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  1. wow i just made pizza on my akorn for the first time last weekend. turned out amazing! good luck!
  2. Could this be the reason why my brisket never gets a good smoke ring? Can you elaborate a bit more on the combustion part? ELI5 preferably lol I feel like my Akorn holds a low temp very very well, but i also feel that i don't see much smoke.
  3. I actually didn't, I bought all the parts to have it made but ultimately ended up just buying the full sized Akorn. The temperature difference between height and how much more food it could actually hold was what made me just go with the full sized one. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
  4. BTW, if you're like me and have no access to tools and no welding experience you could buy the necessary parts and bring it to a local muffler shop and have them do it. They might charge you 10-15 bucks shouldn't take more than 20 minutes to do. Fortunately for me, I have a buddy that will be helping me with this. I'll post picks as soon as it's done.
  5. My second smoke. Over cooked it a little but the taste was there...
  6. The trick was ordering it online at $164 and having it shipped to a store where it is on clearance. You can pick it up first and then walk over to the customer service/returns area and return it at $164 and re buy it at $35. Or you could buy it at $164 where you can find it, and drive it over to a location that has it marked down and do the same. YMMV, I seemed to have gotten lucky.
  7. I just talked to customer service at Char-griller they are sold out of the Akorn Jr. Smoking stone and probably will not be available for another 6-8 weeks....I just want to get my smoke on...
  8. I've been contemplating this. $25 on their website but the $10 for shipping kind of kills it for me. I'm leaning toward it but still considering the $10 clay lid thing I saw on the forum last week.
  9. K'man, thank you for this post. Your post is one of the main reasons I pulled the trigger on the Jr. This DIY add-on just gives you so much more room and makes the grill so much more personal
  10. Hi Everyone, I'm a brand new Akorn Jr. owner. I've been looking at different types of smokers for the last 2 months, everything from the Traeger, WSM and Kamado Joe. I finally pulled the trigger on the Jr. on a deal from Walmart (couldn't walk away from a $35 clearance price). I just picked it up and haven't even had time to assemble it, so I am brand new to the smoking world, looking to learn from everyone on this forum. I have been reading posts for the past week and my next two purchases or DIY will be the smoking stone and top rack. Thanks in advance everyone! Jason
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