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  1. Love me some salmon! As long as it isn't Atlantic salmon, that is. Yours looks really good! Next time you cook fish, just let me know, and I will drop by and eat it for you.
  2. San Marzano tomatoes are amazing! I use canned, like @John Setzler, and they make superb pizza sauce.
  3. I took off Monday so I could celebrate my birthday at home instead of work. It was a cool, gloomy kind of day, so it seemed perfect for baking. I decided on Oatmeal molasses bread, which is one of my family's favorites. I also did dome sourdough, just because I could. The mini-loaves are the oatmeal molasses, and of course the boules are the sourdough. Sourdough was made from 400 grams 100% hydration starter. starter is 50% whole wheat/50% white flour. 500 grams water 800 grams Bread Flour Total was 700 grams water, 1 kilo of flour. (200 grams of each coming from the starter.) 25 grams kosher salt. 70% hydration loaves I mixed the starter, water and flour together, and let that autolyse for 30 minutes. Then I added salt and kneaded until I passed the windowpane test. 10 minute bench rest, then stretch and fold 3 times. Let it bulk ferment. Fired up the Akorn for 475 F. Divided dough and allowed it to proof about 1 hour or so. I also pre-heated my 5 qt Dutch oven to bake the bread in. On to the Akorn!! I used the D.O. upside down, putting the bread in the lid, and using the pot as the dome to trap steam. 30 minutes with the lid on, Then lid off to finish browning. The oatmeal molasses was baked separately of course. It bakes at a much lower temp. Next up: PIZZA! I adore homemade pizza, and I love making it myself. I wanted it for my birthday, so that's what we had. I use J. Kenji Lopez-Alt's New York style recipe for the crust and the sauce. This my go-to for NY style pizza. https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2010/10/new-york-style-pizza.html https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2010/10/new-york-style-pizza-sauce.html I actually made 4 pies, but only had time to take pics of two; the others disappeared too quickly! I made ham and pineapple, spinach and mushroom, Crab and Old Bay, and plain cheese.
  4. I had to google Papa Murphy's. Sounds like a great idea! Those pizzas look really good, throwback or not!
  5. Actually , if it's tilapia as you say it is, I blame the FISH. That stuff will never pass my lips again, unless I AM STARVING TO DEATH. Yuck!!
  6. Great! Now you've gone and made me hungry again. I almost killed my keyboard drooling on it.
  7. I very rarely grill on ANY of my cookers with the lid up, unless I am searing, or doing something fast like shrimp or skirt steak. The Vortex or the SnS allow me to grill with indirect heat, and save opening the lid for searing. I love my Akorn for pizza, bread, and low n slow. But as I think someone else said, You can crank that baby to 350 ish, put the drumsticks on and close the lid, and get really crisp skin with tender meat. I cook whole turkeys and chickens this way after spatchcocking them, and I get requests for my turkey several times a year. But my go-to combo for chicken parts is the Vortex/Weber 26. Great results every time. You might be able to use the vortex in the Akorn as well. I haven't tried that yet.
  8. How is your temp control on the Akorn when doing regular cooking? Does the charcoal normally go out when you shut down the vents? If you have good temp control, and your Akorn is sealed the fire should go out. If I am doing chicken pieces, I usually use my Weber 26/Vortex combo.
  9. I have one of those too! As mentioned above, it is a searing machine! Also great for making pizzas.
  10. Semper Fi! I love that setup you have. I don't do indoor pizza anymore either, after perfecting my Akorn pizza.
  11. I still have my Akorn. How long did you keep yours? Oh, Congrats on the new Vision!
  12. Awesome! Stupendous! A wonderful write-up as well as superb looking pizza!
  13. That got some good reviews. Loks like a nice kamado at a great price!
  14. That is some fantastic looking bread! I am going to try the cold oven method. It could save a lot of time and energy.
  15. Probably a dumb question, but do you pre-heat the smasher?
  16. Akorn does make a basket for the Large.n it is mainly for adjusting the fire height, but it may also be good for removing charcoal. It is also a LOT cheaper than the Kick Ash basket.
  17. I'm glad it worked out for you! That smoking stone does wonders, doesn't it? I don't know why it doesn't come stock with the Akorn.
  18. For my bread baking, I usually use a pizzacraft double pizza stone. It is two pieces that fit together, leaving an air gap in the middle. I find this invaluable in keeping the bottoms from burning before the tops are done. I leave the heat deflector in place. If the bread is done and I want more top browning, it goes on the top grate for a few minutes. I have had a lot of success baking this way. I'm thinking that for a pie you might start on the lower grate, and if it gets too hot on the bottom, move it up to the top grate.
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