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  1. Hello Everyone! I've Lurked for quite sometime, years actually. I learned a ton from this forum reading up on my Akorn about 4 years ago. Earlier this year I had to send my first Akorn out to the pasture because it rusted out. I found a great deal on clearance this year and picked up a new one as well as a matching Jr to go with it. I also own a just about every size weber kettle they make as well. This year is my 10 year wedding anniversary and I casually kept hinting to my wife that I would stop collecting grills if we upgraded to a ceramic Kamado. It just so happens that tomorrow is our anniversary and last weekend the Road Show rolled into Nashville. I thought I could help justify the purchase by explaining the demo deal to her, which seems to interest her quite a bit. Upon arrival I asked if it was still available and was told it was taken just a few hours earlier. I thought my chance to finally cook on a ceramic grill was gone. After some time with the rep and getting an hands on feel for the grill, she gave her blessing and we came home with the 2017 Big Joe. I've only had a few cooks on it so far. It's quite different than my Akorn but similar feeling. I have quickly grown to appreciate the fit and finish of the Big Joe. Totally in love with the divide and conquer system, and that new hinge is amazing. The new Akorn is heading over to my Dad's house for their first real charcoal grill. Thankfully it will be under cover on their porch and should give a few great years of cooking for them. The Jr is staying with me because my son immediately claimed ownership of the grill that was his size. That's a really fun little grill to use for quick cooks or for on the go. Anyway it's nice to be on board finally, hope everyone has a great day!
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