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  1. I bet this would be awesome in the kamado, but I don't think I have ever seen their fried apples before: http://www.gloryfoods.com/recipes-proof/entrees/apple-stuffed-pork-loin/
  2. I also like option 1, and I usually cook a slice or two of bacon, pour out some of the grease, then dump in the greens.
  3. I have a 2017 22" Pit Boss. My serial number is on a cheap paper sticker on the side of housing over the hinge. It is very obvious and if you haven't seen it, it is probably gone. My grill is only about 2 months old and has been covered except when in use, and the serial number on the sticker is still faded. I think if ever gets wet it will fall apart since it is paper. Also, I believe there have only been two models the 22" (K22) and the 24" (K24). I believe the measurement is the outside diameter, so measure across your grill at the widest point, outside to outside. Hope that helps.
  4. Does it have a K24 specific adapter for the lower vent?
  5. I got a response to my early August email to Danson's yesterday afternoon. They said, "I am sorry for the delay in response to your email. We saw an unexpected change in our customer contact volume this summer, which we have remedied by the opening of a second customer service location with extended hours of 4:00am - 8:00pm, PST and do not foresee delays like this occurring in the future." I have to give them credit, they probably were not expecting Walmart to all of a sudden start selling their $799 list price grills for $169 - $396. I imagine their sales took off, and lots of the new owners saw the posts about sealing the vents and overwhelmed their customer service reps. I still like my grill and am happy I got such a great deal on it.
  6. That is one FINE looking bird! Great work! Now I am hungry an hour before lunch, ha ha!
  7. @rahrah12 you must have a 24" Pit Boss since you have two sliders on the lower vent? My 22" only has one slider, so there was plenty of room for the felt. The felt seems to have worked well sealing my lower vent leaks, and mine shuts down very quickly compared to before. @jadocs I didn't have much leaking from the bottom of the lower vent, but both sides were REALLY sloppy and loose before the addition of the velcro, I mean felt.
  8. I have only cooked pizzas in my kamado twice, but I have used a pampered chef pizza stone with no issues both times. I say if you already have one that works, use it. If it breaks, then you can buy something different.
  9. Thanks for all of the input on the MSG. This recipe is from my mom's Navy Wives cookbook from the early 60s. You can tell from the pic it is well used, and my family, my parents and my sister's family all still use it regularly. If anyone tries it, please let me know how it goes!
  10. I have an old recipe that's been used in my family for years which calls for Accent which is basically just MSG. The marinade is delicious, I was just wondering what people's feelings are on MSG. Little bit of Googling came up with this article which says MSG is just fine: https://www.pri.org/stories/2014-10-03/science-suggests-msg-really-isnt-bad-your-health-after-all
  11. I think the big takeaway from your post is that you have an awesome wife!
  12. I think the price progression of the 22" at Walmart is $596, $499, $349 to $169. There are a number still around me for $596, but other nearby Walmarts have already gone down to $169 and sold out. I think it is up to local managers as to timing. Definitely agree that it will probably require some easy mods to fix the leaky vents.
  13. What size is it? If there ever were an issue I am sure someone might "share" their receipt. I have a 22" and I am super pleased. I don't really have a basis for comparison to a high end kamado, so I might not know what I am missing. Also, if it was a K22, the guy probably bought it at Walmart for $169. You might be able to negotiate on the price.
  14. I flattened a pork loin and stuffed it it with boudin sausage I had picked up at a local market. Smoked at 300° with a little apple wood. Pulled at 140° and foil wrapped then into a cooler with towels for an hour or so. It was a hit! Last pork loin was @philpom's pork loin supreme, so there were high expectations!
  15. Did you buy a few to resell? My father in law in Memphis is considering that.
  16. I sealed the lower vent like @Rdcracer and others have done. I looked at this YouTube video before I started: When I unscrewed the two bolts on the left (3/16" hex key) to take the slide out, the bottom of the vent pulled away. There was no sealant on the bottom. I cut the same felt in half length-wise and sealed the perrimeter as shown. There are two tabs to help keep the vent tight, and I squeezed those flat with pliers. The modified vent fit just fine, and I think the seal will be adequate going forward. I also had to add a washer on one of the bolts, because it was omitted from the factory.
  17. This morning I sealed the upper and lower vents. I used the felt sent to me by Damon's customer service. I started with the top vent and did a single layer around the chimney. Unfortunately, on my pit boss the holes were not drilled evenly through the ceramic, so since the added felt tightened up the fit, I couldn't get both screws through. I ended up adding a 3rd layer of felt on about 1/4th of the circumference on the smaller side of the circle. I shaved some of the 2nd layer on the opposite side with a xacto knife. It worked, but I am concerned about cracking in the future. I left the bolts loose because of that.
  18. @Rdcracer Those wings look great! I looked at that video of sealing the vent, and I am planning to do that as well. Did you need to shave the felt down on yours like in the video?
  19. I am going to do the same this weekend, and I will post some pics. @rdcracer if you took any pics of your lower vent mods, please post them.
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