 % 317 g FLOUR: ★ 2 & ½ cups Water (95°F) 54 % 171 g WATER ★ ¾ cup (6 oz) Vegetable/Corn Oil 4.25 % 13.5 g OIL: ★ 1 TBSP IDY (Instant Yeast) 2.15 % 7 g YEAST: ★ 1 PACKET (2 ¼ tsp) Fine Sea Salt 0.9 % 2.8 g SALT: ★ ½ teaspoon Ground Black Pepper 0.9 % 2.8 g PEPPER: ★ ½ teaspoon Sugar 0.65 % 2.0 g SUGAR: ★ ½ teaspoon
  2. ok thanks for the replies. you guys are right on getting the pan high and have a deflecter lower. i had the pan directly on the stone and got a burned crust. thats good i know for next time . i will master this deep dish thing .
  3. i plan on cooking a deep dish pizza on my kamado tonight and came across your post. im trying to decide if i want to put the pan on a preheated pizza stone in the grill or just put it on the grill grate. i do thin crust pizza all the time on the grill but the deep dish will be a first.
  4. does anybody have a good solution for a searing basket on our vision b kamados? this would be great if we could attach it under our grate but we would need something to secure it to the firebowl https://www.amazon.com/Adrenaline-Barbecue-Company-Charcoal-Basket/dp/B07BGHZV6P/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=charcoal+searing+basket&qid=1570807765&sr=8-2
  5. i love the pizzas off my vision and i like loading up toppings on my pizza also. i shoot for 600 dome temp with my lava stone on the top grate and pizza stone 1 inch above . how do you prepare your sauce ? I use a can of san marzanos squeezed up by hand with some salt garlic and fresh italian parsley. i still would like to pick up an uuni 3 to cook some neopolitan pizzas at 800+
  6. wow great color. looking forward to seeing those on your vision!
  7. welcome. the akorn is super efficient.
  8. wow those are nice. Any issues with the turkey taking on too much smoke? i know pecan is pretty mild though. I used to think i was over smoking pultry but it was actually getting a acrid taste from too many drippings on the diffuser. now i know to always use a drip pan.
  9. are you using the pecan logs in your Joe with lump?
  10. bought this 16 lb bird fresh. brined it and used a herb rub with butter. smoked this at 325-350 with a pecan and an apple wood chunk. I was very surprised when it was done in only 3 hours. I almost took it off sooner but luckily i probed the other thigh . one was at 180F but the other was at 160F. had to keep it warm in our oven for 2 hours waiting for our company to come over since it was done way sooner then i had planned. It still turned out fantastic and juicy though.
  11. great videos! thanks for replying. I too plan on making the gravy with the drippings . I was reading about adding apple juice celery carrots and onion like yours and will do that. all the larger drip pans i found wont fit under my double grate on my vision since the sides are too high. i like your idea of using the 2 smaller plans. that is what i was thinking about and seeing it action seems to work good.
  12. Hey Moloch, thanks for the reply, it was not quite the thin blue smoke i would normally want cause of the wind but i did close the bottom vent to about 1/4 and the top vent was open to 3/4 to minimize all that air intake. normally to maintain 325 i would be 1/2 on top and 1/2 on bottom. i let it sit like that for 10 minutes before i put the chicken on. chicken didnt seem to smell bad raw but im sure it wasnt the best quality either from aldi.
  13. I will be smoking/grilling a turkey on my vision kamado for thanksgiving. This will probably be my 4th Turkey i have done on a kamado overall but its been about 2 years since i did one last. i did a trial run of my Turkey cook with 7 large bone in chicken thighs last night utilizing the same temp as i would use when i do the turkey - 325 with my smoking stone/diffuser in place. I did not use a drip pan above the diffuser but i plan too when i do the turkey. it was very windy last night and 40F in Chicagoland which gave me some sporadic temps but i was able to manage 330F with some close monitoring. I cooked the thighs to 180F internal and took them off. Theyhad a sever acrid aroma . they still tasted ok but that acrid aroma will not do . I attribute this major mistake do to the fact that i had no drip pan and the huge amount of grease sizzling away on my smoke stone penetrated the meat. Or was the wind a major contributing factor? also do you think its possible the olive oil i brushed the skin of my chicken with absorbed this acrid flavor? My vision was clean and the so was the grate and i always make sure i do a burn off after my low temp smokes. i waited until my temp settled into 325 before i put on all the poultry so their wasnt a huge amount of smoke billowing out of the top. i used lump charcoal with two medium sized chunks of pecan. Looking for all your opinions on this so we can all avoid any thanksgiving mishaps. i did notice John did not use a drip pan when he smoked his turkey on the Kamado Joe in this video. if his turkey was fine i am concerned there was some other major factor in my cook that caused my problem.
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