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  1. I have been looking around for a gluten free recipe but i haven’t been able to find one. We want to have some friends over for some pizza but one of them can’t have gluten. Any help you be appreciated. We currently use and enjoy the recipe from John Seltzer.
  2. eddmont

    Broken Joe

    Humpty Dumpty is all together again. Now it's time to have fun.
  3. eddmont

    Broken Joe

    I wish the rep would have done that. One nice thing that he did tell me was that on the last day @ 6 when costco closes he would roll out a cart full of lump bags, that were ripped, and leave them in the parking lot for anyone to take. If I didn't live 1 1/2 hrs away I would have taken him up on the offer. Anyways everything inside was in great condition. They were well packed with styrofoam. If I had another dome and bottom I would have another grill.
  4. I took soone pics before and after of how they go on. I just had to do the same thing and had to figure it out from what I was told by customer service at KJ.
  5. eddmont

    Broken Joe

    I just got of the phone with Effie at KJ. Great news, they are sending me out a new one today. Hopefully within the next 2 days I'll be getting it. The first thing I'll be doing when it gets here is opening the box and making sure it is intact before the shipper pulls away. KJ is definitely a good company that stands behind it product.
  6. eddmont

    Broken Joe

    Yeah, looking back I should have inspected it, but I think I was little excited to get it home and set up. Yes, it does look like it was dropped or something fell on top of it. The lid is made of plywood so something could have been dropped on it and not show any damage, except for what was inside. Hopefully someone can learn from my mistake. I will keep you all updated on the outcome. I'm hoping for good news.
  7. eddmont

    Broken Joe

    @jadocs. No the box has no damage, well just a small piece of 1x2 about 4" long on the pallet that keeps the heavy duty cardboard box in place was missing. That's why I didn't think anything of it. From the looks of it to me it seems like it was dropped straight down and the shock caused it to shatter.
  8. eddmont

    Broken Joe

    @gunnergoose. I did email the pictures to them in the original response. Also when I got the automated response from them it said to reply back with any pictures that I took. I went ahead and replied back with the same pics in case the first email didn't show them.
  9. eddmont

    Broken Joe

    I hope so. I was hoping to start playing around with controlling the temp tonight so I could smoke on it next weekend. I've contacted the customer support through their website but of course, it is the weekend and Sunday at that, they are closed. It's still a sickening feeling that I won't know anything till tomorrow.
  10. eddmont

    Broken Joe

    I finally took the plunge in getting a kamado sytle grill. We drove a little over 1 1/2 hrs to go to a Costco that had a Kamado Joe roadshow going on. I was excited to get it home and set it up. Once we got home we cut off the straps and lifted the lid..... my heart just sunk. I should have done what I did at home in front of Costco. I should have checked the contents to make sure everything was intact, if so I could have exchanged it for a different one. Once we got home Costco was closed and not able to return it the next day (plus the last day of the roadshow). When we made the purchase they only had 2 Classic II's left. I hope Kamado Joe's customer support is as good as everyone raves about. So a word of caution, bring your our straps when you purchase one so you can inspect it before you load it up and can strap the wooden lid to the pallet
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