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  1. I have a Roccbox. I love the fact that it is portable.
  2. https://www.barbequesgalore.com.au/kamado-joe-classic-divide-conquer-red I knew $3000 was for the Classic 3. I checked the price for the Classic 1 $1700. Unless it is not sold anymore?
  3. I was thinking of purchasing a Pit Boss from Aussie Costco as well (when they’re available).However, they’re about $1000. It does not come with a heat deflector. You would also have to buy the aftermarket divide and conquer system. In total, it would not cost much less than the KJ Classic, with a divide and conquer system included. Might keep an eye out for a KJ special. My Akorn still works. However, I’d like to add a ceramic grill to my collection. I’m hoping the SnS Kamado will be available in Australia one day.
  4. Is it stable sitting on the tabs? Would it be better place it on a Weber 22 inch kettle charcoal grate?
  5. I bought a Slow ‘N Sear charcoal basket for the Weber Jumbo Joe. I sit the basket on a charcoal grate from a 22” Weber Kettle. i also bought an aftermarket stainless steel cooking grate. Very light and easy to spin. Cheap version of the Slow ‘N Sear kamado. I call it the Slow ‘N Sear Akorn.
  6. Weber kettles produce a nice smoke ring. I like smoke rings because they look nice. Especially, when I have guests. You can smoke the brisket on a Weber kettle for a couple of hours. Then, transfer the brisket to a kamado. Works for me when I Sous Vide brisket . This technique might not be for everyone, but an option if smoke rings are important to you.
  7. Thanks Moloch16. I use my Akorn all the time. I got the idea when I had to dismantle my Akorn to repair the hinge by replacing the rivnuts. I saw the insulation. I also remembered a YouTube video by Baby Back Maniac. In this video, Justin explains how the Weber Summit uses an air gap to emulate a ceramic cooker. Justin does great videos. It’s just an idea I thought I’d put forward.
  8. The Akorn has been criticized for having too much insulation not allowing the charcoal to burn well. Has anyone removed the insulation between the dual walls? The Weber summit has a dual wall with an air gap.
  9. Never been a fan of batteries. As an electronics technician, you can run into a bad batch of batteries. I’m not convinced about battery cars. I opted for the Honda lawn mower. I have a corded electric Stihl trimmer which I love. Need to get use to dragging a cord around. However, I recently bought a Dyson V11 battery vacuum. It is fantastic. I just accept the uncertainty of the battery life. My house has never been so clean. I gave my corded Dyson to my mum.
  10. Weber won't fit https://www.amazon.com/Onlyfire-Stainless-Cooking-Louisiana-Char-Griller/dp/B01MD25EDW
  11. What's it like to sear when the cooking grill is lower closer to the fire?
  12. I’ve been lookkng to upgrade my Akorn. I know everything has it’s advantages and disadvantages. But, I have to say The Goldens looks appealing. I wanted to wait for more reviews and hear from owners. Glad to hear good things about the Goldens.
  13. What size was the rivnut? We use metric in Australia. I might have to order the imperial size via Ebay.
  14. Put the wood chips in a pouch made from aluminium foil. This avoids direct contact between the chips and the fire. I learnt this trick from a John Setzler video. You should never have to get into the firebox during a cook.
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