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  1. I use the plate hanger. I also found this mod posted somewhere. It's a piece of AC duct that helps to keep the TTT consistent on windy or cold days. Just cut it out so it fits around the vent handle. The handle on the AC duct I rigged is unnecessary, I just never took it off. With the plate hanger it fits snug and you can leave it on when you open the lid.
  2. First time using the point for burnt ends, but won't be the last. After cooking I cubed the point, sprinkled some Bad Byron's, and mixed with 1/4 honey and 3/4 BBQ Sauce and put it back on the grill for about an hour at about 350. Meat candy!!!! They were awesome.
  3. Thanks. Chargriller is sending me a new thermometer, but I'm still looking at an aftermarket for better accuracy.
  4. Thanks. I was looking on the website and it says the dome thermometer for komodo's ranges from 150 to 750. Interesting the minimum is 150. Does you thermometer start at 150? Is it accurate 225 degrees?
  5. Anyone know of a good after market dome temperature guage replacement that would fit an Akorn? My temp guage shows 200 degrees when cold. I have a wireless thermometer, but don't always use it and would like to use the dome thermometer for quick cooks.
  6. I bought a 2-pack of whole chickens from Costco. Dry brine for 2 days, then spayed some olive oil on the skin and put Bad Byrons on one and apple chipotle on the other right before the grill. Cooked indirect at about 425 for a little over an hour, and pulled at 165 in the breast. Looked burned, but very tender and juicy - absolutely awesome. I'll be doing this again, but may try direct cook just to see the difference. Last weekend I did an indirect cook of shrimp and veggies at 375. Was also great, but forgot to take a pic. I've gotten much better at controlling th
  7. Thanks to all of you for making me feel welcome. BTW, today (September 29th) is "Ask a Stupid Question Day", so I may be starting some new threads.
  8. John, I've done some searches and can't find references to the size of wood chunks, only chips versus chunks. I'd like your opinion on the size of wood chunks. I get the use of chips to scatter in a quick grill of burgers, but is there any advantage to mid-size chunks versus large chunks in a low-and-slow? Or is it irrelevant? Thanks in advance, AlanT
  9. I did buy the deflector. I haven't used the deflector or the grill yet due to other commitments, but hope to make some progress this weekend. One of my favorite dishes is shrimp and veggies in a grill basket. I think the deflector will work great for that. I'll still use the Orion - it's absolutely great for certain things, but doesn't do all things well. It's truly a "set it and forget it". I call it my lazy man's smoker. Thanks for the feedback on opening the lid. It's something I'll need to learn, as well as the technique to move the vents in half the amount of the last
  10. I just purchased an Akorn grill as my old grill decided to retire itself. I was looking for something different and decided on the Akorn. I've used an Orion Cooker for several years and had great luck with smoking turkeys and Boston Butts, but not so much was beef. I'm hoping the Akorn will provide that option as well as do some basic grilling......and will last some years for the price before moving up to a ceramic Kamado, if I like it. Some great information on this site. Thanks to all of those who have gone before me and posted results so I can ramp up quickly. And yes, I
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