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  1. Could you suggest a good lump? I just grabbed a bag of "Premium B&B" from Academy
  2. Another thing I was curious about was the smoke itself. I had a Masterbuilt electric for years and every time I smoked on it the scent of the wood was fairly intense. By intense I mean that if I was cooking with hickory chips, it was very obvious to the whole neighborhood. Not in terms of billowing smoke but in terms of scent. I did not notice this with the KJ. I used three fist sized chunks of hickory. I also didn't note a typical charcoal taste (like Kingsfird on a Weber) on some food we grilled the first night. Any thoughts?
  3. Thanks so much for the response. I started the fire with a looftlighter. The heat deflectors, not 100% sure what you mean by position, were directly on the on top of the metal rack on the firebox. It makes sense that it wasn't truly stabilized. It was a cheap butt so no harm!
  4. I apologize if this has already been discussed/answered. Last night I started up my new KJ with a full firebox of fresh lump, got the temp stabilized at ~225 after an hour. Lower vent was open around 1 inch and top vent was open to the second white line counter clockwise from fully closed. It stabilized at 9:30 and I put the butt on at 10. Temp held at ~225 until midnight when I went to bed. Unfortunately at 6am I awoke to a 400 degree KJ and a 210 meteorite of a pork shoulder. No big deal, just curious as to what may have caused this or where I went wrong. Any help is appreciated.
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