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  1. 2018 Costco Pit Boss

    Looks good, happy cooking!
  2. Butcher Block Project

    Looks good, I have some boards I want to make in a future project!
  3. Pulled pork

    Right? We had a Runnings ( kind of a farm and fleet store) open up near us last fall and that's where I found it, good stuff and a fun name!
  4. Pulled pork

    Made a Costco pack of pork shoulder (15lbs) on Saturday, this was actually my first really long cook with my Akorn, turned out great! Used Meathead's rub recipe, and dumped on some Pig's ### sauce (nice surprise how good that was!) after it was pulled. Otherwise just let it go almost 12 hours with some hickory thrown in with the lump pulled them off around 197 degrees. The shoulder I thought was larger got done about 45 minutes quicker, really loving having multiple probes with the Fireboard. I think the wind was swirling a bit as I had a little harder time than usual maintaining pit temps, I was aiming for about 240 at the grill, but I did let it climb a bit at the end trying to push through the stall. Also the first time I really noticed a stall, so I'm thinking that my other ways I've done pulled pork before I had a kamado were running hotter than I thought and I didn't have a good way to monitor it. Had some happy family and friends with the end result and I had fun cooking anyway, also made some cheesy hashbrowns to go with.
  5. 2018 Costco Pit Boss

    That's awesome i had checked the Wal-Mart's near me last fall and it didn't seem like any had ever stocked the Pit Boss kamado. I was also trying to find a cheap Akorn Jr, but they just stayed full price all winter. But at Costco last July they definitely discounted them by $200 for a time.
  6. 2018 Costco Pit Boss

    Yep, that's my plan!
  7. 2018 Costco Pit Boss

    Anyone seen these yet? Just noticed on the Costco website today, wondering if the in store models are blue as well? That may derail my plan of buying a Pit Boss this year, because it won't match the deck. I think looks much the same as last year's otherwise, except for the side shelves. My Costco doesn't have much lawn and garden yet.
  8. Candied bacon pretzel sticks

    Made some snacks for the Vikes/Eagles game today super easy, really tasty. 1 lb bacon 1 lb pretzel sticks 1 cup brown sugar 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper preheat grill to 350 F on indirect, put some foil down to catch the bacon grease. You can use about any kind of pretzel sticks, the large rods work well, those thin crunchy breadsticks work, I decided to try these Dots brand today, they are a local brand and have a flavor like seasoned salt and pepper baked in. They are short though so I cut my bacon into thirds, wrapped each stick and rolled it in brown sugar, you can't over sugar, It'll just melt off. Lightly sprinkle with cayenne and cook for 10 to 20 minutes, start checking about 10 though because they can go black in a hurry. I let them cool and serve, excellent with a beer!
  9. Blustery turkey breast

    I can tell you I wouldn't even have attempted in my Weber gasser in that wind, I would have had to move to the other side of the house! Turned out good and I'm enjoying turkey sandwiches this week. Thanks!
  10. Planned to do a turkey breast on the Akorn last night and didn't expect it to be quite as windy as it was. Gusting up to 30 mph and about 7 degrees when I started the fire, the Akorn did really well at maintaining temps. You can see where I opened the lid on the Fireboard graph below. Injected the beast with some home concocted Creole butter and rubbed with some Paul Prudhomme pork rub it was tasty! Love the Fireboard, I was mostly cooking this during the Vikings game so I was grateful to not have to run up and down the stairs a million times checking the grill. I also appreciated that it was a celebratory meal with the Vikings win!
  11. Stainless steel grate

    I'm normally doing pizza at 500+ on the top stone which is closer to 600+ on the main grate. I know I could shut is down for a while and then go spray the grate when it gets back to a more reasonable temp, but like I said, I'm kind of lazy in that when I'm done cooking I just want to shut it down and not think about the grill after that. If the cast iron is working for people that's great, I just am not a big fan on a grill grate, but I do like my CI pans.
  12. Stainless steel grate

    Oddly I don't have a picture of my 2 stone method, but I've been putting the Smokin' Stone on top of my main grate and then I found a pizza stone that fits the warming rack perfectly (it is a little small for a large pizza) and that gives a nice air gap while also getting the pizza high enough to get the top and bottom done at the same time, sometimes I have to turn the pizza 90 degrees or something. This is the pizza stone I bought: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01G7WILD2/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. FireBoard Drive + Blower + BJ

    I'm a fan of my Fireboard, I don't have the fan control (yet) but really like the WiFi and how easy it is to set up and customize for each cook. I also felt like it was a good option for someone like me that hadn't already invested in a Flameboss or Smoke and I could upgrade to more probes and a fan controller as I go forward.
  14. Over the Top Chili

    I thought that too, but honestly I probably only skimmed an ounce or so during the cook and even after it rested it never came up greasy. Could also use a leaner grind I don't think it would affect the outcome very much.
  15. Stainless steel grate

    For me with all the pizza I do, lots, constantly reseasoning that CI. Oh and I didn't intend to include it but you can see the busted center section of my CI grate in the one picture.