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  1. Have a brand new in box set of heat deflectors for classic joe- anyone interested? Make an offer...not sure what shipping would be, I’m in south Texas
  2. For those using the smobot, do you see any potential problem with grease/soot build up on the fly wheel? My Big Joe cap has gotten pretty greasy and wondered if the same would happen to the Smobot. Wouldn’t be a big deal to wipe it down after each use if needed.
  3. I know its late, but do you still have this for sale?
  4. Thanks, they were great. This was my first attempt, wanted to see how long they’d take before making for my wife and guests. Never thought they would take 10hrs
  5. Gotcha- figured it was something related to the format by the Phone
  6. I got them to post by accessing via “my photo stream” instead of “camera roll” no idea why it works that way, photos are same size, etc
  7. 10hrs later and they are done and awesome. Ended up wrapping in butcher paper at about 8hrs when they had a good color. Took them to 203 then wrapped in a towel and placed in a cooler for about an hour while I made a new Mac and cheese recipe and fried up some fries.
  8. Not really sure where to post this, but when trying to upload pics from my iPhone I keep getting and error message. Is this an iPhone problem or can someone tell me how to post these photos? thanks !
  9. I think I’ll order a new one and see how that works- thanks for the heads up
  10. I’ve noticed a huge difference between the brands and the ash, that’s for sure
  11. Just put them on at 1030 here in beautiful south Texas. Started a little later then I had planned but I’m only feeding me and my 15yo son so it’s no rush. These are just short of 5lbs, kosher salt and coarse black pepper rubbed. Will hopefully post pics finished product when they come off, but when trying to post from my iphone I keep getting an error message...any idea as to why? Hope everyone gets to enjoy their Saturday and cook some meat!
  12. That makes me think it is sealed really well, but when closing all vents for shut down, the temp is still around 200 the next morning
  13. When closing the lid on my big joe, if both the bottom and top vents are closed, the top one will pop off, and if not all the way part way and I can hear the air escaping. Is this normal?
  14. I am fairly new to my Big Joe, and I tend to do a lot of quick cooks, steaks, burgers, etc. What is everyones technique for reusing your lump? I stir it around and pull the ash out from the bottom then just add new on top. Is there a better way? If i were to do a long cook would it be better to take all the old out and start over with new? Interested to hear how those with more experience do it.
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