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  1. darkborne

    Big Joe table build beginning and random question

    Well, it's finally warm enough to get back to work. The table was transported home this weekend, got part way through stain on the wood and sealing the concrete. Hopefully I'll be completely finished w the grill installed in the next couple weekends
  2. darkborne

    Shun Knives Recomendations

    I'm looking at either getting some shaptons, or perhaps mixing and matching the next tier up from a couple different manufacturers. Just for eye candy here is my latest acquisition. I've also got a nice Kiri VG-10 bunka on the way I'm excited to get my hands on.
  3. darkborne

    Shun Knives Recomendations

    1k, 3k, 6k good enough to start?
  4. darkborne

    Shun Knives Recomendations

    Does anyone have any links to good stone sharpening tutorials? I jumped in on the deep end with knives, and realized I've never been responsible for sharpening anything this well made (that should be equally well taken care of) before. Also, I love CKTG
  5. darkborne

    Big Joe table build beginning and random question

    The table is going to be obnoxiously heavy....the countertop on its own was roughly 640lbs worth of 80lb bags. I would hazard a guess that there is nearly 400lbs of lumber added to that. Luckily we put 4 oversized wheels on each side, so with two people pushing it isn't too terribly difficult to move. That being said, it's not like we have moved it any further than from the garage to the driveway and back.
  6. darkborne

    Big Joe table build beginning and random question

    Not too much progress yet...I got up to 800 grit, but working my way from 50 to 800 took about 5 hours. Just a few more weekends and it should be done and home
  7. darkborne

    Big Joe table build beginning and random question

    Molds are off, sanding and polishing next weekend!
  8. darkborne

    Big Joe table build beginning and random question

    Counter is poured.....10 days til sanding, polishing, and sealing
  9. darkborne

    Big Joe table build beginning and random question

    Thanks for the ideas guys...I do have access to a cherry picker (for engines from work) but I think I can get it in the table w the help of a friend if I can have the lid open. She's ready to have the concrete countertop poured (hopefully today), then on to staining and polishing.
  10. darkborne

    Big Joe table build beginning and random question

    Thanks! The idea was go big or go home lol
  11. So, I've finally gotten to work on a table build for my new Big Joe. I don't know if anyone has looked at the plans available from Smoke & Hammer, but their large (7ft by 3ft) table caught my eye, so the father in law and I got to work. We've got the frame done this far, and molds made for the concrete counter tops, but before I get any further into building it I realized getting the Joe into the table could pose a challenge. So here's my question for anyone with the 2017 Big Joe, being as the owners manual lists the rear hinge, and the air intake as lift points, would I be okay to open the lid part way, grip the intake from the inside, and still use the hinge as the other lift point? I'm not sure if the lid being open will make a difference or not.
  12. darkborne

    Purchase advice

    Okay, so I'm ready to upgrade my current kamado set up. I started w an Akorn, then went to entry level Vision. After doing as much research as I can, it seems like the Big Joe is the best fit. So now here's the messy part. There is a road show in Ann Arbor at the end of the month (60 miles round trip). 5 miles away is a store selling a new 2016 model for $100 under the road show price. All things being equal I would probably wait for the road show, but being this close to the end of the year I'm worried about how many they will have available at the road show, or the road show not happening (lots of gripes on various forms about no shows, late starts, or cancellations right before the date) Any input would be greatly appreciated.