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  1. Thankyou everyone. Its okay but replies were slow so already half way into the cook. I did the rack soaked in orange juice lemon and lime for 5 hours. Paper dried then rub with the usual- paprika, onion, mustard, thyme, salt, pepper, chilli, mustard powder ect.... cooking on 275 so far for 1 hour then spritzed with orange juic n water pork pieces I made different. Sweet chilli, maple syrup, brown sugar, chilli, tobasco, chipotle paste, paprika, wostishire sauce, ginger. Marinated for 5 hours then foil wrapped from the start for 2.5 hours not yet glazed. This is still to come. wish me luck and all advice given taken for next cook now thanks everyone
  2. As a newbie that was well explained. Appreciate your time and efforts on the vids! Yep Sounds like I've been over smoking. Now to start googling smoke rings!
  3. Hello everyone, How happy am I of all the responses on this forum so far! Some great tips and info on here and really appreciated! Tomorrow I want to try and slow cook some Aldi pork ribs. Only a tiny rack with little meat on it. Also had some pork pieces I figured I might as well cook at the same time. I will be using lump charcoal in the pyramid style mentioned by you folk previously to help maintain around 250. No more heat beads!! I was thinking 3/2/1 method but due to being such a small rack maybe going for a 2/1/half method????? Would love to hear from you experienced peeps how you would Attack such a tiny rack. I need to get this right for a change Looking forward to all the feedback and again thanks to those how have already raised my understanding on slow cooking
  4. Wow. In past forums I have found you need to be in there for a few months before people start offering good advise. You guys just smashed it! Really appreciate all your time in responding I will get some lump ready for my next cook and see if I can get my temp issues sorted.....and yes I plan to invest in some descent thermometers Again Thankyou!!!!
  5. Thankyou for your response. I just finished reading a heap of that exact post. Very helpful and to simplify in short. Those brickettes look to be no good for low and slow. Lump charcoal should fix the major part of my issue. Really appreciate your response and really looking forward to my continued learning and at some stage sharing my knowledge when I finally make year 2 of my apprenticeship
  6. Hello everyone, glad to to be a part of this great forum. I just recently purchased a Komado Akorn. No idea what I'm doing. Annoying my wife you tubing for hours every night and destroying food. Lol. Please help this apprentice learn some A game! so far my biggest problem is holding temp. Been using brickettes, used 20 and reached internal temp of 250 degrees and held this for 3 hours. Lost temp so added 15 more freshly flamed bricks. Temp climbed to 320!!!!!closed everything down to about 2mm opening but temp didn't drop. no wind at all was this why I couldn't control temps? end result was one dried up and burnt brisket. Wife isn't happy. Not my first attempt either. i see most people using lump charcoal. Is this my problem? Please Help my Akorn redeem itself!!!!
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