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  1. Hi Mike, I am really happy with my move to a pellet grill and have settled in to Pecan pellets for smoking and Mesquite pellets for grilling. It has opened a lot of doors for me and fits my lifestyle better. Not that it takes anything away from the Kamado style cookers at all.
  2. Decided I don't care for the Pit Boss Competition blend on pork and not to excited about it on beef. Finding the Mesquite much more palatable. Just finished this eye of round with mesquite. Anxious to sample it. It is resting before slicing now.
  3. Thanks for the tip, will look into it.
  4. Going to be busy cooking today. A combination of ABT's, ribs and hot wings.
  5. The Akorn jr is the best single charcoal grill I have ever owned. I needed a larger grill at this point and it came down to either a full size Akorn or the Pit Boss. For a lengthy boring number of reasons, including lifestyle changes now that I am riding motorcycles again and have an amazing girlfriend, the Pit Boss won out and so far for good reason. I am familiar with pellet mechanics as I heated solely with a pellet stove for 15 years before moving into an rv and wish I had one in here. I have been on other forums myself and was dreading finding a new home. I really appreciate the demeanor and passion for cooking here. I see now that is not needed and glad to stick around. I am off to Walmart this morning and going to pick up some different flavored pellets. I just bought a big economy bag of Pit Boss Competition blend with the grill. After using it on 3 cooks, I think it will be good for grilling, but I want a heavier smoke for low slow cooks like pork butt and ribs. Pecan was my favorite in the Akorn, I also like Alder, but am also considering Mesquite. I don't care for Hickory, to me it is for Jerky, not dinner. Suggestions are welcome.
  6. So I bought a new pellet grill. I am not going to go in depth to justify my decision other than I felt like it fits my needs better than my Akorn jr at this point. It was also influenced by several people around me with pellet grills. I recently bought a Pit Boss Tailgater pellet grill. I have a few cooks under my belt and am really liking it. I have actually sold my Weber Mini WSM and Akorn jr and am only keeping my Lodge Sportsman Grill for charcoal duty. Kinda figured I was going to be looking for a new forum now as much as I like the people here. Maybe not now that I see all the pellet grill posts. I gotta say I am really impressed with the charbroiler feature in this grilll. Used it on some sirloin cap steaks on a reverse sear Sunday.
  7. I am going to pick up a cheap knife at the thrift store to practice on the water stones with as the technique I find on all the videos is far different than what I have done
  8. So my knife arrived today and I am very impressed with the feel and cosmetics of it. It is not as sharp out of the box as I had hoped/expected, but realisically it is probably the sharpest kitchen knife out of the box that I have purchased. However it is not as sharp as my existing knives. I won't attemp to sharpen it until I purchase water stones. I was disapointed to find micro bevels on it, but not surprised because I recently read Shun has them as well. I tested it on a tomato like a video I saw and it did not match the performance of what was supposedly out of the box. I will try slicing pork butt for pork on a stick tomorrow night. So for the moment, not sorry I bought it, anxious to sharpen it and see how it performs, but will have to be patient.
  9. Just tested my 6" Dalstrong Chef knife, it cuts paper towel clean as post it notes, much to my surprise, but not free hanging. My Old Hickory's as well, but with a little resistance. Difference being OH knives stone sharpened, maintained on steels. Dalstrongs never touch a steel.
  10. Thanks Ben, I know to get it sharp before moving on, but would never expected to cut a hanging paper towel. Most of my knives will push cut a post it and I consider that sharp. But they are all general use an I don't go to the more extreme stones with them. This Yaganiba is intended for those exteremes. I think I will add a Kai Wasaba Deba next, but think it will stop at the 1000 stone. Time and experience will tell. New obsession, new learning curve. If this goes as expected, will be gifting a couple of sharpened Deba's for Christmas.
  11. Thanks for the support all. Knives are one of those subjects that can be touchy. Opinions are strong and usually a mix of fact, experience and personal preferences. Those knives are far beyond my paygrade, but I do have appreciation for nice cutlery. My Dalstrongs and Henckles are reserved for special occasions as I suspect my Kai will as well. I am cutting pork steaks out of a pork butt for a work potluck Wed. I will debone with my Old Hickory boning knife and try my Yanagiba out slicing the steaks from the roast instead of my trusty 10" Old Hickory #7 that has cut up a ton of pork butts and briskets. I am sure it would be the ultimate knife for slicing the thin strips from pork butt for pork on a stick. Which will be tried out as well. I will update afterwords. I am looking forward to getting all my sharpening supplies for the Yanagiba to see how far I can take it. I am planning on the King 1000/6000 based on cost, reviews and Burfections recomendations.
  12. I have the Dalstrong Gladiator slicer, it will nearly slice as thin as a motorized slicer. I have had both and prefer the Dalstrong. In my opinion it is a better value than the Victornox. I am not however a knife snob. I was a machinist for 26 years and know sharpening methods as well as steels. It goes very sharp and holds an edge well. But I also love old Hickory knives, I form the handles, patina the blades and reprofile them. I can make a #7 butcher push cut post it notes. A good measure for a working edge sharp for any kitchen in my opinion. Knives are one of those things that there is no one answer because there are to many variables to each individual including their preferences. While some steels are inadequate and not redeemable, there are trade offs between many quality steels, the very best steels have their pro's and cons. It is always a very personal decision/opinion and you will come to your own bliss.
  13. Hey everyone! Been awhile! Been focused on summer road trips and my new girlfriend, who is the best match for me I have ever met. She is not really into cooking/smoking, she likes my cooking though, long as it isn't spicy or fish. Working on that in baby steps. Served he a NY strip with salt pepper and Weber smokey mesquite on it and she was boasting the next morning about eating and liking a spiced steak. Didn't even consider that would cross a line. When camping it has always been sal & pepper. That was first steak at home. I racked up 4000 miles on the bike with her over 3 months this summer. Mostly camping. I guess that should be it's own thread but on to the knives. So my 58th birthday is little more than a week away. I appreciate nice knives and have a nice preforming collection. I have followed many threads here about Japanese knives and longed to own one. I have used Kiwi Nakari's for years and recently recieved a Dalstrong Nakari as a gift. While asian influenced not a true Japanese knife. I ordered Friday a Kai Wasabi Yanagiba 8 1/4 inch long. I chose this speciaty knife because I wanted something radically different from my Nakiri's and Chef knives. I will be ordering wet stones and pond next couple pay checks. Been watching Burrfections sharpening stones and passion for Japanese knives. I am well aware I won't use this knife a lot, hence the reluctance to spend more for a Shun or others, but I have to see what this is all about and this is my entry.
  14. Thank's for the reactions, I am really liking this woman. She told me I must get a bigger tent and air mattress. Done, but it is a challenge to cook in camp travelling on two wheels. I want to bring my home cooking knowledge to bike camping. Deb saved the day cooking the potatoes, I was burning everything in the mess kit pan when she thought to boil the taters first. Much better. Have a really cool butane stove for backpacking that is awesome. Motorcycle camping and cooking is close to backpacking space, but you can handle a little more weight.
  15. New friend and first extended road trip camp. Icluded 1 cheat. It was not to far from her home and her son brought us charcoal, ice and a cooler. Won't be cooking steaks on vaca with no cooler. Will be sampling local food mostly. Instant oatmeal and coffee for breakfast with fried summer sausage and granola bars. Not all at once, just packable menu
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