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  1. To buy or not to Buy?

    You should be able to have a screaming hot fire ready to cook in about 20 minutes from lighting it. Depending on how you left your Akorn from the last cook I would say you could add maybe 10 min prepping to light. These are the fastest easiest Charcoal grills to clean I have ever experienced. I have found 600 degrees the ideal searing temp. I am willing to bet it will make the best steaks you ever cooked.
  2. My Take on the Atomic Buffalo Turds (ABTs)

    I find with a Akorn jr and Mini WSM grill space is a premium. I would never argue that smoked isn't tastier, but mine are pretty good and are easy to make. I slice the stem off and de-seed and remove the membranes. I then fill with chive and onion cream cheese and dust with my smoking rub. I add a single cheddar little smokie and wrap the pepper lengthwise so the bacon seals the cut end and hold together with a toothpick. I then cook them to perfection in my Nuwave oven for 12 to 14 minutes. They are great as is but best when reheated in the smoker after the cook is done. I leave them on the table for my guests to reheat as consumed.
  3. Webber Rubs

    I took the ingredient list off the label of one of my bottles of dry smoking rub this morning. Webber original dry rub ingredient list is identical. I believe it is just a name change. Haven't bought a bottle yet.
  4. Once again I have been experimenting with dry rubs. Over the past few years I have wasted a lot of money experimenting with highly recommended recipes and commercial rubs. I have not found anything better in taste for me than Webber Dry smoking rub. As to be expected my local Walmart Replaced it with Webber Original. I remember when I first tried it, while searching online, it was not on Webber,s website. I had found a post somewhere that stated it was a previous Webber rub renamed. I called the CS number on the bottle and was advised they don't have an original rub. Well, I saw it in the store, so it exists. Next weekend I am going to take a label with me to compare the ingredients and SKU. Does anyone else know anything about this? I am sick of buying and making rubs only to give them away, trash them or endure something I don't like. I really prefer not to order online and walmart.com only has it from 3rd party reseller. I hope to find someone that knows if Original is the same thing, renamed, or knows another commercial rub with similar taste profile.
  5. Ok, not a winner. My original ribs are far and away the best. At least I stepped out of my comfort zone. Much simpler too.
  6. That sounds really good! Thanks for sharing. Pics?
  7. I was looking to do something far different than my norm. If I don't like it, I will fall back on my standard. Thanks for the tip on Johnny Trigg, while not his recipe I have some confidence in my experiment after reading his recipe. I made a honey butter mop sauce I am gong to add half way into the cook. I will know tonight and will share results. I am going to do half the rack with Heinz Memphis sauce and the other half with KC masterpiece honey habanero sauce. Another few hours to cook time.
  8. I decided to try a short brine. It will be approx 6 hours. I went with a quart of root beer 1/4 kosher salt and 2 tbls minced garlic. Since I have eliminated the Webber BBQ rub. I am not doing a side by side comparison. I am doing the whole rack with Meatheads Memphis dust with a little cayenne pepper mixed in. Haven't decided on a binder yet. Now I am thinking a rootbeer spritz before the rub although honey would certainly add another layer of flavor.. These are either going to be amazing or sickening sweet.
  9. Thanks for all the advice. I have never brined anything. Does it make a noticeable difference? Do you need to adjust the salt you apply to the meat? What is a minimum/maximum brine time?
  10. I have eliminated Webber BBQ rub. To overpowering and taste is not remotely related to the original smoking rub.
  11. Thanks for the input, looks like I will have to try the Txbbq rub. I will also give mayo as a binder a try. Would still like to hear from someone that has tried honey as a binder.
  12. I have a rib competition at work in a couple weeks. There are a bunch of foodies on my team, so it will be a challenge. So I have been experimenting with rubs. I have used almost exclusively Webber original smoking rub, nothing else has come close for taste to me. But last week I made a batch of Meatheads Memphis dust. The weather has been prohibitive so I used it on a porkloin roast in my nuwave oven. Came out pretty tasty, and everyone I shared it with preferred it to the Webber rub. I liked it and will always keep some on hand but preferred the Webber original. Today I am roasting another pork loin with Webber BBQ rub. The ingredients read like it is the base for the original rub with fewer spices. With a break in the weather tomorrow I am going to do a test rack cut into 3rds, 1 with each rub. I am sure they will all be good and I am not sure how I will decide which one to use. Normally I use cranberry juice for a binder, but I am thinking Honey as a binder for Meatheads sweet Memphis dust. I would appreciate any tips for competition taste profiles or favorite home made rubs. It's not like we have a judges panel, the site director is the judge, and then our team will have a popular vote. The winner gets a pint of Jamison's and bragging rights. It has turned into a rib centered potluck. Biggest question is have you used honey as a binder? What is your thoughts on it? I have more of a savory palate than sweet. I know a lot of people like sweet.
  13. My manual had that chart in it. It did not work at all for me. I also followed the manual on how to build the fire. My jr did not work for me until I started following techniques used here on this site.