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  1. That sounds reall good, that would be something I will make using my sauce. I will try this on the rack of ribs in my freezer sometime soon, whether building it from scratch or a sauce I make.
  2. Now that I look maybe I should have posted in desserts. Mods, please feel free to move.
  3. I have been picking blackberries in my backyard off the fenceline and freezing them. I have made 1 cobbler already and have about 10 cups of berries left. Living in a fifth wheel with a lousy oven, I bought a NuWave and love it, also inadequate for baking though. I suppose I could make cobbler in my dutch oven, but that's a lot of trouble. Too much for just me. Don't have a girlfriend right now and my daughter is in her senior year. She hasn't had much time to visit dad lately. If I am going to go to the trouble of making a cobbler, I want someone to share it with besides my neighbors. I got to thinking, I want to make a blackberry sauce to use as a topping for things like ice cream, pancakes, cheesecake. Make milkshakes and margaritas. I have researched many sauces and syrups, but I want chunks of berries in it. I am thinking make the berry part of the cobbler, in a crockpot, with no crust. I am open to suggestions about the recipe, but also how to handle it. Will it be such a short shelf life I have to make it as I need it? I have very limited freezer space. I do have a water bath canner, jars and lids, but have never used it. I always intended to make jam but never got around to it. Thanks in advance for your input! John
  4. Cavman

    Pit Boss tools

    I love the flipper and picked up 2 more at the clearance price for presents. My daughter is a senior this year planning on going to University. One will be hers. I am building a kitchen set for her graduation. A knife block with hand picked and sharpened knives, a smokey joe kettle, small crock pot, nuwave oven, 8" lodge CI skillet. Thermopop, Lansky turn box, and assorted utensils. Mostly commercial quality knives and utensils. Things that are easy to pack and move but a good start on life and the ability to cook some of what she gets at my house. I would like her to have a akorn jr, but I don't see her packing that to school. I would like to find her a smokey joe with the multiple lower vents though.
  5. Cavman

    Tired of pork and chicken

    My vote is Chuck clod heart. 125 IT, Wrap heavily in foil and rest 2 hours for tender french dip perfect roast beef. Vote pecan wood.
  6. Last weekend I scored a few pieces I have been looking at for years, but convinced myself I have to quit finding stuff I can't live without. Then Wal-Mart puts on clearance and I had to look. I was hoping to find a spare Akorn Jr at a stupid price. Anyway I got a Pitboss. pigtail flipper for $5, these things are freakin awesome! Should have bought 5 of them for gifts. If your on the fence, they are worth the $20 they normally are. Also I got a Pit Boss 6" wide heavy duty spatula, first time I saw one I thought it was a gag gift. Then I got a Blackstone. I already have 6 spatula's, I can't buy another $20 spatula. $10 bucks done. I made my first restaurant quality perfect hasbrown. Lastly, I got a Wally's generic, stainless and silicone meat injector with 2 tips for $7.50. Haven't used it yet. I now have at least 2 pieces, probably 3, I can't live without. Pit Boss is ok in my book. This is bad, I keep looking at full size Akorns, please don't put them on clearance. I live by my self and won't use it often enough. I fed a party of 18 people with a 14lb top sirloin I smoked this summer on the Jr. Now Thermoworks has come out with a bluetooth Dot, Damn, this must come to an end.
  7. Cavman

    Dalstrong Knives

    I have to say I am extremely happy with my Gladiator slicer. The quality is very high, in fact, if there is a problem with this knife, it is so much fancier than my loved, reworked old Hickory's and commercial Henkles.
  8. Came out super juicy, wet bark though, not really bark. Really tasty though
  9. I picked up a 10.8 lb brisket at Cash & Carry Friday morning. This is my first brisket in the Akorn jr. I have done several in my WSM and turned out great. In the WSM I separated the point and flat correctly. Last cook I decided not again. This time I just made a straight cut where the flat started getting thicker. I am freezing the point end and smoking the flat end. I have never wrapped my briskets but I am going to on this one. I used Worcestershire sauce as a binder and my normal rubs. I am using pecan for wood and going to wrap at 165. I am planning on slicing so I was going to finish at 195 it. Any tips would be appreciated. I figured it would cook faster without the mass of the point. It isn't like it is a big hunk of meat even with the point on, just to long for the jr.
  10. Cavman


    Thanks for the replies. It is going well, all most 700 miles under my belt so far. Going to re-upholster the seat next payday. Have a new fitted cover already, but need to buy a air stapler and spray adhesive. It may look laid back but handles well for a cruiser and makes almost 90 hp. It is a detuned version of the VFR motor. Also going to get a backpack pet carrier so my best bud Zeus can go along.
  11. Cavman


    So, I have been working on this bike as much as I can. I have a seat cover should be delivered any day. Been digging through the boxes that came with it and had all the major pieces to add the backrest short the bolts and spacers. After some major scrubbing and some chrome polish, it's on. I found the Hondaline luggage rack, in the box as well. I have cleaned up as well. Not a fan, never had one on a bike before, but might use it on a long ride.
  12. OMG, what a party, I live right on the bay a few hundred yards from where they launch the fireworks. One of my coworkers boyfriend is in a band and we had live music from an acoustic and bass guitar. Sorry for the lack of picks, the roast was amazing, and I have the rest of the week off. Here is a pic of my slight hung over sirloin sandwich breakfast.
  13. I think I may be approaching the limit.
  14. Cavman


    Not a great pic, but proof none the less. Just took my daughter for her first highway ride. 60 mile loop. Stopped once for ice cream. She left all smiles.