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  1. Anyone have experience with the MAC pro chef’s knife?
  2. Thanks for the information. Will check that. I want to clarify that I don’t want a block, but would prefer magnetic. Would rather have a magnetic option that was modular similar to a block. I’ve seen some flat faux rock surfaces that were magnetic, but it seems that one side of the blade would be laying against the surface without air flow allowing some corrosion or build up.
  3. Nothing says paralysis of analysis as considering a good set of knives, at least for me. As many reviews or articles that I’ve read that say the only X number of knives you need are ..., no one makes that as a set. I’m not opposed to purchasing anything individually for quality, but just don’t know enough to jump in. The other issue I struggle with is storage. We’ve been bad over the years with storing things in drawers. We’ve had knife blocks that went unused as well. I’d like to use a magnetic strip, but would rather have something freestanding on the counter rather than a wall-mounted strip. I haven’t seen anything that fits this well either. I’m sure the opinions on this will be strong and vary considerably, but I’d love to hear them all. Thanks.
  4. Lower and slower can be done with the Akorn! I've always wanted to try Selzer's salmon cook, but never even thought temps below 200F were reliably feasible. I've been thinking about that video all week and bought some salmon today (ok, broke cardinal rule that anything worth smoking starts the day before). I throttled the temp temp back right after lighting. Akorn kept it just under 180F on its own. It was left side of the screw and little left up top, but it was consistent. When it came time to start the salmon, I added an ice water bath for a drip tray. I was shocked to see my probe on the grate read 125F for more than an hour!!!! Ended up slowly ramping this up to 170s toward the end. I'll definitely do this again when I can start the brine the day before. It's delicious, but I took a few shortcuts and it still took me to midnight to finish up.
  5. Just a quick hello from the Greenville, SC area. I've been lurking here and picking up pointers for a year or more and thought I'd jump in. Akorn owner. Recently upgraded the patio and back to enjoying the cook. Smoked a chuck roast in the Dutch oven last weekend and chili last night. Just ordered the cast iron griddle to try my hand at the reverse sear.
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