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  1. The in laws are inbound so the time has come to crank the monolith up to some higher temp and make the second attempt at making pizza. This time we have gotten a starter from a friend that runs a sourdough pizza place in London (might be tempted to build one from scratch in the future. The starter is built with 50/50 White and wheat flour and is probably about 8 years old. Levain is built as follows: Starter - 100g White organic flour - 100g Filtered water - 100g 4 hours maturing Dough: Levain White flour - 1050g Filtered water - 550g Salt - 23g The dough has now been fermenting in the fridge for 15 hours and will break it out in about 2 hours. Looking for a 'good' tomato sauce as the last one was a tad to sweet and got drowned by the dough flavour so any tips would be recommended. Will follow up with pictures if it comes out ok. (provided they don't go down to quickly /Jason
  2. First run on making a think crust Pizza. Tweeked a quite simple thin crust dough recipe by swapping regular flour to '00' flour. However did not account for its finer grain and its need for more water so the dough was a tad dry. The monolith was set to 360c (680f) on the two first ones. Turning them 90o at 90s was almost too long at this temp with this low hydration dough. total cooking time 3min at the most. Second run i set it to 300c and still kept turning them at 90s but ran them for 3-4 min depending on topping. /Jason
  3. Thanks for your reply. I do have access to other spices of wood the pellets came with (thrown in by the grill place) Chunks seems to be the weapon of choice for most Kamado owners. Ran the Monolith for a few hours today (still going) and I seem to struggle to get it below 110c at that point the hatch is open max 3mm and the top has 1-2 mil sliver open. I'm not really after a controller but a thermometer probe that loggs temperature over time so that I can plot it later.
  4. Greetings from North London, My Monolith Classic (Standalone) arrived last Friday. So far only a few items has been cooked but with great result. Chickenwings Salmon side Smoked Mackerel Perhaps a bit to impatient for the first run where the Monolith was a bit too warm when smoking. Used a bit too much of the Apple pellets. Regarding the pellets they seemed to burn too much again might have loaded a bit too much (only a hand full at the time) Invested in the Hot Coals book as i'm new to this style of cooking. Using the looflighter ignite and a Marverik ET-733 dual probe. Side question does anybody know of a good temp logger (min 2 probes)? I have my house full of wireless temp tags so my geeky side would want to plot how stable the Monolith is for future over night cooks. Next cook is gearing up to look like more fish and some short ribs. Cheers until Next time. Jason
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