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  1. Chuck Clod Heart

    Thanks for the input, that gives me the confidence to try it. I suspected it would be a good substitute if not a better cut for roast beef. All the info I was reading on it says only good for burger or stew meat. I am thinking it might be better to go to an IT of 185-190 to help keep it juicy since I have no intention of shredding it. Or am I missing out on something because I have never shredded beef like I do with a pork butt? With beef I usually go with tri tip or rib roasts because I prefer med rare, not that I don't love brisket. I am on a low carb diet now and eating more roasts to keep it affordable. Pork loin and eye of round are good, and faster to cook, but not quite the same. Any suggestions for other cuts are welcome.
  2. Chuck Clod Heart

    Is this a good cut to smoke low & slow for sliced roast beef? It is certainly a more appropriate size for the Akorn Jr than a packer brisket. Good price at Cash and Carry. The Chuck roll is almost as big as a Brisket. Cost and Freezer space are major considerations. Thank you in advance for your knowledge.
  3. I had major probe problems with my Maverick 733 6 probes in total and only worked twice correctly. I did not drop, overheat, or get them wet. I did not treat them any different than my DOT's probe and it has done more cooks than all probes combined by double than the Maverick.
  4. Thanks again Frank. I will try that. Cooking with the Akorn is a whole new learning curve and the manual is crap. I have a Maverick 733 I am trying to sell on CL, I really recommend the Thermoworks DOT, it works like it is supposed to.
  5. It's no miracle cure, but try vinegar on a paper towel, open close wipe. Rinse and repeat.
  6. Thanks for the input, not taken as arguing. That is exactly what I want to accomplish. I just am unsure what to do. I can't imagine shutting the vents down further and I close the lid as soon as I am sure the charcoal won't extinguish. My lower setting is well below 1 at half way across the philips head and top vent only has the little circle open at aprox 3/4. I might try the next batch at an IT of 180 degrees. I must be cooking at a higher grill temp than I think I am. I love this grill and my ribs are good. They just aren't as good as I want them to be. They aren't as good as when I make them in my mini WSM, and they should be.
  7. I guess I should add, I am considering increasing hood temp to improve the crust/bark but can't imagine shortening the cook time any more.
  8. I have been cooking on my Akorn Jr for a few months now. I know my hood temp is off about 40 degrees to the grill temp so I keep that in mind but go by hood temp. My Maverick dual probe was a pos and now use a Thermoworks DOT which is flawless. I also use a Webber quick read to probe and confirm temps that will soon be replaced by a Thermopop. I am comfortable with my Temp readings. Don't want to argue methods about testing doneness. My ribs are well liked by myself, fam and friends. My quandary is in cooking times and not developing bark. I am somewhat ok with losing the bark because I like the juicy bite at 165 IT, but I usually push that to 170+ to make them look right on the outside. I baste with cranberry juice, dry rub, no sauce, no foil. I use a hood temp of 190 to 210 indirect with Chargrillers ceramic. I use Lazzeri mesquite charcoal and cut the babybacks in half cooking them flat bone side down indirect. Vent settings less than 1 on both vents. Somehow they are always at 170 within 1.5 hours? How can they be cooking so fast? Doesn't seem to matter where I buy them from, but most come from Cash & Carry. My last pork butt I cooked at a higher temp, 250 hood, it reached 205 IT in 6 hours, 9 lb butt. It was the best butt I have ever cooked. What is going on? How come my cook times are so different?
  9. Akorn Smoking Stone

    So where I live, it is only a matter of time before I get my jr stone wet, then what? dry it out a few hours in a 200 degree oven?
  10. So yesterday i had company over for a quick inexpensive dinner and picked up an eye of round to smoke for french dips & left overs. Cook went well but my timing was off, cooked quicker than expected, pulled at 130 IT. Cooked at approx 250 grill temp. My Thermoworks DOT worked perfect confirming roast temp with quick reading before pulling. Since it was done to early, I wrapped it in foil and left on the counter to rest while finishing the sides. I have never had luck with food continuing to cook as it rests. This time it did, checked temp before slicing and had rose to 141. Even at 140 I would expected some pink in the middle. It didn't dry out at all and was good, but not pink at all. I am not sure where I went wrong. On tri tip and prime rib, I like to pull at 125, but that is to rare for most my group. I usually pull at 135 and get a perfect med rare with foiling, but only for 10 to 15 min. This roast was foiled half hour plus. My question is, do you think it was the resting time? Or the cut of meat that affected it? I find it strange it was so done at 140 IT. I would describe it well done but not dry. The runoff held by the foil was all red. Does lean meat like this need a lower IT than a trip tip or standing rib roast? Just doesn't make sense to me. Your experience is requested? Now that I have an Akorn Jr, I will be cooking these this way more often. My previous smokers were to high effort for this cut of meat, so this is my first time smoking an eye of round.
  11. Pork Butt

    I tend to take it out and apply the rub and let it soak in at room temp for a couple hours.
  12. My thighs were smokin'

    Those look amazing!!!
  13. This not my first grill. For direct grilling, #1 best preformer, indirect chicken parts, amazing! Easy to use, clean, feed charcoal. If I could on have 1 cooker this would be it. Best steaks and burgers i have ever cooked. Smoking so easy and fuel efficient! I have been down sizing for a couple years and this is the ultimate for 1 rack of ribs or 1 roast. I just don't think I can make my very best low and slow q on this. However I will eat more really good q because of it, more often.
  14. Pork Butt

    So this was slightly over 7 lbs and was about 11.5 hours roughly. While I agree you can't cook by time, I have never had one go over 14 hours, knock on wood! I can tell you wrapping in foil and towels in a cooler works awesome if it gets done early. This was far and away the easiest, most cost effective butt I have ever cooked. Meat quality is good, probably going to be my go to method, but I still think the quality is higher on the WSM.