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  1. Razorbackjim

    Steak & Fixins - Southern Style

    Nice cook...very nice!!!!
  2. Looks good....let us know how they turned out.
  3. Interesting.....never tried rolled ribs.
  4. Razorbackjim

    Man Cave Hot Dog Chili

    Gonna give it a try today.
  5. Razorbackjim

    I am prepared to agree with you

    Best advise....just keep cooking and experiment...it will come with experience...good luck and welcome to the forum.
  6. Razorbackjim

    Technique for more Smoke Flavor

    I always put mine on cold...this allows the smoke to penetrate and create the nice smoke ring everyone wants.
  7. Razorbackjim

    Chucky 2 ways - new Kamado Joe Classic!

    That's a very nice cook...congrats on the Kamado Joe!!!!
  8. Razorbackjim

    My fist cook, picture perfect ribeyes.

    Welcome....very nice cook!!!!
  9. Razorbackjim

    Gentlemen, our day is near!

    I showed this to my wife....she looked at me and said "You have got to be kidding me" and she is still laughing!!!!
  10. Razorbackjim

    What a state we're in

    Agree....I feel the same way and would like to see the state too!!!
  11. Razorbackjim

    3-2-1 Method: Pork Spare Ribs

    Ribs look good....but I too would like the sauce thicker.
  12. Razorbackjim

    Baby Backs on the KJ

    Nice....very nice!!!!
  13. Spareribs take a littler longer...but in my opion...are well worth it!!!
  14. Wrap if you don't want a complete mess...you should have no problems.