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  1. I'm super excited about this rotisserie! Prime rib next and I have a leg of lamb for next week, loving this grill!!! Pics of the finished pork:
  2. Just wanted to share a picture of my first Joetisserie cook. I started the coals at 4pm and the UPS man arrived at 5:10pm. Meat was on the grill at 5:15 and finished at 6:10pm. This is about 1/3rd (2.5lbs) of a Costco Seasoned Pork Roast. Cooked it with coals banked to the back at a dome temp of ~340ish. It held temp great and can't wait to cut into this and give it a taste. This is practice for the 12lb New Years eve prime rib.
  3. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate this forum. I hope to contribute in the future!
  4. I cheated on the dough. I went to my favorite Pizza Place on Oak Island NC and purchased 2 large Dough's from them. I know they keep there bakers pride ovens lower at 500~550> I set-up my KJ at 550. The IR thermo got the KJ Pizza Stone to 525. I made two small pies and 2 Stromboli. I am loving this grill, perfect crisp crust all the way through. This forum rocks!
  5. I can see this turning into a long term relationship, me and my Kamado Joe, my poor Traeger Timberline is going to feel ignored. These ribs were asian style marinated in Hoisin Sauce, dry sherry, soy sauce, honey, and five spice for 48 hours. Finished them with duck sauce and increased heat the last 20 min. Wow!
  6. Thank you! I made reheated two frozen stuffed peppers I made last wee, indirect on the high side, then seared a Ribeye Steak at 625 and finished it off at 550. Just an incredible taste...
  7. Thank you, I am so pleased with my purchase . I'm really impressed with Kamado style grilling. I think there is much more natural wood flavor at 400 degrees than a pellet grill. Not knocking pellet grills, they have their special place in the grilling world.
  8. I never owned a Kamado grill before so this is new to me. I purchased on Amazon and it was delivered today. I could not believe how well this grill was packed! Assembly took about 20 minutes. I wheeled it to my backyard, filled it with lump and burned for an hour. Then I cooked some chicken quarters. Temperature control is pretty easy on this, I was able to stabilize the temp and hold it for an hour. I thought there would be a lot more fiddling with the vents to stabilize, but only adjusted the vents 1 time... After dinner I loaded the grill with more lump and opened the vents. Withi
  9. I received my Kamado today and put it together in about 20 minutes. I couldn't wait to get it fired up! Brought it to 400 and was able to stabilize the temp. After an hour, I put on some chicken quarters. I could not believe how consistent the temperature was, I lost maybe 3 degrees over 45 minutes. Anyway, sharing a picture since it was my first.
  10. Hi, My name is Adam I am living in Southport NC. I've been a pellet grill fan for the past ten years (owned 3). My most recent pellet grill purchase was a top of the line Traeger which doesn't get as hot as my old grill. It's great for long smokes, so I am keeping it... I really needed something for high-temp cooks like Steak, burgers and pizza (my go to meals). I miss enjoying a seared ribeye... My brother had the BGE for several years so I decided to go in that direction. I selected the Classic II because of all the great features introduced this year. I should have it in about a wee
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