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  1. Panchango, was the "pop up timer" an accurate indicator when the breast reached 155F ?
  2. Nice looking job! Yup, my next bird will be a Spatchcock.
  3. Lucky Birthday Boy! Good Job, Looks good enough to eat!
  4. My mother did the same thing on Sunday. After Church everyone would eat dinner and she would leave the food on the stove for supper, Except anything that had Mayonnaise in it.
  5. saltair


    Enjoy, dam beavers.docx
  6. Thought I would share. TOMATO PIE (2)
  7. I just happened to be wearing my Kamado Guru shirt today and 2 people were curious wanting to know what a Kamado was.
  8. Personally, having grown up on the farm, I would taste a small portion of the meat as I was cutting it of the bone to make Chili as Chasdev mentioned above. You killed any bacteria when you cooked it and putting it in tupperware will help to protect the meat. IF it was left out for more than 12 hours I would reconsider. Pork goes in the trash.
  9. Welcome to The Forum and I would do a low and slow burn just to season the new kamado.
  10. Nice looking Jerky, I used to cut up partially frozen London Broil that I buy on sale and put it in a Nesco dehydrater. Took it out after it was just barely limp and put it in sandwich bags or vacuum seal it. After it rested for a couple days in the fridge it would retain its moisture just a bit. I used both a dry and wet rub. Had better luck with the wet rub. Keep us informed.
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