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  1. I've got a deck box that I have totes for charcoal and room for my extra racks, stones, wood chunks, etc dedicated just for the grill accessories. Keeps everything dry and any critters that might be interested are kept out.
  2. Yep, still loving this pan, just keeps getting better and better to cook on.
  3. Doesn't Saffire have the chip feeder port? Is that what you'd like to accomplish?
  4. I know this is a couple months old, but it looks like you did it direct with no stone, what temp would you say your kamado was running and did you close the lid when it was cooking? Thanks,
  5. I want that clean out can that KickAsh makes for the BGE, but for my K24. And the Smokeware chimney cap, also fitting the K24.
  6. I believe this is the one I bought: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MD25EDW/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_qgO7CbHKY634Q
  7. I emailed them too and got a polite thanks for the interest but no we don't plan to offer for your K24. Costco sells a lot of these, seems like there would be a market.
  8. I think a lot of us would be interested if it fits.
  9. I think because it's meant to fit in several different Kamados it's not a perfect fit, but I can hold 8 lbs of lump in mine easily, which will burn for as long as I need it to, at least 12 hours low and slow. If I'm doing shorter cooks like burgers or steak I probably only fill it 3/4 full. Sometimes I recycle the lumps that fall through the basket and burn them again with fresh lump if I think they are large enough. Maybe someone makes a perfect fitting basket but I don't think you'd want it too tight either, and run the risk of stressing the fire box.
  10. I've had really good luck with Royal Oak from Menards this spring, nice big chunks and not much waste. These are the green/yellow bags, not sure if it's different than the red bags HD would carry.
  11. @NPerakes The Pit Boss and the Louisiana Grill K24 are exactly the same, same parent company.
  12. I got mine last year, did the felt/sealing right away and have added accessories over time, definitely get a KickAsh basket or something similar at some point. Makes cleaning much less of a chore.
  13. I was interested in the Onlyfire last year too, but it wasn't available to buy when I ordered my Kickash. It's hard to tell from the pictures but I don't think the Onlyfire is as robust as the KA, but that's just speculation. What I can tell you is the Kickash is awesome and I would recommend the gift pack with the towel and the gratelifter. That pushed me to $100 and I got free shipping. Didn't care about the towel and the coozie so much but that lifter is awesome if you ever have to pull a hot grate out, and it hangs nicely on the edge of the table while you do whatever in the grill. I have also read on other threads the KA people will make it right if something is wrong with any of their products. Side note, I did buy an Onlyfire grate for my Akorn and it was a very well made grate.
  14. One thing that could be an advantage or a disadvantage you won't know until you try, but I believe the Blaze doesn't have a gasket between the lid and body? Those of us with ceramic cookers that have the felt gasket can have trouble in the winter with condensation collecting in there and freezing the lid down. Even if I have it covered with the tarp, I haven't had it really stuck but I did have to borrow the hair dryer one day to get the lid open. If there is no gasket it may break free easier, could be a cold weather advantage of the Blaze.
  15. I started on an Akorn and moved over to the K24 Pit Boss, I would not go back because I need the larger size, but there are a few things I loved about the Akorn. 1. Charcoal efficiency. 2. Ash clean out, being able to slide that ash pan out is genius. 3. Weight of the grill, that ceramic is heavy! 4. Ease of getting any part you need from Char Griller or other places like Amazon.
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