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  1. I bought a boneless pork loin today (about 4.5lbs) that I'm looking to smoke and hit with a sweet glaze. Can I cut the pork loin into thick chops or am I better off leaving it all in one piece?
  2. Things look pretty normal. The cooking grate looks a bit dull with a little bit of a rust colored tint. On the bright side, the smoking stone is super clean and the daisy wheel which has been kind of gummed up and difficult to turn now moves quite freely.
  3. So I smoked a brisket early this AM and forgot to put down a drip pan, so the smoking stone got covered up with the drippings. Anyway, when the brisket was done, I flipped the stone over and opened the vents all the way to burn the crud off of the stone. I ended up getting a phone call for work and forgot that I had the Akorn wide open. When I made it back out there the temp was pegged all the way up. I shut the vents down but wonder if I ruined any components. Any thoughts?
  4. I have a question regarding charcoal. I use Royal Oak lump charcoal almost exclusively. My question is, when you get to the bottom of the bag you are left with tons of small little pieces. I find it hard to get a good hot fire going for high temp cooks with these small pieces. My guess is that there is less air flow since the pieces are so small. All of that being said, is it best to just not use those small pieces and trash them or is there some way to salvage and use them?
  5. I've been able to get a pretty good handle on how to crank out some tasty pulled pork. I was curious what you do differently when you want to slice the pork instead. Do you cook it a different temperature? Is the target temp lower or higher than what you do for pulled pork? I was just curious how the process works for sliced/chopped pork vs pulled.
  6. This could potentially be a very dumb question, but do you guys ever leave your Akorn unattended during a low and slow cook? Sometime if I'm doing a cook during the daytime, it would be nice to run a few errands while a pork butt sits on the Akorn and smokes. Am I ok to leave it for a couple of hours or is there a legitimate risk of a fire?
  7. For those considering a ceramic Akorn, Lowes has them on sale for $499 (regularly $599) until 4/18 https://www.lowes.com/pd/Char-Griller-22-68-in-Black-Kamado-Charcoal-Grill/1000365009
  8. I am sorry to hear about your experience with Chargriller. I can tell you that from my personal experience, they have been nothing but phenomenal when it comes to customer service.
  9. I was kicking around the idea of trying to smoke a turkey, but didn't know if there was any chance of getting one to fit on the Jr. Anybody been able to pull this off?
  10. I’m still new to all of this, so go easy on me when I ask this question. What exactly is the boiling water test and what steps do I take to go about doing it?
  11. So my dual probe thermometer came yesterday and I went ahead and did a little test. I attached one probe to the grate. I did not have the Smokin’ Stone Jr. in for this test and did not have any meat on the grate. I set my thermometer to alert me when it read 350 degrees and then I closed down the vents to slowly walk it up to 400 degrees. When the thermometer read 400 degrees I went out to compare the dome thermometer to the digital reading at the grate. I found that the dome thermometer was reading 320 degrees while the digital one sat right at 400. I know there is debate on whether the 80 degree variance between the two makes a difference. I am just sharing my findings. I am curious how/if this will impact my next rib smoking session. I’m going to try again next week, relying on the digital readings to dial on my temps. I’ll let you guys know the results. Thanks for all of the feedback.
  12. Ordering a dual probe thermometer today. The dome thermometer reading being off has to be what is going on. I had previously said that I thought it was reading higher than the actual grate temperature, but I had it backward. I'm pretty sure it is reading lower. I think you guys are right about the brown sugar simply burning. There is just no reason that it should have at the temps that I thought I had the smoker at. First thing I'm going to do when I get the new thermometer is fire up the Akorn Jr. to about 300 degrees and then compare the dome thermometer to the digital. Should be interesting.
  13. I definitely need to get a new digital thermometer that has two probes so that I can monitor the grate temperature. Everything that I have cooked on my Akron Jr. seems to have cooked faster than I anticipated it would. If I follow a tutorial that says something should take around 8 hours to reach a particular internal temp for instance, mine might take 7 hours. My gut is starting to tell me that the dome temp is possibly reading higher than the temp really is at the grate.
  14. Well, I read all kinds of articles about smoking baby back ribs and have pretty much ruined a rack each of the last two Sundays. Last Sunday I curved the rack and stuck skewers through it since the whole rack won't fit on the Akron Jr. I just left them on the grate, no mopping, no basting, no fouling and they turned into a dried out disgusting mess. Today I tried this: https://snapguide.com/guides/smoke-baby-back-ribs-2/ I cut the rack I half this time so it would all fit on the Jr. Everything was going beautifully until the foiling. The ribs were looking good but I went ahead and fouled them with the honey, butter, and brown sugar. After pulling the ribs after an hour in foil, a found a charred black mess all over the ribs. It was like the brown sugar burned and turned into a nasty black mess. I was able to ding through the burned crust and salvage a little good meet but it was mostly a disaster. I am guesssing that a lot of these articles online describing how to smoke ribs are for traditional smokers and maybe not kamado cookers. Maybe the kamado cooks faster and I'm overlooking these ribs. Can someone one point me to a definite guide on how to smoke baby back robs on the Akron Jr? Two racks of innocent ribs have been sacrificed and I don't want to waste any more. Thanks guys!
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