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  1. I want that clean out can that KickAsh makes for the BGE, but for my K24. And the Smokeware chimney cap, also fitting the K24.
  2. I believe this is the one I bought: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MD25EDW/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_qgO7CbHKY634Q
  3. I emailed them too and got a polite thanks for the interest but no we don't plan to offer for your K24. Costco sells a lot of these, seems like there would be a market.
  4. I think a lot of us would be interested if it fits.
  5. I think because it's meant to fit in several different Kamados it's not a perfect fit, but I can hold 8 lbs of lump in mine easily, which will burn for as long as I need it to, at least 12 hours low and slow. If I'm doing shorter cooks like burgers or steak I probably only fill it 3/4 full. Sometimes I recycle the lumps that fall through the basket and burn them again with fresh lump if I think they are large enough. Maybe someone makes a perfect fitting basket but I don't think you'd want it too tight either, and run the risk of stressing the fire box.
  6. I've had really good luck with Royal Oak from Menards this spring, nice big chunks and not much waste. These are the green/yellow bags, not sure if it's different than the red bags HD would carry.
  7. @NPerakes The Pit Boss and the Louisiana Grill K24 are exactly the same, same parent company.
  8. I got mine last year, did the felt/sealing right away and have added accessories over time, definitely get a KickAsh basket or something similar at some point. Makes cleaning much less of a chore.
  9. I was interested in the Onlyfire last year too, but it wasn't available to buy when I ordered my Kickash. It's hard to tell from the pictures but I don't think the Onlyfire is as robust as the KA, but that's just speculation. What I can tell you is the Kickash is awesome and I would recommend the gift pack with the towel and the gratelifter. That pushed me to $100 and I got free shipping. Didn't care about the towel and the coozie so much but that lifter is awesome if you ever have to pull a hot grate out, and it hangs nicely on the edge of the table while you do whatever in the grill. I have also read on other threads the KA people will make it right if something is wrong with any of their products. Side note, I did buy an Onlyfire grate for my Akorn and it was a very well made grate.
  10. One thing that could be an advantage or a disadvantage you won't know until you try, but I believe the Blaze doesn't have a gasket between the lid and body? Those of us with ceramic cookers that have the felt gasket can have trouble in the winter with condensation collecting in there and freezing the lid down. Even if I have it covered with the tarp, I haven't had it really stuck but I did have to borrow the hair dryer one day to get the lid open. If there is no gasket it may break free easier, could be a cold weather advantage of the Blaze.
  11. I started on an Akorn and moved over to the K24 Pit Boss, I would not go back because I need the larger size, but there are a few things I loved about the Akorn. 1. Charcoal efficiency. 2. Ash clean out, being able to slide that ash pan out is genius. 3. Weight of the grill, that ceramic is heavy! 4. Ease of getting any part you need from Char Griller or other places like Amazon.
  12. Made this over the weekend for a birthday party with a Barbacoa beef recipe as well, both were a huge hit! Thanks for sharing. My one thing to add would be that I poured off the juices into a fat separator and poured most of it back into the pork after I shredded it.
  13. I think the Big Joe stuff will be too big and the Classic too small, they say it's a 24 inch grill, but that's outside the ceramic, KJ measures on the inside. I know it would be expensive to cross the border, but the Ceramic Grill store stuff is really excellent in my opinion, I have the adjustable rig and I really like it.
  14. I haven't tried to roast one in the grill yet, but we do them in the oven all the time. Brown some cubed chicken breast with salt and a good amount of black pepper and throw a jar of alfredo sauce in the pan with the cooked chicken. Makes a quick and delicious weeknight supper. We like marinara style sauce less with spaghetti squash.
  15. @txcpa $114.90 and I just noticed they included a soapstone shot glass and whiskey cubes.
  16. Scott, your link isn't working, but I wish I would have seen this a couple of weeks ago.
  17. I'm not sure why that one picture shows up twice. Oh well.
  18. Review my experience so far with my new stone. I have been looking for a soapstone in the 16" range since last summer, but not terribly serious about it. With the nicer weather coming I decided to order one from M Teixeira because they list a 16" stone and the one review said it was 3/4" thick. There are a few places selling 13 inch stones, but I wanted this for double duty, pizza and to make smash burgers on, so I wanted a little more real estate when I'm cooking for more than two people at a time. I even called a couple of counter top makers looking for a sink cut out or something I could hack up myself but they didn't want to deal with me if I wasn't a contractor. Maybe I should have been a little more persistent. M Teixeira are easy to find online, they have a decent website and ordering was fairly easy. The next day I got an email saying that it had been sent, and the day after that I checked the tracking details. The label was printed, but it didn't ship for a whole week, so I called and was told that it would ship that day. I promptly got an email saying they had to cut a stone for me and I recieved it two days later. They were apologetic about the delay. The new stone out of the box, nice light gray color. Instructions say to season it like cast iron, so here it is with a coat of oil before it goes into a 350 degree kamado. Wait a minute! Wasn't this supposed to be 3/4 inch??!? Well, it never says that in the description on the website. You can order a 13 or 16 inch stone and it just describes it as thick, a review which I'm assuming is real says the one they got was 3/4 inch thick. I didn't pay enough attention and I just assumed. So I sent an email to the company and got a response from R Teixeira saying that sometimes they cut them from 1/2 inch tile stock, he assured me that it would be durable (I still feel that it won't heat sync as well as a thicker stone) and if it failed to let them know and they would stand behind it. I will choose to believe them until I have reason not to. I plan to make some pizza on it Sunday night, but in the meantime I made some smash burgers last night, it was fairly non stick and it cooked the burgers well running the grill at about 500 degrees. I need to invest in a couple of good flat spatulas now, I had a little trouble getting them to flatten out as much as I wanted, but still tasty! I'm a little disappointed it took as long as it did to ship and that it wasn't as thick as I had in my head, but customer service has been very good when I reached out. I would not call it cheap, but it's not that much more than the KJ half stone so if it holds up over time I will cautiously recommend this stone to someone that has similar wants as mine.
  19. We like Pig's ### BBQ sauce at our house, not too sweet, nice pepper notes.
  20. Interesting, I want to try this now.
  21. My Akorn would do the same thing as the PB does. I'd usually just get a fire going with the bottom wide open and shut the lid, after a couple of minutes it'll slide right open.
  22. @pmillen yes, the bacon does crisp up, but you have to watch it at that point, it can go from done to burnt is a heartbeat! Nice neighborhood, I'm south of the Meadows GC, in the "new" part of town,
  23. Agreed, I think we've all got a bag or a batch that can be anecdotally off, smell or heat or whatever, but they all seem to cook the same to me.
  24. I posted this on the Facebook page a couple of weeks ago and someone asked for the recipe, better late than never I guess. If you have a recipe of your own for traditional chili that you like and want to try this method, just separate the meat and spices from the rest, make the meatball and cook accordingly. This one is a pretty big hit, even with my wife who claims she doesn’t like smoke that much. An enameled Dutch oven is recommended, but if you have a well-seasoned cast iron or other heavy pot that is ok to go in the kamado, that would be fine. One other side note, I won't say the Oktoberfest was the best pairing, but it's what I had. Normally I like a Negra Modelo or Sol with chili. Over the top Chili (Giant meatball chili) 2 lbs. Ground beef (we like 90/10 you can go less lean if you like) 1 lb Hot Italian bulk sausage 1 tube of Chorizo (I get the Supremo from Costco, think it’s about 8 oz.) 3 T Chili powder 2 t cumin 1 T Garlic powder 1 T Onion powder ½ t Black pepper 1 large onion, diced 3 bell peppers chopped (I like to use red, yellow and orange) 1 Jalapeno chopped 3 or more garlic cloves, diced 2 14oz. can diced tomatoes (I had frozen diced cherries that I used this time) 1 14 oz. can tomato sauce (I had homemade this time) 2 cans of Rotel 2 cans of chili beans 12-20 oz of beer or broth (cheap beer, I usually have some High Life around for just such an occasion, Modelo works, I imagine an IPA would too) 12oz or so of frozen corn It’s all to taste, if you want it heated up can add more jalapenos, rotel, chili powder, cayenne whatever. Bring grill to 275-300 F with heat diffuser in place with some kind of spacer for the Dutch oven to sit on, I use ½” copper elbows. I usually just have 1 or 2 chunks of wood in my lump for this, that ground meat will take on smoke flavor pretty easily. Sauté onion and peppers in a couple of tablespoons of olive oil until starting to soften in Dutch oven over medium heat on stovetop, add rest of veggies and cans except for the corn and transfer to kamado uncovered. Mix all of the ground meats together in medium mixing bowl with all of the dry spices, try to get a fairly even blend, form into a giant meatball and place on wire rack that will fit over the dutch oven in the kamado. (I use a bowl that will pretty much be the right size for the ball, so I just kind of plop it onto the wire rack.) Put meatball directly over DO on grill and bring to an internal temp of 150 F, (should be a couple of hours) remove meatball and chop into bite size chunks, add meat back to DO with the corn. I usually decide to add more liquid at this point and will generally have a pounder of cheap beer to throw in, I imagine chicken broth would work nicely too. Cook an additional 1-2 hours or you could eat it now, bring back to the stove and skim any fat off the top, add any spice you think it needs. Fits pretty perfectly in my 6 qt. DO.
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