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  1. I just ordered the ThermoPro tp08 a couple days ago. Are you still having problems with yours? Any other reviews?
  2. Pennsylvania Dutch breakfast

    The 1st or 2nd weekend in October the small town of Bridgeville, Delaware has an "Apple/Scrapple festival" which is put on by RAPA scrapple and TS Smith orchards. Old classic cars, carnival, oyster and scrapple sandwiches (not on the same bread), vendors and the place is packed. Park at TS Smith orchards and the school buses will pick you up for the 5 minute ride to the festival. The town pretty much closes to participate in the activities.
  3. Correct me if I am wrong but I would think a dry catch pan would be the way to go BUT a catch pan filled with water would Steam and cook the chicken faster but would take away the crispy skin that most people desire. I agree with CentralTexBBQ, I have smoked many whole chickens and whole turkeys including turkey breast and the slower the smoke the more the smoke ring.
  4. Sometimes I think Smoked foods and Hot Spicy foods is an acquired taste. I didn't like either until I was in my 20's. My family Never owned a grill and I only ate grilled food at picnics or friends houses. Good ole country fried chicken is hard to beat but getting the correct smoke and tenderness on a grill or smoker makes it that much better. Using lump is much better tasting and milder than briquettes as my wife confirmed when I got my Pit Boss Kamado and used only lump with no added smoke.
  5. Just a suggestion, Maybe if your nice the Wife could start the lump fire for you before you get home. Add the lump and a couple quick light fire starter cubes to the smoker before you leave for work in the morning and she can light the fire before you come home. I have found my wife takes more interest in the Smoking/Grilling by me asking for her help and advice. She just does not like a face full of smoke. Please don't tell your wife I mentioned this. I agree with rchang72.
  6. Pennsylvania Dutch breakfast

    I called down to Hocker's store and they do sell Hughes scrapple but they do not sell grilled sandwiches there. The deli next door has the grill and they do sell scrapple. Be sure to take an extra cooler with you and bring home a few lbs. but be sure to slice individually and wrap in saran wrap and aluminum foil before freezing. After freezing it does crumble easily when slicing or cooking. RAPA (Ralph And Paul Adams) scrapple will do in a pinch but they were sold to company in Wisconsin. Hughes has more grease run off when cooking because it has less filler (meal) in it, which means more pork. Ask the deli to Pan fry the scrapple, not deep fry.
  7. can be used with 1 or 2 1/2 plates. https://ceramicgrillstore.com/collections/pit-boss-22-ceramic-grill/products/pit-boss-spider-22
  8. Has anyone used the spider with ceramic plates? Could probably turn the spider upside down to be farther away from the fire and better circulation
  9. Pennsylvania Dutch breakfast

    My sister sends about 10 lbs. of Hughes scrapple to my cousin in Atlanta, Ga. She has to freeze it first which does Not change the flavor but will break apart easily if turned to many times while cooking. Scrapple may have every part of the hog in it except the "oink".
  10. Pennsylvania Dutch breakfast

    Try looking at Redner's, Food Lion, it's made in Felton, Delaware about a mile West of Route 13 on rt. 12. Walmart doesn't sell it but check with Hocker's store while your down there. They might even fix you a scrapple, egg and cheese sandwich with ketchup.
  11. Thanks for the info, I guess I'll have to use some type of drip pan if I am going to smoke a Turkey or Pork shoulder/butt. The Pit Boss only has room for a 1 inch maybe 2 inch drip pan if I turn the heat deflector upside down. Your correct, can't beat fried chicken. Wish I could find a heat deflector for the Pit Boss that covered only 1/2 of the cooking grate. I could still cook enough chicken parts and get crisp skin without removing the heat deflector. I'm sure someone has some ideas.
  12. Pennsylvania Dutch breakfast

    Very nice looking cook...Next time your in Delaware try Hughe's scrapple. Might find it in Northern Delaware. Much different than Pennsylvania scrapple. RAPA scrapple is just ok, Some eat it thin and crisp or thicker and not as crisp. Most eat it with jelly or ketchup on it. Now I'm hungary.
  13. Let me clarify about the drip pan (above).....I was using the diffuser with NO drip pan. To me not enough room for a drip pan and it would only prevent circulation. Still used to using my Weber WSM.
  14. Any important mod for the 2017 model?

    I bought my PB K22 a couple weeks ago and kept it under the cover and when I went to use it there was moisture in the thermometer even after the cook. I'm concerned with it freezing this winter and possibly breaking. I'm sure they are easy enough to replace. Anyone else experience this?
  15. Did my first cook yesterday, 9 chicken thighs marinated in Italian dressing. First I would like to thank this forum and everyone on the forum for their input. I started the cook with a 260 degree start at about 2:30 and checked the thighs at 3:00 which were cooking nicely as the temp on my temp. probe showed the thighs were cooking faster than I expected (no drip pan). When the thighs temperature reached about 150 I opened the vents a little to boost the heat and to help with a crisper skin. At 4:00 the thigh temp. was at 175 and 185 at about 4:15. The thighs had a nice char, the skins were not real crisp but my wife gave them the taste test and said "perfect". That was good enough for me!! Brining does help with moisture retention and my next cook will be using the higher temp method for a crisper skin. Very Pleased with my first cook on the Kamado. Sorry, I kick myself for no pictures.