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  1. Nice man...can you show your work......been looking at a few table and this may be the right one im going to build mine....table looks awesome man.
  2. i want one..but i really don't want anyone to come.....hahahahaahahah
  3. by the way...nice table setup....maybe i be planing to build one for me...but the kamado will be right in the middle so the two side can be usefull....
  4. Enormous how is your flameboss 300 treating you so far???...
  5. I just pickup a Black Diamond cut B series with Ash Draw with a "Signature Series" handle on it. Since it a store display model. It fully assemble and ready to go....pickup for $240 with my friend business card at sam's with tax exempt. Super discount....but it the last one.....
  6. Just bought mine on sunday,,but mine the handle say "Signature Series" lol i don't know if they accidentally give the wrong handle..
  7. Oh i guess i didn't know....thought it was just "Vision Grills" engraved on the handle...but nice to know..
  8. I was looking at a few of the kamado grill for sometime now but due to over budget price...i wait...and wait until last night sunday. went on my shopping at Sam's and come across this Vision Grills on clearance. This was a store display fully assemblers grill ready to go. got it for $240 with a friend Business membership with tax exempt..... i knew it was a steal....... I know this is a Classic B Diamond Series with Ash Draw....but the Handel read " Signature Series" is this normal or is this something of a hybrid between a B and Signature Series... Any one has ideas" or d
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