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  1. Cavman

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter! Need to share this. The park where I live had an Easter egg hunt for the kids yesterday, with a teen in a Easter bunny costume. The bunny delivered baskets to all the older people. Walter across the street saw the bunny walking through the park and he was afraid he had lost his mind. Went in to the office all freaked out. He is like 85. They acted like they knew nothing reviewing security cam recordings with and the street clear avoiding the bunny. Then the bunny showed up at his house with a basket. Dancing at his front door. Made his day. Walter is a great guy, retired blue collar, wearing neatly pressed flannels and Carhart's every day. Always positive and laughing.
  2. Last 5 or 6 years I have been cooking exclusively in cast iron, a grill/smoker, or a NuWave oven, which is amazing for many styles of potato's. A week ago for convenience I bought an electric skillet. Somehow, I almost felt ashamed, but this morning I had an, I am broke, good, weekend breakfast. I cut a super thick eye of round steak from a roast I need to cook in the fridge. 2 left over frozen rectangular toaster type. hashbrown's and 2 leftover dollar style Texas toast. I don't like eggs but could have easily included. This was almost as easy as a microwave and the best tasting, satisfying breakfast I have had in forever. Somehow I found a way back to my favorite childhood breakfast (okay, second to a 5am Cheeseburger an fries in a dirty spoon lumber mill cafe with my Dad, my Dad was an un-conventional Logger foreman. He would get me out of the house on Sat morning's so my Mom could have some alone time). This morning, I truly enjoyed cooking, eating, and reminiscing from the lowly Presto electric skillet. Thanks Mom.
  3. While it has seldom been an issue, the last 8 lb butt I cooked stalled like a brisket for more than 2 hours. You just never know. Cook to temp, not time, but I always watch the time for reference.
  4. I concede, I know a good idea when I hear it. It needs air hockey and pinball. Nothing less, expectations have been set. Now that it is settled, will you be serving brisket tonight?
  5. I have owned several, hands down no comparison the best and no where near the most expensive I have owned is the Thermoworks DOT. Very simple, long lasting high quality and about $40. Buy direct from Thermoworks, fantastic company. I am still using the original probe after hundreds of cooks. I am planning to buy the new version BlueDOT with Bluetooth and app. https://www.thermoworks.com/DOT https://www.thermoworks.com/BlueDOT I also have the Thermopop, and Timestick, have had for around 2 years. Super high quality, easy to use.
  6. I am such a sucker, I ordered the ghost pepper salt and their whiskey barrel smoked pepper too. Savory Spice Shop.
  7. Found my secret ingredient last night at a BBQ, my friends husband gave me some ghost pepper sea salt. Wow is that stuff good and easy to control the level of heat. This really ups my game on hot wings! Ordering some this morning.
  8. I am making my test wings in the NuWave oven while it rains.
  9. Thanks for the tips, I think I am going to brine them first, so I will need a couple days prep to brine and dry time.
  10. I have never successfully cooked chicken wings on a grill, but I haven't tried in a long time. I have been doing my thighs between 3 & 400 degrees hood temp with the stone in. I turn them about every 20 minutes. They come out excellent. I am thinking 20 min will be too long for wings in between turns. This time I am asking before cooking. Lesson learned. This is practice for a best hot wings competition at work. I plan to coat them with Famous Dave's Devils Spit bbq sauce. Please share with me.
  11. My fav sauce is Famous Dave's Rich and Sassy and Devil's Spit for wings!
  12. Okay, 4 hours way too long. Should have pulled them at 3.
  13. I normally cook Baby Backs, now trying to cook St Louis style ribs. Everybody says 6+ hours, but my ribs are already 185 internal temp at 2 hours. Meat is shrinking on the thicker ribs. I am at a hood temp of 255, normally 205+ for butts and briskets, I pull my babybacks at 165. Should I really keep cooking?
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