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    Well chillin and grillin of course. I am also a landscape photographer and I manage a camera store. Also very into Overlanding
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  1. https://www.cast-iron-grate.com/bbq-accessories.html
  2. Smoque'n

    Image file type

    Hi John, .heif files are apple iPhones newest file type designed to save space on our phones. The other thing worth investigating would be iPhone cameras portrait mode images do not seem to load either.
  3. Smoque'n

    bosco's carne asada tacos

    Thank you Bosco, made this tonight turned out great!
  4. Has anyone seen this new themapen any input or opinions? https://www.thermoworks.com/Thermapen-IR
  5. Exactly the plan easy with that benefit of cleaning my cooker
  6. I can’t seem to load the finished Garlic cheesy bread but here it is prepped for the grill.
  7. On Sunday I made Faux Burnt Ends out of a couple Chuck roasts well I decided I needed to use up the leftovers ASAP so tonight is pizza night. Bonus the pizza cook will clean up my low and slow. I made a Garlic cheesy bread for good measure. Here are some pictures of the process. Here is Sunday’s Burnt Ends. here is my Pizza being prepped full disclosure this dough was bought from the pizza place. Now finally here is the payoff 10 minutes at 550*f Thanks for taking a look. I will add pictures of the Garlic cheesy bread in a Reply if I can get them to load.
  8. Hello, could anyone out there tell me if this forum supports the newest image file type .heif? Im wondering it that might be my issue with photos failing to load.
  9. Smoque'n

    PK grill

    Nice thank you I will look for them
  10. Smoque'n

    PK grill

    Hey Gurus I found a used PK grill today for $100 plan on looking at it tomorrow. I know it needs a bit of tlc. Do any of you have opinions on this grill?
  11. Smoque'n

    Faux Burnt Ends

    Sure I rubbed down my chuck roast with Big Green Cosmic Cow I believe it’s called (all I could find at the grill store) then brought my primo up to 250f let it stabilize then smoked indirect until probe tender about 201f. It was about an 8 Hour cook. Then removed and rested for 30 minutes before cutting into cubes then put into a tin covered with some Famous Dave’s rich and sassy bbq sauce and a couple splashes of apple cider vinegar. Cover with aluminum could no holes for venting and put back on same 250f for another 30 minutes. Your ready!
  12. Smoque'n

    Faux Burnt Ends

    Thanks! This was my first attempt at them.
  13. Smoque'n

    Faux Burnt Ends

    They went over pretty good
  14. Smoque'n

    Faux Burnt Ends

    Here they are all finished up
  15. Smoque'n

    Faux Burnt Ends

    I plan to it seems like this time I was able to post pictures a bit easier usually it fails for one reason or another