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  1. You never know what Ole SmokinSteve is going to come up with next so be sure to Subscribe and leave comments. Thanks for watching...... Smoke On .... it’s all Good!
  2. Just finished up smokin up a meatloaf and it is delicious. Be sure to check it out. The glaze on top cranks it up even a couple more notches. If you don't like meatloaf you'd like this one.
  3. Thanks for the great advice Panchango. I thought of that after the fact, but it was too late. Lucky it didn't skate right off the counter top. That would have made it to the SmokinSteve bloopers for sure.... Lol
  4. Thank you UTVol ..... it was fun making video and even more fun smoking the Chuck Roast and eating it. Hard to go wrong with anything that is smoked. Love it!
  5. Thanks Rob ..... having fun with it, for sure. It's a win-win-win. Love doing the videos, love smoking, and love eating the stuff.
  6. Smoked up a Chuck Roast from my Father in Law's recipe from over 40 years ago. It's much like some of the recipes today. Check it out and see how it went. I'm having a ball making these videos. If someone can learn something or if they get inspired to fire up their smoker, then I'll feel like I've accomplished something. I'll be making more videos so be sure to subscribe to catch them all.
  7. I have made this little video to help those just beginning or thinking about getting an Akorn. It shows methods of lighting the coal and regulating temperature using damper control. I hope this video is helpful to those who need a little guidance or encouragement in their smoking adventures.
  8. Those Eggs are definitely nice, but a bit pricey. Yep, I'm real happy with the Akorn Kamado. I've had 2 electric smokers and a Weber Smokey Mountain and in my opinion this Akorn out shines all of those by far. I've since got rid of those smokers .... left with the Akorn and a gas Weber. My Akorn is the goto for everything.
  9. Looks mighty good captio2000. Definitely a lot of different ways to do chickens, different Temps, direct, indirect. No matter how you do it........ it seems to always be a winner. Juicy and tasty, gotta love 'em
  10. Hi all you Smokers out there ...... This is an awesome cook if you want to give it a try. I thought this casserole would be good smoked so I thought I'd give it a try and it blew me away when I ate it. It really took on that smokey flavor and was outstanding. It is a Beef & Potato casserole with sliced onion, diced red peppers, cream of mushroom soup, and graded cheddar cheese. It really turned out good so go fire up those smokers and give it a try .... you'll be glad you did.
  11. You're going to learn to love your Akorn Smoker/Grill. It is an awesome cooker, the food is moist, they're easy to regulate temps, and very efficient in that they don't burn a lot of charcoal for a cook.
  12. Can't beat 'em In2Fish ...... can't ever have too many. I have one here in Indiana and one in Florida where I escape the cold winters. One is Red and one is Black. I favor the red one, it looks a little sexier, but they cook the same ..... so all is good.
  13. Sounds like you're on the right track ........ I use probes in the cooker and my meat. I've even started using a Digital Temperature Thermometer on my hamburgers ..... pulling them at 165 and they're always juicy. I like using ground beef no leaner than 80-20. You start getting leaner than that and they seem to be too dry for my taste.
  14. Thanks Keeper ........ Love my li'l Akorn .... not quit a Green Egg, but it's a good one in my opinion. I have used different smokers in the past and this one is easy to regulate temps and hold them. Very efficient and uses very little coals per cook.
  15. The ole Weber is going to have to make some adjustments to the new sheriff in town ....... Lol. Yep, it's a learning process for sure. I'm not sure whether you're using a temp probe or thermometer for the meat or not. If not, it could become your new best friend. It's important to cook by temps and not time or how the food looks. Also important to learn damper control to regulate temps on cooker so it doesn't get to hot on you. You'll pick it up........ there are a lot of great people on here willing to help.
  16. Awesome job on the Akorns. Your going to love those things...... the food is awesome smoked or grilled on them.
  17. Good thought K'man ..... it's a learning process for sure. Just now smoked a beef and potato casserole and it was amazing. Smoked it with hickory and it picked up so much flavor. I made a video of the smoke so I'll be posting it on here soon. You'll have to try it ...... it was really good
  18. Thanks so much retfr8flyr ...... having a great time on the forum so far. A lot of nice people on here to share ideas with. Lovin it
  19. I like the flavor of the chicken cooked low and slow, however I think I'd like crispier skin as well. So I'm going to try the low temps then crank the smoker temp up late in the smoke to see if the skin gets crispy. Gotta keep trying new things ...... I'll be sure to post on here the results of the low & slow then cranking temp up late in cook. I look forward to seeing the results myself ..... may be a few days though.
  20. Hey thanks for the greetings. I'm still learning and it looks like this is a good place to be.
  21. That's for some good advice ...... I should have broken the video up into 2 or 3 different topics. Right on ..... and thanks for watching the whole thing anyway.
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