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  1. Cavman


    So, I have been working on this bike as much as I can. I have a seat cover should be delivered any day. Been digging through the boxes that came with it and had all the major pieces to add the backrest short the bolts and spacers. After some major scrubbing and some chrome polish, it's on. I found the Hondaline luggage rack, in the box as well. I have cleaned up as well. Not a fan, never had one on a bike before, but might use it on a long ride.
  2. OMG, what a party, I live right on the bay a few hundred yards from where they launch the fireworks. One of my coworkers boyfriend is in a band and we had live music from an acoustic and bass guitar. Sorry for the lack of picks, the roast was amazing, and I have the rest of the week off. Here is a pic of my slight hung over sirloin sandwich breakfast.
  3. I think I may be approaching the limit.
  4. Cavman


    Not a great pic, but proof none the less. Just took my daughter for her first highway ride. 60 mile loop. Stopped once for ice cream. She left all smiles.
  5. Cavman

    RIP Anthony Bourdain

    So sad, yet another example that money and fame does not equal happiness. I don't think he was a normal example of that though. People that have survived hardship or loss have a different demeanor, I think he had that demeanor. Maybe more of a perspective on life. Personally, I think it is a very admirable quality, but obviously, something was just to much for him. He might have been a little to real, and we are all at a loss because of it, especially his loved ones.
  6. Cavman


    So, I have about 150 miles under my belt and feel like a new man. Going super good! Not the same as younger, but I am good to go. John
  7. Cavman


    Thank you so much for your kind comments. I feel like me for the first time in a long time. Although the new me is a much better cook.
  8. Cavman


  9. Cavman


    So my posting has slowed down. BBQ is taking a backseat for a little while. Although I have a big 4th of July cook coming up. I just had a life changing event. I had a ear infection that destroyed the nerves in my right ear in 2009. Destroyed my life, balance and vertigo problems. Lost my business, wife and house. She left me with the reduced income of my new career. Also, my ability to ride bicycles and motorcycles. After many years of accepting I will never ride again, in a act of defiance, I bought a $90 Wal Mart beach cruiser bicycle. Getting some exercise and riding it to work a couple times a week. Working great, a little awkward, but good. Good enough I just bought a motorcycle on a smokin deal from a coworker. Haven't ridden it yet, insurance next payday. It is a 99 Magna 750, and feels like home. Fixing it up and making it my style is my priority now. Improving my cooking skills and equipment is now #2. I am the happiest I have been in years. I like this site and will be more active again, but am distracted for now. I am going to do something new for the 4th, I am going to smoke a whole top Sirloin, but my methods and seasonings for a clod heart will be the same. I know it will be good. Thanks for listening guys. It is a great group here.
  10. Cavman

    Dalstrong Knives - Shogun Series

    Yes, I bought the Gladiator series 12" slicing knife, it is beautiful and a much higher end product than the price reflects. Top of the line company. I will buy again. I want the carving knife set just for the matching fork. I love mine.
  11. Have you seen the new Bluedot? Simplicity of the dot with bluetooth remote. I am pretty sure I am going to have to have this: https://www.thermoworks.com/BlueDOT
  12. Cavman

    Peeled knuckle

    I took some samples to work today and everyone liked it. Slight edge to the clod heart for flavor. I think it is a slightly more tender roast than the cod heart but lacks a little in flavor with no fat cap. It is still far more flavorful than a eye of round roast. Those are the best budget roasts I have found and all of them require thin slicing to truly be good. I would recommend trying one sometime for the budget minded smoker.
  13. Cavman

    Peeled knuckle

    Far more tender than I expected.
  14. Cavman

    Peeled knuckle

  15. Cavman

    Peeled knuckle

    So I coated it with Worcestershire sauce sea salt, black pepper garlic powder, webber original rub and on the top sides webber mesquite.