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  1. I have had good experiences with Rockwood charcoal, both in my Akorn, and in my Primo Junior.
  2. Bravo! Even dessert was done on the Primo!
  3. What size is the pizza pan? Your Akorn cooking surface is approximately 20" in diameter. I use a 15" round stone on my Akorn all the time, and it fits quite easily.
  4. My band bolts were nowhere near that bent. But I took the thing apart to move it, since I was not going to try and move a 115 Lb grill by myself. That is most likely where the problem was. I did understand what you meant by "wallered out." So I guess I'm a redneck!
  5. Wallered out. LOL! I guess that's a southern thing?
  6. I think what was happening is the hinge was a bit sticky, so not moving all the way forward. I tapped on it with a hammer, and it loosened up a bit. I used Junior for a pork shoulder on Saturday, and had no issues with him. My band bolts may have been too loose also. I looked at an online manual from Primo, and it actually says to tighten the bolts until they bend a little. Who knew? I was afraid of over-tightening them and cracking the ceramic.
  7. I will use a vertical rack for chicken, but I don't waste the beer anymore. I have done comparisons, and I don't think the beer can does anything for the chicken. Spatchcocked, or halves. You can always marinate the chicken in beer. Personally, I'd rather drink the beer.
  8. That is something I never would have thought of. Great job! Looks delicious, and your presentation is wonderful!
  9. My band bolts are also on the left side.
  10. Does Primo Junior need dome and body gasket, or just one gasket?
  11. Is it just me, or does the Primo hinge design stink? I hadn’t used Junior in about two weeks due to a business trip. I started him up last week, and I could not get the lid to close correctly until I wrestled with it for about ten minutes. The hinge always seems to want to keep the lid pulled back. I keep the hinge lubricated. I have tweaked and adjusted until the cows come home. Any ideas? Anyone want to buy an Oval Junior cheap?
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