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  1. I have a flameboss 300. The adapter sucks since we have the screen. Customer service was no help at all. I ended up building a better adapter and I like it a lot.
  2. There's your problem. Don't spread it out. If you are going to try to smoke, it may take you 30-45 min to sneak up on the temp you want at first. Light a small spot with a starter cube or cotton ball and leave it alone. The goal is the smallest fire that will get to temp. If you spread it out it just lights more charcoal and puts out too much heat. I don't leave the dome open when lighting if I'm smoking either. I typically make a "volcano", put a soaked cotton ball or cube in the top, then put a couple pcs of lump on top of it, ease the heat deflector on, make sure the vents are open and close the lid. you should keep seeing little whisps of smoke to tell you the fire is slowly going. When it hits 150-160 I usually cut down the vents to about half. then at 200 I shut them down a little more. by 225 the top is as closed as I can get it without completely closing it and the bottom is almost closed. I have a classic B so We have different vents or I would give you better detail on the settings. once you have it there the vents really don't change much throughout the cook typically. That's how I used to do it anyway.... Now I light it the same way close the top vent, set my flameboss on 225. Once it gets to temp I put the meat on and go to bed...
  3. Research the reverse sear method. Basically smoke your steak (225-250ish degrees on the dome thermometer) with the deflector in until it gets almost as done as you want it, take it off the grill, take out the deflector and get the coals really glowing and put the steak back on for a min or so each side, just enough to get a good sear on the meat. I started doing mine that way last summer and they are A LOT better. sounds like you are trying to get them done immediately. Part of the fun is taking your time getting them just right. In my experience I like the results when they are cooked more slowly. they seem to be more juicy even if you get all the pink out.
  4. I use cotton balls soaked in alcohol, I can 't tell a difference between them and the starter cubes. I have to shut my top vent completely to keep the temps down low enough to smoke.
  5. The grill is the difference. I can not slide my plate in from the end and I have a perforated grate that is not removable so the motor has no room to lock in. I ended up cutting my plate down so I could set it in the lower part of the track and let it hang out away from the grill so the motor would fit and taped up the gaps. I'll try to get some pics later.
  6. yes please take pictures. I got it on well enough for a cook but I wasn't happy with the way I had it.
  7. I have been lurking here for a while and have yet to have a question that I have not been able to find an answer to. I got a Flameboss 300 for Christmas and can not figure out how to get the fan mounted. Do any of you have any idea??
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