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  1. The paint is still perfect, I enjoy looking at it each time I use it, though I have not yet refinished the wood and bright-work like I had intended. I use the grill at least 4 times a week, including 700 degree pizza cooks and steak sears. The fact is that even after a cleaning burn, which initially was of some concern, there were no ill effects to the paint. The paint was put on in 4-5 medium coats, letting it tack off between coats, so it is fairly thick. I used tractor paint from Van Sickle. While it is not specifically a HEAT rated paint, I figured since it stands up to the engine heat on my tractor, it should work for the Kamado, plus I had it on hand. It has performed better than I expected really, with it passing the cleaning burn and all. In my opinion, If one was really creative, the sky is the limit for producing a truly unique looking grill. Have Fun
  2. Congratulations! It looks like it is going to be a great cooker! I really like the Top Cap design. With that venting system, it will be able to get HOT! (Lots of airflow) It has the tab system in the firebox for the heat deflector, that is brilliant, I bet the same grates that set in the Metal Akorn, will fit in this one. It looks like it comes with a Cast Iron Grate, but no photo of the cooking surface(s) directly. Does it have a second cooking level? What material are the side tables? Did they put a "Latch" on the lid? Thanks for the post.
  3. DWFII, I do not think that you would be disappointed with the Akorn at all, I was not with mine. The fact is that it was a what allowed me to learn that I really like Kamado Cooking. I gifted the Akorn to my father when I got a ceramic "Vision" brand cooker, and I enjoy the experience even more now. https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/36910-i-painted-my-vision-grill/ If funding a ceramic cooker is not at issue, and if I were to start now, knowing what I have learned from my experiences, I would get a "Kamado Joe" brand (Big Joe 2017). I still may purchase one, but I am very happy with my Vision for now. that said, I will not speak bad of the Akorn, and it performs very well in my opinion. If you look at "Baby back maniac's" review of the Kamado Joe, it may help some. (He also has many other great grilling videos if you care watch) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqVEh7j_p3U&t=189 Good luck and great eating on whatever you get. Have Fun
  4. Glocker, That was my guess as well. unless it is the glaze, and was never fired a second time. Was there a time that they were just Painted? MK
  5. Hello Everyone, Just wanted to share the story of my Vision Grill. Like so many outdoor cooks, I could never justify to myself the expense of a BGE or any kamado for that matter. I found myself an accidental kamado owner when I purchased a Char Griller AKORN on clearance ($115) at a nearby Walmart, less than a year ago. I figured I could not go wrong at that price. It gave me an opportunity to learn what I had already suspected would be the case, that I thoroughly enjoy the kamado experience. After the very short learning curve, I was producing outstanding food of all kinds, from 225deg low and slow, to 700deg Steaks, and the best pizzas I have ever made. After a couple of months I started to look for a Ceramic Grill to enhance my experience. This lead to me acquiring my first Ceramic kamado, a Vision Classic B model. I got it used, so I do not know the exact vintage, but it was purchased from Costco a few years ago. I have continued to produce outstanding meals with the Vision, but I did have an issue with it. Nothing major, it just looked a little tired, and dull, but what is one to do, on a bargain acquisition? (The AKORN, has found a home with my father, and he is now enjoying the kamado style of charcoal cooking) About a month ago I was replacing the gaskets and cleaning the rims prior to the placement of the new felt, and I noticed that the finish on the outside of the dome, was causing my wiping cloth to blacken. This lead to a couple of experiments. While I realize that most of the kamados have a “Glaze” for the finish, this was clearly not the case for this one, as I could soften and remove the finish with lacquer thinner. So I decided to freshen up my grill with a paint job. I had some paint that I thought would stand up to the temperatures on the outside of the cooker, so I prepped and painted half of the dome to give it a go. I did a couple of 700+ degree pizza cooks, and no issues noted. This past weekend, I did the entire grill, and it really came out looking much better than it was. I will freshen up the woodwork and bright work, and it will be good for years to come. (I may build a table for it, but time will tell) I have attached a few photos, Here is a before picture. Nothing major, just dull. Here is one in the experiment phase Here is the outcome. (Woodwork and bright work to come.) this is a close up of the finish that was there. (Paint??) You can see how dull it was Thanks, MK
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