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  1. If you are dividing your basket like that it could be contributing, but yeah that's pretty minor warping.
  2. @ButchW yes, you'd want to do this cook indirect.
  3. I'm a recent convert to Spudism (grew up in central ND) but it it interesting to meet people from here. I added some of the salts to my amazon cart so the next time I order I'll have something to experiment with next time I make some mac and cheese or beer cheese soup.
  4. Super interesting, I might have to explore this some more!
  5. Made another batch of Mac and Cheese based on @John Setzler recipe, added in some good kielbasa and a new cast iron pan from ALDI. Paired pretty well with a nice Octoberfest, super good stuff!
  6. One other thing I noticed is that there is a seller called Hot Press on US amazon that is selling a number of Auplex accessories so that could be an option possibly? I am not sure in the difference between US and Canada amazon, or if there is. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077YGFH5M?m=ARHQ97D8TPFEC&ref_=v_sp_widget_detail_page
  7. Have you tried something like aliexpress.com? Search Auplex and they have all kinds of parts and accessories for these kamados, I've never bought from them so I don't know what the experience is like but they have the stuff. Shipping might be the killer but I thought I'd throw it out there.
  8. @MossyMO I am planning to attend the BBQ championship at Scheels, so I'll look for you there!
  9. Do you go to any of the Pride of Dakota shows? Specifically the one in Fargo? If so I will definitely hit you up there. I also don't understand all the complaining about ingredients, we are label readers too and we vote with our wallets, but there isn't anything in Tatonka Dust that would scare me.
  10. I have the Pit Boss version, same grill, but I use 1 alcohol soaked cotton ball to light if I'm going hot or low and slow. (91% isopropyl alcohol) After about ten minutes with lid open and bottom vent fully open, I close the lid and open top vent fully. After another 5 to ten minutes I close the top vent down to about 1 and the bottom mesh will be closed fully with about 1/4 of the solid screen open for low and slow and the solid fully open (with the mesh shut) for hotter. I suspect you may have some leaks if you are having trouble controlling temp, have you done any sealing around your top and bottom vent with some extra felt? Also do you notice any smoke rolling out around the middle? That could indicate the the top and bottom aren't fully aligned. There are lots of thread explaining how to seal your grill better in the Pit Boss section. Hope that helps!
  11. We had a fun night of doing a low country/seafood boil last night, hadn't done one of these in a long time! Used the Louisiana Crawfish Boil seasoning and it was really good, quite a bit spicier than I remember Zatarain's being, but that was just fine with me. Got some really nice big shrimp from Costco, decent little lobster tails from local grocery a couple types of sausage and new local potatoes and sweet corn. It got really quiet on the deck when I dumped that basket of food out! Cooked it with my 30 quart turkey fryer, sorry, no action shots, but I'm sure that we've all seen a pot of water boiling before.
  12. Maybe some long heat resistant gloves, I've found that welding gloves are ok, you can't really pick the wok up for very long, there are better ones out there. I think @keeperovdeflame has some good recommendations.
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