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  1. I've filled my drip pan (a stoneware pie plate) with apple juice for my last few pork butts with great success. With soaked wood chips on the coals and with the aroma of the apple juice/chip smoke in the air, my neighbors are always asking when I'll be done...
  2. At least 5-8 times a month... A great stress relief is a bbq away!!
  3. Got mine at Lowe's for $299 (didn't want to wait for them to go on sale as they are hard to keep on the shelves) but had a 10% military discount that helped a bit.
  4. Why is it when I read this blog, my mouth waters and I'm tempted to head to the fridge for a beer...? Everything here sounds soo good, especially when cooked over lump charcoal!!
  5. That brisket sounded awesome. I haven't tackled one yet but made an awesome pork shoulder and I am a huge fan of the cooker and cooking style. Congrats neighbor!
  6. OK here's an update. I woke up at 8:30am and checked on the temp and it was just under 200 degrees. I made a quick adjust to the vents and added more hickory chips and temp is sitting at roughly 290 degrees. Gonna head out to store for an hour and come back to check on it. BTW, it was difficult sleeping last night due to the smell lofting through the windows periodically...
  7. Awesome! Thanks much for the advice. Researching best prices as we speak!!
  8. Will do. The pizza pan is on the main grilling surface with a stoneware pie pan filled with apple juice on top of the pizza pan. I placed the shoulder (fat side up) on the swivel rack above the stoneware pie pan. The shoulder has a nice thick layer of fat on it and that is facing up with plenty of rub caked on. It smells awesome and has been on the grill since 11:45pm at a temp of 225 degrees according to the Akorn thermometer. Apparently, my Williams Sonoma meat thermometer is only a meat thermometer and does not record any temp other than what meat you program into it so I'll use it to check the temp of the meat and not the temp of the grill.... Any suggestions for a good overall thermometer I can use to verify my grilling temps? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Cheers! ~ Steve
  9. That looks very tasty! I haven't tried ribs yet on the Akorn but I'm gonna follow what you did when I do. I just placed a pork shoulder on mine and I cannot wait until it's done. Seeing your pics is making me hungry!
  10. Hey Everyone, Tonight will be my first overnight pork shoulder on the Akorn Cooker. I have a 9.58lb bone pork shoulder that has been washed, dried, rubbed with a bit of yellow mustard, honey and some Grill Mates Sweet & Smoky Rub. I have preheated the cooker with a full load of Royal Oak Lump Charcoal and have some "Western" brand hickory chips soaking in water. I'm hoping that the charcoal will last until I get up in the am, but I am pretty confident it will last. I purchased a 12" pizza pan from Wal Mart ($0.92) that I'll use to diffuse the heat and place it on top of the main grilling surface and place the meat on top of the swivel grill tray. On top of the cheapo pizza pan, I'm placing the a stoneware pie plate that will be filled with apple juice. Hopefully that will keep everything moist and the juices from the shoulder will drip into the pan, enhancing the flavor. My temp goal is 200-225 degrees with a cook time of 12-15hrs depending on internal temp. I'll stay up until I see the grill temp stabilized then head off to bed. I'm a light sleeper so I'll prolly get up in the middle of the night and check on everything. I'll try to attach a few pics. Wish me luck!! Oh yeah, almost forgot. The beverage of choice tonight will be ice cold Bud Light Platinum!! Cheers 8-) , Steve
  11. Hey Everyone, My hobbies include hunting, fishing, shooting, ATV's at the in-laws, yardwork (believe it or not!), and tinkering in the garage. My wife and I enjoy watching storms roll in from the west (yeah, we're weather geeks) on the patio and or course I really enjoy bbqing and drinking frosty cold adult beverages. Next "hobby" will be getting a Lab puppy this summer. My wife has her three indoor cats so it's time to even things out with a dog! 8-) I have friends who home brew and I'm interested in trying it - either with wine or beer. Some of the kits out there make it look pretty easy so I foresee that in the future...
  12. Boy does that look good! Nice job Chad!! Sounds like you had a good night. Too bad the cooker didn't have a build in beer holder, eh?
  13. Thanks everyone! Can't wait to hit up Sams Club for some pork for the grill. Have a good Easter! Cheers!
  14. Hi Everyone! Just saw this site after a Google search on Kamado grilling. I purchased my Char-Griller Kamado Kooker (Akorn) from Lowe's a few months ago after eating the best ribeye ever cooked by my father-in-law on Christmas Eve. He has a BGE with all the bells and whistles and after a lot of research, this model sounded like it did the trick for a heck of a lot less. I also own a gas grill which is good for something fast but after eating food prepped off lump charcoal in a egg style cooker, my eyes have been opened! I'm originally from Toledo, Oh, married to a wonderful woman and love to BBQ. I recently settled down east of Dallas and my patio was made for grilling so this type of grilling will be perfect for watching the sunset over Dallas. I'm a novice Kamado griller so this site will certainly be of help. If someone gave me $50 and said "You must spend it all tonight with nothing to show for it at the end of the night", I'd rather go to the store and pick up some steaks (or brisket/roast/ckicken/ribs), a case of beer and taters and have a party on the patio vs heading into town... I'm sure this site will come in handy. Thanks!!
  15. Awesome! I understand about the night shifts, what a great way to start the weekend. Good luck!!
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