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  1. Thank's for the reactions, I am really liking this woman. She told me I must get a bigger tent and air mattress. Done, but it is a challenge to cook in camp travelling on two wheels. I want to bring my home cooking knowledge to bike camping. Deb saved the day cooking the potatoes, I was burning everything in the mess kit pan when she thought to boil the taters first. Much better. Have a really cool butane stove for backpacking that is awesome. Motorcycle camping and cooking is close to backpacking space, but you can handle a little more weight.
  2. New friend and first extended road trip camp. Icluded 1 cheat. It was not to far from her home and her son brought us charcoal, ice and a cooler. Won't be cooking steaks on vaca with no cooler. Will be sampling local food mostly. Instant oatmeal and coffee for breakfast with fried summer sausage and granola bars. Not all at once, just packable menu
  3. Found a youtube video where the trimmed one up similar to mine. Confirmed the literal point end is the point/deckle. But it wasnt quite as flat as mine
  4. I am going to have to use my Weber mini WSM and cut this in half to cook the whole thing at once. Normally I would put the thicker point in the bottom and the flat on the top grill, but this is uniform thickness. Also I have never wrapped but am concerned about the leaner grass fed drying out. Please help me nail this first time out.
  5. Just purchased a whole grass fed brisket (see threadi in the cooler, hobbies other than cooking). It is a beautiful full packer. However it is not cut like any brisket I have ever seen. There is no bulge at the point and it is very wide, not like a narrow long strip with a bulge at one end. The owner says that is how their butcher cuts all of them. This is the first one I have seen where the term point makes sense, but is that it? Could someone educate me about this?
  6. Pics do not do it justice. Oh yeah, this is dry aged too. I have never cooked/eaten dry aged beef. Just always been told it is better.
  7. Best marbled piece of beef I have ever purchased. The owner was chuckling and watched us tie it down curious how I was going to make it work. If you own a bike, Rok Straps are amazing!.
  8. Combining hobbies, picked up a 13 lb grass fed/finished humanely rasised/harvested brisket straight from the farm 2.5 hours away. How you carry a full packer brisket on a motorcycle! Main course for my annual 4th of July party.
  9. Maybe? https://www.walmart.com/ip/Lodge-Logic-8-Inch-Round-Dual-Handle-Seasoned-Cast-Iron-Pan-L5RPL3/450487868
  10. I have decided on the Weber Go Anywhere and will be ordering Friday. Any suggestions for a charcoal basket? Only retail one I could find is in Austrailia. Also suggestions for a decent analog hood temp gauge I intend to add would be appreciated.
  11. Yea I gave up too, never thought making pickles would be that fussy or difficult. My understanding is big sours are the most difficult of all pickles to make. Plus the type of cucumber needed is impossible to acquire here in a small costal town (within reason).
  12. Worked awesome, minor leakage. ABT porn
  13. I am searcing online for Big Sour's, cant find them anywhere within 3 hours drive here in Oregon. All that I find online have vinegar in the brine. I thought a Big Full Sour was salt brine only. I tried my hand at making pickles myself and just spent a lot of money for mediocre pickles, not even Big Sours because the are more difficult. It has been years since I have been to San Fran and brought home all I could buy. That Deli does not ship. Anybody know something I don't that might help?
  14. I just can't get fuzzy feeling with the kettles and insufficent air holes. The go anywhere looks superior to the kettle to me even though less capacity..
  15. The rust issue is what drove me to look at the Webber, I have had 2 smokey joes and they would not get hot with the lid on without excessive charcoal even then cooling off quickly. How much charcoal does the jumbo joe take for grilling? A small webber chimney? A large one?
  16. So I am a recent convert to stuffing whole peppers instead of halves. I never felt confident I am getting enough salsa laden cream cheese in there because of air pockets. Today I started poking a vent hole with a toothpick and pushing the little smoky in untile my mixture pushes out the vent. I hope it is small enough not to leak out but so far seems like a major improvement. A few more hours will tell.
  17. Thanks for all the input. I was able to get a little time around the CharGriller yesterday. I am impressed and going with it. Neighbor was smoking a pork tenderloin on it. New he had a small barrel, didn't realize it was the exact one.
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