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  1. Phillip Psyche

    FS: Kamado Joe Big Joe Cast Iron grate

    Sold off site. Thanks, Phil
  2. Phillip Psyche

    FS: Kamado Joe Big Joe Cast Iron grate

    Also willing to trade for a Joe Classic grate.
  3. I received this by mistake, I needed one for my Classic Joe. I could return it but the return postage they want me to pay is almost the price I paid for the item. So, new in the box is a Cast Iron Half Moon grate for the Kamado Joe Big Joe. It has never even been removed from the package. New these seem to sell around $50 - $60 dollars. If you are in the north east part of Florida pick up is a distinct possibility and get a brand new 24" half moon grate. I assume this will also work in just about any 24" Kamado style grill. I am asking $40 to help recoup my expenses in order to get the correct grill. If I have to ship it will be at the buyers expense. I am willing to listen to offers also. Thanks, Phil
  4. This was my second cook on my new Kamado Joe Classic. First was a Boston butt and this time around it was the Country Tyle Ribs. The butt was phenomenal and I expected the Ribs to be great too, and they were. The rub was called a Butt Rub and worked great on both meats. I sauced them with a Hughes sugar free BBQ sauce. Everything came out even better than it looks. Cooking temperature was 250 for 2 1/2 hours then foil wrapped and kept cooking the veggies for another half hour. These Kamado cookers are great.
  5. Phillip Psyche

    First time on a Kamado

    I finally figured out how to post a picture. Here is my Boston butt after resting for about an hour. The taste was phenomenal. Phil
  6. Phillip Psyche

    First time on a Kamado

    Hello all, just bought my Kamado Joe Classic and could hardly be happier. Our first attempt was a Boston Butt and it came out great. Apple wood chunks and the smoke ring was almost 1/4 inch deep. Next up is either a brisket or some beautiful thick cut pork chops. Decisions, decisions. Phil