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  1. Looks like our vent is not as large, only ~2.7" high. Dammit. @saltair if you trim it down with tin snips, let us know how it goes.
  2. I am going to measure my lower vent when I get home tonight. If this looks like it fits, I am buying it. It says 3.2" x 5.7" https://www.amazon.com/Stainless-Steel-Punched-Panel-Medium/dp/B06XQFV1WJ/ref=pd_sbs_200_3?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B06XQFV1WJ&pd_rd_r=8EDW43FG0ZKNP9AYRR3M&pd_rd_w=Ovdxh&pd_rd_wg=aeg50&psc=1&refRID=8EDW43FG0ZKNP9AYRR3M
  3. Sounds like we have the same grills from Walmart. Bamboo handle and side tables and single solid lower vent. My serial number had 2017 in it, so I assume it was manufactured this year. I am definitely going to use the felt to try and get a better seal on my bottom vent, it definitely seems like the bottom vent track was made to accommodate the 2nd vent with holes in it. Since we don't have it, it is not tight and leaks air. @jadocs has a K24, and I think he said his did not have the high temp silicone around the bottom of his lower vent. Mine does have it, but it still leaks since the metal slider is not snug in the track.
  4. Just to follow up, this afternoon I did receive the promised felt from Danson's. I called on Friday August 11, and it was shipped 5 days later on Wednesday August 16 per the shipping label. I also was able to do a 250 degree smoke with the stock upper and lower vents. The lover vent was only open about 1/16" and the top vent was completely closed. It will be interesting to see how the addition of the felt changes things.
  5. Thanks @arclite for the lump advice. Put the butt on about 7 hours ago, it is at 160. Had some early temp issues and the grill spent the first 3.5 hours at 290. I slowly got her down and she has been steady at 250 for over 2 hours. Here is a before pic:
  6. I am getting my grill ready for an early morning start. I have an 8 pound Boston butt, so I am anticipating 10 to 14 hours on the grill. Want to try and smoke at 250. I loaded the firebox with lump and 5 chunks of hickory. I put my spider & deflector in and it is almost resting on the lump. I am guessing that is too low? How much clearance should I have? Grill is a 22" pit boss.
  7. You are correct. I posted the wrong link. The pit boss is here: http://brickseek.com/walmart-inventory-checker?sku=46716275 When I searched just now to put this link up, I saw the Walmart on Elvis Presley showing two in stock for $169. That price dropped in the last few hours. Hope you live nearby! Zip 38107
  8. I bought the spider and plates for the K22 from CGS. The ceramics for the K22 are 15" instead of 16". I would imagine it is the same story for the spider. I bet if you contacted CGS they would tell you.
  9. I know this is a thread for the Akorn Jrs, but two of my extended family members bought $169 22" pit bosses this week around Memphis, TN. Brickseek will show Quantity: 0 and Limited Stock, and that often means they have one left. Usually the price displayed on the unit in store will still show$400 or $500 but the brickseek price will be correct at $169. This is a YMMV deal, but my father-in-law and brother-in-law were 2 for 2 around Memphis Wed. and Thur. Good luck! Brickseek link: http://brickseek.com/walmart-inventory-checker?sku=40267083
  10. Great idea, bringing the wife into the process is really smart!
  11. I have a 2017 22" pit boss. From looking at the pictures, the 2017 24" pit bosses have the new bottom vent with screen and synthetic side tables and handles. The 2017 22" still seems to have the old style lower vent with no screen and bamboo side tables and handle. The lower vent on both my dad's and mine are super loose and need attention. After a cook, with both vents completely shut my grill would consume almost all of the lump in the firebox and still be warm in the morning. I am waiting on felt from Dansons / Pit Boss to make a permanent repair to both vents. My last two cooks I jury rigged my lower vent to get a better seal after I shut down. Both times I have woken up to a cold grill and lots of lump left in the firebox. Two green sticks was all it took. Behold my hillbilly solution:
  12. That is awesome! I got the Jr. & a Blackstone last night for the same prices. Kudos for loading the cart!
  13. Wow, that is great! I guess they still had some in stock?
  14. I just got the 22" pit boss a couple weeks ago. I bought the spider & two half plates. They are great, and I highly recommend CGS. I have not used a half plate setup yet, but I have cooked with deflector (both half plates) and spider in low position for fish and pork loin, and spider in high position with deflector and pizza stone on top of upper grate for pizza. I did the high position for the pizza thinking the high temp might stress the firebox or deflector based on someone else's post. It has worked well both ways. Second pic was my pizza setup.
  15. Well yeah, I bought that too. I am going to have to slowly introduce them to the wife. I can't bring home 3 new outdoor cooking rigs in two weeks. The whole family is enjoying the pit boss, just need to give her a little more time to adjust. I will have to come up with some really good meals to introduce them. Jadocs, I have the K22 not the K24, but I still really like it!
  16. My local Walmart has Akorn Jr.s on sale for $35. Should I go get one after work? I have just started cooking on a Pit Boss kamado for about 2 weeks, so I don't really need a new toy. But $35!!! Also they have the 17" Blackstone griddle for $25. All of this outdoor cooking clearance is killing me!
  17. I forgot to mention one of the most important things. I am extremely thankful for this community. I know that I could not have produced any of these spectacular meals that I have put on the table without the benefit of everyone's knowledge that they have posted on this forum. You guys are awesome!
  18. I completely agree. It seems that with just a little more quality assurance it would be fantastic out of the box. They would have happy customers and less expense in customer service costs and returned grills. I bought this Grill on clearance, and I knew that I might have to seal up some leaks. I am very happy with it, but I bet there are a lot of disappointed people who expected a fully functional product out of the box. And just so no one gets the wrong idea, I really have loved cooking on this grill for the last week and a half. It has made me, my family and friends some great meals and good times!
  19. After three calls and one email, I finally got to speak with a rep from Pit Boss / Danson's customer service. Rep was extremely courteous. I told him my grill was not shutting down when I closed all of the vents, almost all of the lump would be consumed in the morning when I woke up, loose bottom vent, smoke leaking from closed top vent, etc. His reply was, "That is normal. They aren't supposed to be air tight." I didn't agree with him, but I didn't argue. I just asked, well would you mind sending me some felt? He was again extremely polite and asked me if two 6 foot strips would be enough. Supposedly the felt is now on the way. I would advise anyone else with a leaky Pit Boss to just order nomex felt for ~$15 from amazon. It takes too much time to actually get a response from the company. On the bright side, the rep was very pleasant, and I really like my grill!
  20. 4th cook since I purchased my Pit Boss kamado last weekend. Actually, this was on my dad's which we purchased at the same time. Started at 650° on low grate, no diffuser. Cooked 2 min, then flipped, and cooked to ~130° internal. Probably should have taken them off a little earlier. Loving kamado cooking, can't believe I waited so long to get one.
  21. That is pretty damn awesome. I think I will keep ~700 as my max, but I am glad to know I have some serious headroom!
  22. 900F? Yikes! What is the max safe temp of kamado? I cooked pizzas last night in the neighborhood of 700f & I was wondering?
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