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  1. Mine recently broke as well when I was simply lifting it out to clean the ash. It was probably just a defect in the materials. I submitted a claim and Kamado Joe is sending me a new pair under warranty. They are back ordered and they said it would be 2-3 weeks.
  2. Mold can form anywhere in the grill, if you are using it regularly you will probably never see mold. The only time I have seen mold in a grill was if it was sealed well and after it sat out a month plus without being used. If you have mold you will know it.
  3. Thanks all! I'm going to try it for a bit with just the bottom mesh gasket on. I cleaned off the top so as of now it's mesh on the bottom and just the bare ceramic on top, seems to be a good seal. The wire mesh is still thicker then the felt even with just the bottom installed. Going to smoke a pork shoulder tonight and will have my temp controller hooked up so I'll probably test the seal by closing down the top vent and kicking the fan up to max to see where the smoke escapes. Worst case I can install the top gasket later....
  4. I just installed the mesh gasket on the bottom half of my my Big Joe and was wondering if anyone out there has tried installing the mesh gasket on only one the top or only the bottom. It seems to have a pretty good seal with just the bottom installed. I have not tried to cook anything yet so I don't know for sure. Does anyone see any downside to only installing the one side? Thanks
  5. I use a heatermeter and leave the scoop in and the top vent holes all the way open. I do have a servo controlled damper on my fan so that is why I leave the top vent open, I don't have to worry about the natural draft overshooting my set temp.
  6. I did pork shoulder on New Year's Eve night and it got down to around zero degrees. No problem with temp at 250 but I used a lot more lump. New years day I cranked it up to 400 and did some bacon wrapped jalapenos. It was a balmy 15 degrees out by then.
  7. I still play around with it a lot and I use it on a Weber Smoky Mountain as well so settings are never optimized. I should log my settings and pictures of the graph to figure out the best settings for each grill but never remember to. For low and slow on the KJ I use something along these lines. P: 3I: .0035D: 6Fan on above 50% Max 50%Startup Max 100%
  8. Been lurking here for some time finally decided to register. I own a Big Joe that I won at an event that Kamado Joe sponsored last year. Well I won a classic Joe then paid the extra to buy the Big Joe I cooked on during the contest. I'm glad I entered and glad I won as I love the grill and probably would have never purchased one on my own. Anyways there is lots of good information here thanks everyone for the content.
  9. I also have a heatermeter I hook up to my Big Joe with a roto damper. I had this vent door fabricated at a local metal working shop.
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