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  1. Hi Jeff, I've got a PRO too and I have no problems in keeping temps stable for hours without messing with the vents. The important thing is not to let it overshoot your target temp which doesn't sound like a problem you have but I wanted to throw it out there. This is what I do: Top vent and both bottom vents wide open upon starting the fire About 50* from my target temp I completely close one of the bottom dials and bring down the other dial to 1 Next I bring down the top vent to 1 *Note* I find it that once I hit my target temp, whether my desired temp is 225, 350 or 400, the 1 and 1 vent settings are the key to have the cooker on cruise control. Wait to reach my target temp and white/thick smoke to clear Put the meat/food on You can also fine tune temps if need be by bringing top and bottom vents to less than the 1 setting. At times I find myself bringing both vents down to almost closed. Just remember to allow time for temps to settle and the fire to respond to your set setting. It takes a bit to bring temps up or down.
  2. ssv3

    UBER service

    One of the best things ever to happen. Car out to you in mins wherever you are and courteous service each time with no funny business. Luxury sedans or SUV's if you wanna hit the town in style plus they offer Uber eats from your favorite local joints in minutes. What's not to like? A lot of tension between Taxi Co's and Uber. Cabs better catch up or they'll be obselete.
  3. I'm able to get boneless butts here. The below boneless butt was trussed, smoked and served like roast. My cousin requested for me to do one for him he liked it so much. It truely is delicious sliced.
  4. I've done it numerous times Larry. Just take it to 175-180* and slice. Every bit moist and tender.
  5. I have experience with both units. They are both great units and cook exactly the same. The Pro S or C being prone to leaks is a myth as long as it comes how it's supposed to come from the from the factory (QA). I've had my Pro S 3 years now and I've yet to experience any leaks from the ash drawer and it still has the original gaskets down there. I have no issues controlling temps and even nailed temps at 170* to smoke homemade sausage. As far as the options on the PRO series being gimmicks I strongly disagree. More like preferences. I personally use the starter port and the ash tray is a nice touch for a quick clean up. And what CC said is spot on.
  6. CC, Joe Rogan discusses the issue really well... A few "f bombs" in there but https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sf8R5ZlDiJg
  7. Hey Bosco, I used to have the automatic one like yours. Did a lot research and it's nearly impossible to use the Umai bags with the auto foodsavers. There was one guy that got it done but way too much hassle and you have to be precise. I ordered the below manual "clamshell" one for $80 delivered directly from Foodsaver and I love it. Works way better than the automatic since you have more control plus the clamshell design and it's cheaper. So much so that I sold the automatic and haven't looked back. I just checked out Foodsaver's Canadian site and doesn't seem anything less than $100 is available. The US site has them as low as $50 plus the Costcos here also offer a manual Foodsaver for $50 and sometimes knock $15 off of them. BTW, They (UMAI) have some offers right now on Kickstarter. They're trying to raise money and depending how much you donate they offer different packages. Just thought I let you know. Free shipping also. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/679123189/artisan-meat-kit-dry-age-steak-and-charcuterie-at I'm on my second dry age session. I'm going 45 days on this choice 7 bone ribeye I picked up at $5.88/lb. Can't beat the price and it's a nice hunk of meat. Day 28 today I can guarantee you that you're going to love it and be hooked. I also would like to mention that I'm using by mini fridge for the process. The first run worked flawlessly and this one is also coming along just fine.
  8. Those are heavy duty no doubt. When I bought my Vision I went with the KJ delfector and KJ pizza stone. Almost three years now and not a single issue with them and even running 1000*+ temps on more than a few occasions. My Vision is now sold to my gardener (waiting for him to pick it up) but I'm not letting go of the stones since I use them on different grills. They truly are bulletproof.
  9. The quality of the materials, welds, layout and overall craftsmanship of the LoneStarGrillz, Shirley's and others are worth it to me. I know guys who've bought local made towable offset pits on the cheap and they fight firebox flow....temp control......and early rust/wear. Quality seems to be assured with the two brands above......upfront. No scrambling to find someone to patch it up later on. It's all in what you want to do with it. Heck, the best ribs I've ever had in my life....hands down....above and beyond anything I've tried......were cooked on a temporary cinderblock pit by a guy who knew his stuff. BTW......when are we gonna see the final decision and results from DerHusker ?????? Paul Shirley and Chris at Lone Star are right up there with quality, craftsmanship and service as Gator, Jambo, Klose etc. There are guys I know that had pits from the big names in Texas and went with Lone Star and are extremely happy. I exchanged PM's with them with some questions since I was buying sight unseen and pulled the trigger shortly. I couldn't be any happier now that I've had the pit for 6 months. I only had to wait 4 months to get my pit since they're so busy. I think Shirley is now at 6-8 months wait and Jambo is about a year or more. They're all fine pits and I chose mine according to my needs and again I'm extremely satisfied. AND I also say BTW......when are we gonna see the final decision and results from DerHusker ?????? Didn't mean to hijack the thread DH.
  10. Thanks CC and Bosco! It's my Lone Star vertical offset with the firebox baffle plate removed for direct grilling in the oven section. That looks very special. What are your thoughts on how it works and the results you get. This is especially interesting because you also have cooked on a Kamado. The first thing I notice is that it has huge capacity. Thanks Marty! I love the food that comes off of it. To me, there is no better bbq than bbq off of a stick burner. The taste profile with using wood is just superior. I actually got the bug when I was invited to a pig pickin' party at a friend's house from another forum a little short of a year and a half ago. It was a few of us and I know myself and another guy both have stick burners now. As for the size, I do quite a bit of large cooks so I went big.
  11. Thanks buddy! I know you'll thoroughly enjoy it. Thing is a blast to cook,smoke, bake on. I started out with a kamado and it just took me on a wild ride from there. If you were to ask me to buy a stick burner two years ago I would've laughed. Funny how things turn out.
  12. Thanks CC and Bosco! It's my Lone Star vertical offset with the firebox baffle plate removed for direct grilling in the oven section.
  13. No problems here and there are usually clouds of smoke at least 2-3 times a week here. When I moved in I put some bbq plates together and passed it around to the neighbors all around me. Basically that's how I introduced myself and when I'm out in the backyard q-ing they automatically come out and pass me beers and shots of whiskey etc. I trained them well. He's long gone now but I even had the meanest Hells Angel living next door but you'd be surprised how far a good plate of q or really just good gesture will go. Wouldn't talk to anyone but me. I do a cookout with the neighbors a couple times a year and everyone's happy. Neighbor right next door is Canadian and her brother comes out about once a year and we have a ball. Those Canucks sure know how to drink lol. I'm blessed to have great neighbors since I've had the misfortune of having really bad ones.
  14. Yes I did and I liked it. Lots of variety good quality stuff. They're not the cheapest around but if you want something special they're definitely a good choice. The steak I wanted wasn't in the case so the butcher went in the back and cut one for me. Here another photo I took of all that great Double R Ranch meat. Lol! Looks like the pic I took on my first trip there. Love their selection. Next time you go in try these: Out of this world good. Bacon wrapped chuck medallions. I'm still surprised how good they are
  15. I see you made the trip to Haggen. What'd you think?
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