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  1. Cavman

    Eye of Round

    I read a lot of hate for the eye of round, and I know my tastes are more simple than most. It was recently driven home with my Fillet Mignons in the Akorn thread. My love for the eye of round probably stems back to my childhood. Eye of round steaks are the only steaks I prefer fried. Cast iron skillet or flat top grill, my Mother called them breakfast steaks and to this day are my favorite with hashbrown's and toast, (I don't care for eggs). I also like them for steak sandwiches. I always cut my own from a primal now, pound them slightly with the textured end of a meat hammer, salt and pepper only,, sometimes a couple of dashes of Worcestershire sauce. Am I alone in the world with this. My sister is not the carnivore I am and doesn't like them. Mom never did anything to tenderize or used Worcestershire sauce. Someone else must do something with them, because the sell more than I buy. I smoke the roast once in a while, but prefer them for quick steaks. So far, better than Fillet Mignon, but that is just me.
  2. Thanks TKO, I appreciate the recipe and in hindsight I am sure would have been better than what I tried. But, I have to go with my instincts here. Butter, herbs, marinades, excessive spices, and basting not my palate. Time to see if my current grilling skills can make this work or not.
  3. I would have described it a little gamey but I like Elk and venison. There was more to it and I have had other grass fed beef I like. The fillets come occasionally with a box I get, so one more try, then I start trading them off if I still don't like them. Everyone else I know that has had them, loves them.
  4. Finally cooked my fillets, cook went well steaks turned out good. However, I did not like them. As in I would would quit eating beef if that was my only option. Am I the only one that doesn't like the taste of fillet Mignon? I just used Kosher salt and coarse ground black pepper. Seared them in KerryGold butter. To me it tasted like sliced beef bullion cube. Now that I think about this, I have tried the melted butter on a steak before and did not like it on ribeyes. I think I will try fillets one more time. Next time, I think I will try grilling them like any other steak, only a little hotter. Like 600+ flipping every min until 120 IT. Salt, pepper and smokey mesquite. They KerryGold butter made for the best sauteed mushrooms ever.
  5. Cavman

    Traveling with hors d'oeuvres

    I prefer abt's warm myself put bring them to potlucks cold a lot and they are well receipted as well as I like them cold. My pinwheels were just a way of using up what was in the fridge and not even a potluck item but probably the best response of anything I have ever shared. Both have been popular at basically room temp.
  6. Cavman

    Traveling with hors d'oeuvres

    I would go with atomic buffalo turds or maybe my pinwheel recipe a couple threads down.
  7. Okay, will skip the bacon. Always seemed a little weird for bacon with steak to me. Like it takes away from or over powers the steak flavor. I will instead sear the sides as well. Only reason I was adding it was most recipes recommend it.
  8. I tried bacon wrapped Fillets back in my twenties and just grilled them like anything else with little skill or knowledge. I was not impressed and have never made them again. Now I have received 2 of them as part of a grass fed beef box. I have been researching how to cook them and think I have arrived at a method. I really want to give them a chance at being good. Plan is wrap in bacon, sear on high till crusted, on my Blackstone griddle, then transfer to my Akorn jr with smoking stone in place at about 300 degrees until an IT of 125 degrees and rest on plate a couple minutes. Any Fillet lovers have any input on my plan? Or a completely different plan? Have a propane stove top and an array of cast iron skillets and dutch ovens. No conventional oven or toaster oven. I do have a NuWave oven though. I have considered searing and then the NuWave as well. Thanks in advance for any input. Weather is not outdoor cooking compatible right now. High winds preventing me from putting up my awning. I am willing to wait for better weather if my grill/Blackstone are the best way to go.
  9. Cavman

    Finally getting an Instant Pot

    I got one last month because of a coworkers influence. I would say I prefer it to a crockpot a great deal. I have used it 4 times. Made an amazing soup and not a bad chili. I needed another indoor option and it is good for that. My favorite thing about it is the ability to saute in it. Other than that it is a fast crockpot. My best chili is still my dutch oven chili. But I would never make that in this weather, or without a crowd. I just don't see myself cooking ribs in it, you never know, we get a lot of bad weather. I like it, I needed it, but I can't get excited about what I am making in it.
  10. My go roast is a chuck clod heart, it is inexpensive and great flavor. Problem is it can be inconsistently tough with a vein of gristle. My secret that came about by unusual circumstance is after low and slow to 120 degrees internal, double or triple wrap with aluminum foil. Now the hard part. Let it rest a minimum 2 hours. Either I have become a magician at picking roasts or this technique yields consistently tender perfectly rare chuck roasts. I have not hit a chewy bite in any of the last half dozen or so cooks. I don't understand the science of it, but it works for me.
  11. Cavman


    No longer applicable they do not freeze well.
  12. Cavman


    I smoked a chuck clod heart again yesterday. I tried going 5 degrees higher internal temp which was to much. 125 yielded more of a medium than a medium rare after the rest. I will go back to 120 from now on. Regardless, i had some leftover salsa verde/habenero salsa mix leftover from my last ABT's. I decided to spread it on tortillas with thin slices of the smoked chuck roast and make pinwheels. OMG these are good! New future potluck item. Easy to make and very different. Cream cheese proportions: +Great Value whipped cream cheese: 12 oz. +Great Value Salsa Verde medium: 5 TBS +ZaaschiLa Salsa Habanero: 1 TBS Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. The whipped cream cheese is much easier to mix and doesn't require softening.
  13. That sounds reall good, that would be something I will make using my sauce. I will try this on the rack of ribs in my freezer sometime soon, whether building it from scratch or a sauce I make.
  14. Now that I look maybe I should have posted in desserts. Mods, please feel free to move.
  15. I have been picking blackberries in my backyard off the fenceline and freezing them. I have made 1 cobbler already and have about 10 cups of berries left. Living in a fifth wheel with a lousy oven, I bought a NuWave and love it, also inadequate for baking though. I suppose I could make cobbler in my dutch oven, but that's a lot of trouble. Too much for just me. Don't have a girlfriend right now and my daughter is in her senior year. She hasn't had much time to visit dad lately. If I am going to go to the trouble of making a cobbler, I want someone to share it with besides my neighbors. I got to thinking, I want to make a blackberry sauce to use as a topping for things like ice cream, pancakes, cheesecake. Make milkshakes and margaritas. I have researched many sauces and syrups, but I want chunks of berries in it. I am thinking make the berry part of the cobbler, in a crockpot, with no crust. I am open to suggestions about the recipe, but also how to handle it. Will it be such a short shelf life I have to make it as I need it? I have very limited freezer space. I do have a water bath canner, jars and lids, but have never used it. I always intended to make jam but never got around to it. Thanks in advance for your input! John