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  1. Thanks yeah I read that awhile ago but good to see again. Gives me the thought it’s possible the dough is an issue here and I should go higher hydration. Too bad I suck at math...
  2. Yes that’s the setup I was going off of. Saw yours when I got the canning rack, but don’t have a second stone. Maybe a 10” stone in the bottom of the canning rack would be the key. I have doubts the Akorn deflector covers enough area. It has large gaps on the side that probably let up more heat than would another stone right under the steel.
  3. At first I had the grate with the deflector sitting on it, cooper pipe elbows on that with the steel resting on those. This is essentially my KJ setup except I use the stone on that and it’s obviously much further from the fire. After some searching here I saw the canning rack setup. Figured putting the deflector lower would help and the steel higher. I don’t know if there’s a bigger canning rack that sits on the grate tabs of the Junior, but the one I got wasn’t wide enough so my setup yesterday was: deflector down on deflector tabs grate on grate tabs canning rack upside down on grate steel on canning rack As I said it didn’t burn as bad but was still pretty charred and the tops could have been done a little more. Temps ranged from 450-just over 500 I can always go back to the KJ I know. But would like to get it right on the Akorn Jr to have the pizza option when I travel. Also, you know, out of principle. At this point I have to get it right!
  4. So the bottoms burned again. Only slightly and it was edible but I don’t get why the bottoms are burning so fast. I kept the temp around 450/500 and I’ve seen on here people get it way above that with good results. I did two of the five pizzas without any burning of the bottom but the top was slightly underdone. What am I missing?
  5. Thanks. Yeah I love the fact the junior gets hit so fast but it’s a double edged sword I guess.
  6. Saturday pizza has become a regular thing at our house, per my son’s request. I had a good thing going with the KJ Classic and a 15” stone setup, down to a science. But a few weeks ago decided to change it up and try pizzas on the Akorn Jr, half to use less charcoal on the high temp and half cause I had a steel I’d never used. And half just for the challenge....okay that’s three halves. But I digress....first couple weeks went okay, a little learning curve with the AkJ getting to temp MUCH faster and the possibility of overshooting temp, coupled with the steel getting and retaining heat much easier than the stone. Last weekend I burnt the crap out of the bottom of three of four pies (finally got it to cool down a bit by the last one...should have given more time after I charred the first). Having to wait a week for redemption is killing me, but I ordered the canning rack I’ve seen many use on here for the Junior setup, so fingers crossed tonight goes better. And I’ll definitely be watching my temps and shooting the steel with an IR thermometer. I’m hoping more separation of the steel and deflector in addition to getting the stew up higher in the dome makes the difference.
  7. Man, I never even thought I wanted a Joetisserie but with all the quarantine cooks I've been doing, you're making me think I NEED it!!
  8. Thanks @wallawu! Definitely sounds like flat over pork is the way to go. Actually while researching this a bit ago, I saw a few pictures from you in another post of multiple cuts on at once using the extender rack....makes me want to get a Big Joe!
  9. Thanks for the advice, and noted on briskets vs flats....far be it from me to not take the word of a Texan on that subject. I was initially thinking flat on the extender rack but wasn't sure if the butt would fit under with enough room for air to circulate. I guess I'll see if there is room and can always change it up if need be.
  10. This weekend I'm attempting my first dual-cook, a pork shoulder/butt and a brisket flat. I have a KJ Classic and an Akorn Jr, so I could do the pork on the Junior and brisket on the classic and not worry about it. But for the sake of only using one grill for two things that cook generally the same in terms of temp (also admittedly, I just kinda want to try it), I'm planning to use the extender rack on the KJ, put the butt on that then add the flat under it a few hours later as I'm anticipating less time for the flat than the butt (Never done just a flat, only packers, but I think the flats take less time?). Has anyone ever done this? My only concern is the butt dripping fat all over the brisket, not sure if that will change the flavor or get it all greasy and it's a big no-no? Or will it not mess with the flat at all and if anything make it better from dripping fat all over it and keeping it from drying out? Thanks!
  11. $295?! Man, hopefully someone drops a Big Joe on it's lid at a store near me!
  12. Sweet thanks, just ordered a 12" disc. Can't wait to try some road pizza! Should probably come up with a different name tho....that sounds like something one would encounter on the side of the highway.....
  13. I have the cast iron griddle for my KJ and have used it on the top position. I'd like to try steaks seared on the lower position, or pork chops like in John's new video. But with CI, especially at high searing temps, wouldn't not only the temp but proximity to the fire burn the seasoning off?
  14. Looks awesome! What's your setup/temp/cook time? I just got an Akorn Jr. for travel and camping and would love to do some pizzas on it. Was thinking about trying to get a pizza steel as I'd prefer not to travel with my stone and risk breaking it.
  15. Thanks to all for the advice. I wound up going practical and ordered the Akorn Jr. makes more sense for traveling, and cooking area is actually a little bigger than Joe Jr. for doing quick weeknight cooks i do love the KJ products but had to be pragmatic. And it’s red so at least will match my Joe Classic on the patio!
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