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  1. Ballistic147

    Fire starting for short cook

    Occasionally I use a chimney like the others have said but most of the time I use a map gas torch. Just light 4 spots on the outer edge and one spot in the center. I find it's just as quick and a little less mess than the chimney.
  2. Ballistic147

    New Guy From NC

    Thank you. I have a soft spot for dogs. Soon I'll be fostering for one of our local rescue groups. We got Xena, the American Pit Bull Terrier from them. I've got a great pack and feel they would benefit from having new dogs coming and going. Plus I want to do something to help out with all the homeless and abused/neglected dogs. I actually live in Lexington where we are well known for our pit cooked pork BBQ and the vinegar based sauce (known as dip around here). Also home to The BBQ Festival every year in October. I've heard attendance is close to 200k people. To be honest, I might eat BBQ from one of the many restaurants maybe twice a year. I much prefer to do my own thing at home.
  3. Ballistic147

    New Guy From NC

    Yes, she is one of my 5 dogs and all are rescues. She was taken from her owners when they found both of her parents too weak to walk from starvation and she was the only puppy in the litter to survive. She is a sweetheart and loves all people, dogs and even gets along with cats. I also have 2 rat terriers, a shaggy mutt dog, and a boxer mix that were either abandoned or dumped at the animal shelter. Hard to imagine anyone treating animals like that. My wife isn't quite the dog person I am but she never really complains much when I bring a new one home. Here's a photo of my gang plus my parents two dogs. Everybody is gathered around for treat time.
  4. Ballistic147

    New Guy From NC

    Just picked up a 22" Pit Boss this weekend. Been cooking on gas, charcoal and over wood fires now for about 25 years and never knew what I was missing with the kamado. Only cooked twice on it so far and it is fantastic! Got a lot of things that I want to try in the near future and look forward to the knowledge of all the folks here.