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  1. One thing I forgot to mention was the my Big Joe's latch was broken. The rep said this is a known issue with a lot of Big Joes coming off the line. They're crated and in the crating process, the latch is broken off. He told me to contact Kamado Joe customer service (sent them email, will look for a reply tomorrow or Tuesday) and they'd mail out a new latch.
  2. Well, it turned out that I was able to work a delivery through a third party and am all set! Image uploads via the iPhone aren't working but I'll get one up in a bit!
  3. Was trying to avoid that. I'll do some research and see if I can get an answer. They usually will delivery anything you buy in the warehouse. Prices are from $70 and up I was told but need to get an exact quote.
  4. Does anyone know what Costco charges for delivery? Just bought a big Joe and only own a sedan so can't get it home:(
  5. Just bought my Big Joe at Costco at a KJ roadshow event. Looking forward to getting eating it home and firing it up!
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