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  1. Homemade Bacon; Cured, Smoked, and Grilled

    Made some bacon over the past couple of weeks. Turned out great. I'll be doing this again... and again... and again.
  2. Pulled Beef Sandwiches

    Nice. That variant sounds awesome too. Kinda seems similar to my Italian beef sandwich recipe.
  3. Never did understand the appeal of a kamado grill...

    You are welcome!
  4. First Pork Butts (lessons learned)

    You are very welcome!
  5. First Turkey Ever

    Looks great. Thanks for the plug, BTW.
  6. My Latest Rib Roast Video (Christmas 2017)

    HAHA!!! Although I know it's fake, there was still something pleasing about having it on and playing Christmas music in the background.
  7. Christmas Eve Ribeye Roast Take 2

    Thanks for the credit! Looks great!
  8. I made this for Christmas dinner to feed a family of ten. I had just enough left over for lunch the next day, but I also cooked the bones down further to make a nice beef stock for soup later in the week. An annual end of the year tradition, I cook a standing rib roast for Christmas dinner. In addition to dry brining to help the meat retain moisture and add flavor, I also remove the bones (to use for the drip pan and to make beef stock from later) and tie it up with butcher string to make it round instead of oblong. The round cross section helps to ensure an even doneness throughout. The meat is slow cooked until rare and then seared over high heat to produce an awesome medium-rare prime rib. View the BBQ Guru CyberQ Cloud chart for this cook: https://sharemycook.com/Cook/Detail/25ea1c8a-b59c-42f7-a905-ddf351c3f9aa Horseradish Cream Sauce Recipe: https://youtu.be/-4jIrLsgiHk
  9. A traditional Italian-American meatball recipe made from scratch for use with my traditional pasta gravy (red tomato sauce) on spaghetti and other pasta. Ingredients are shown below: Ingredients List 1.5 lb ground beef (85/15 or 90/10) 1 lb ground pork 1 small-medium onion (sweet type preferred) 3 eggs, beaten 3/8 cup milk 3 slices of italian bread 1+ cup bread crumbs 1 cup pecorino romano cheese (or parmesan reggiano) 3 Tbsp fresh basil or 1 Tbsp dried 2 Tbsp fresh oregano or 2 tsp dried 1 Tbsp parlsey 1 Tbsp black pepper .5 Tbsp garlic powder 1 tsp salt Directions Bake @400 for 20-25 minutes (or pan fry them in oil). Simmer in pasta sauce until ready to serve. My traditional Italian-American pasta gravy (sauce) video: https://youtu.be/SrGCM4vMDks My Sourdough Bread video: https://youtu.be/os69X6qJ1KM
  10. Pulled Beef Sandwiches

    I do this all the time; banking up videos to binge watch later when I'm able to.
  11. Pulled Beef Sandwiches

    I made this last Friday controlling the cook remotely while I was away watching the latest Star Wars movie with my son. Pecan & hickory smoked pulled beef sandwiches, braised in a dutch oven on my kamado, and served on buns; one topped with homemade horseradish cream sauce and another with barbecue sauce. Simply awesome! Recipe Ingredients: One 3 lb chuck roast 1 large onion 2 large peppers, mild/med/hot whatever Sprigs of thyme and oregano coarse salt black pepper Burger Buns Horseradish Cream Sauce Optional dark beer for additional braising liquid if necessary. View the entire charted cook at ShareMyCook.com. Other videos/products mentioned: Back To Basics Brisket - Beef, Smoke, Salt, & Pepper in Perfect Harmony BBQ Guru CyberQ Cloud Temperature Controller
  12. The president of Weber called me.

    Excellent. I really like that the head of a company calls to apologize about poor product quality and customer services issues. I wish I had a similar encounter regarding my cooker...
  13. New Kamado Joe owner IL

    That's what I experienced there too. :( That's why I never went back there.
  14. New Kamado Joe owner IL

    That's where I bought my Big Joe a couple years ago too. I didn't know they were still selling them. I heard that Ace no longer sold KJ. Do they have accessories still too like the Big Joe Tisserie?
  15. Thanksgiving Turkey

    Use a drip pan to keep that from happening and to make gravy later like I do in these videos: https://youtu.be/vUVCpI4PjEg?t=14m17s https://youtu.be/HoIWd6PsunE?t=9m2s https://youtu.be/eNrsuiP9JWA?t=2m30s