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  1. Yeah, and it's all your fault, too! You got me started down this road when you showed me the Akorn on sale. After that, there is no going back...
  2. I will be interested to find that out as well. I'm thinking an initial burn-in to get rid of any manufacturing residue. Generally, stainless steel is considered more durable, because it is an alloy, rather than something that has been plated.
  3. The Junior I found has the older style top vent without the daisy wheel. Is this a big handicap, or is it workable?
  4. You have a Primo Jr, don't you? I might be looking to you for tips.
  5. Well I just happened to be perusing craigslist yesterday, and just accidentally started searching for charcoal grills. Well, lo and behold, what is available but a Primo Junior, with a custom-built table! For $100! I emailed the seller, because I was certain the price was a mistake. Well, it was NOT a mistake, and yesterday evening I purchased the Junior and table!! I'm finally going ceramic. I have to wait until Friday to pick it up, when I have some help. It needs a cleaning, and I will have to buy the deflector for it, but heck, the table alone is worth some money! I can't wait to get started with this Primo. I will post pics after I get it on Friday. I have now entered "Here there be dragons" territory.
  6. Could you share your pizza dough recipe? Thanks
  7. I f I am using J Kenji Lopez-Alt's recipe for NY pizza dough, I use the food processor. So fast, and soooo easy! So good too! Otherwise, it's the stand mixer with dough hook.
  8. Actually, my Junior is doing quite well. It's the full-size Akorn that I am having problems with.
  9. Ditch the box and foil. Get yourself a one quart dutch oven, drill three holes in the bottom. Put a chunk or two of wood in there, and plunk it on the fire. The smoke comes out the bottom, and is cleaned up by the hot fire. You can get a good couple hours of smoke this way. I also use chunks in my smoke pot. They seem to work the best.
  10. That is a great-looking platter of food!
  11. Since my name is Joe, maybe I should get the Joe. Seriously though, I cook for anywhere from 4- 12 people. Average night is 4-6 peeps.
  12. What do you think of your Vision grill? I am thinking about purchasing one myself. Thanks, Joe
  13. Kamado gurus, I need help. I have an opportunity to buy either a Vision Pro Series kamado, or a Kamado Joe Classic. The price tags: KJ Classic: $725. Vision Pro: $600. From what I hear, both are great grills. The KJ Classic is slightly smaller, at 18" diameter. The Vision is 22" diameter. Both have 2-level cooking grates. Both have a stand and drop-down side shelves. Both are brand new, never used. I am inclined to go with the Vision Pro, due to the larger size and lower price tag. I would like to hear from any owners of either grill. Or anyone who has an opinion! Thanks!
  14. Welcome to the fun! I have learned a lot since I joined up. I also have a Weber 26.75" kettle which I love. Shhh... don't tell anyone, I might get kicked out.
  15. I like my Akron for pizza. It actually works quite well. As for low n' slow, it does fine there as well. I did some tweaks. I definitely got the smoking stone, for thermal mass, etc. I also put a lavalock gasket around the ash bowl, and around the top, where the lid gasket meets the rim. That helps enormously with temp control. Now I admit that the Akorn is not the greatest thing out there, and I would love to have a ceramic kamado, but for the money, I am happy with it.
  16. I broke mine as well. I took the charcoal grate from my Weber 22.5, which fits on the smokin' stone tabs. I then laid the pieces of the stone on top of the charcoal grate. Works fine!
  17. I leave mine out year-round. I keep a cover on when I am not using it. No problems so far.
  18. Superb yard bird! And what a beautiful oven!!
  19. I love it! Where did you get the rack for the junior?
  20. Superb looking ribs! What did you say your address is again??
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