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    Red River Smoke reacted to JeffieBoy in Reef's 7 Course Italian Meal   
    @skreef(We no longer have Olive Garden restaurants in Ontario)  Thats why Olive Garden chairs have wheels, to roll you out the the parking lot because you can’t walk...
    @ckreef  At our house, a 7 course Italian would be 6 glasses of prosecco and a bowl of “sgetti”....  LOL
    Nicely done!
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    Red River Smoke reacted to ckreef in Reef's 7 Course Italian Meal   
    It's actually 9 courses but I combined a couple courses so it's served as a 7 course meal. It was supposed to be 10 courses but in the middle of all this I forgot to cook one of the courses - oops  by that time I was 1/2 a bottle of Prosecco down and well that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it - LOL. 
    I used this guide for a full course Italian meal:
    Here’s all my ingredients pictures. 




    Contorni - the forgotten course

    Insalata and Formaggie Frutta combined

    Dolce and Caffe combined 


    Here are a few "action" pictures





    And dinner is served........ 
    Aperitivo - chilled Prosecco with Cranberry Cheese (Mrs skreef made me do it). 

    Antipasti - tomato crostini drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and 18 year aged balsamic vinegar. 

    Primi - Cheese tortellini drizzled with Alfredo sauce. 

    Secondi - XL (7 Oz.) Meatball served in sauce. 

    Insalata and Formaggie Frutta combined - Spring mix leafy greens with feta cheese and fresh blueberries served with a blueberry balsamic vinaigrette. 

    Dolce and Caffe combined - Savoiardi  (lady fingers) stuffed with orange flavored Italian sweet cheese and dipped in dark chocolate. With a side of espresso and some Canadian sugar in the raw. 

    Digestivo - finally Limoncello served in frosted glasses to wash it all down. 

    I am officially stuffed - LOL -
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    Red River Smoke reacted to Alekto in Char Siu Pork Shoulder   
    The debut cook for my KJ jr.
    2'' thick slices of trimmed pork shoulder marinated for 36 hours in a mixture of Shao Xing, Dark Soy, Sugar, Honey Powder, Hoi Sin, Garlic, Five Spice and Fermented Red Beancurd, then cooked low and slow over a water bath for about 4 hours until it reached 170F.  

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    Red River Smoke reacted to KJKiley in T's Cinnamon Rolls   
    I credit this recipe to one of our good friends from our time together in Seoul.
    2 packages active dry yeast
    1 cup warm water (105-115 degrees F)
    2/3 cup sugar, PLUS 1 tsp
    1 cup warm milk (105-115 degrees F)
    2/3 cup salted butter –melted PLUS extra to coat bowl
    2 eggs slightly beaten
    7 cups flour plus extra for rolling on
    1 ½ cup butter divided, ¾ cup melted, ¾ cup room temp
    1 ¾ cup brown sugar plus 4 tbsp
    3 tbsp cinnamon (the best you can find)
    1 ½ cups chopped pecans (optional)
    1 cup raisins (optional)
    Cream Cheese Frosting
    4 oz cream cheese
    ¼ cup butter
    ½ tsp vanilla
    ½ tbsp milk
    1 ½ cup powdered sugar (sifted to ensure no lumps)
    In a small bowl mix together warm water, yeast, and 1 tsp sugar and set aside. In a large mixing bowl mix milk, 2/3 cup sugar, melted butter, salt and eggs, stir well then add your yeast mixture.  Add ½ the flour and beat until smooth, then add the rest of the flour ½ cup at a time until well incorporated.  Dough will be sticky.  Knead for about 7 minutes, then place in a well buttered glass bowl, cover and let rise in a warm place until doubled in size for about 1 ½ hours.  When doubled, punch down dough and let it rest for another 5 minutes.
    After you wait the 5 minutes, roll dough out on a floured surface to 1/8 to ¼ inch; roll into a rectangle.
    Filling directions:
    Spread ¾ cup melted butter on dough. Mix together brown sugar and cinnamon; sprinkle over buttered dough.  Sprinkle with pecans and raisins if desired. 
    Roll up jelly style; cut into 20-24 slices.  Coat the bottom of two, 9x13 pans with remaining butter.  Sprinkle 2 tbsp (for each pan - 4 tbsp total) brown sugar on top of butter. Place cinnamon roll slices close together in pans, then put them in a warm spot and WAIT 45 minutes or so for them to double in size.

    I fired up the Joe 3 at this point (was actually holding it at 250 from an earlier cook, so I just opened it up a bit).
    Bake for 35-40 minutes until rolls are nicely browned.  Cool rolls slightly before you frost.
    The cook was a bit of a challenge as a gale force winds and sideways rain rolled in as I was about to get started, but I managed to get everything on without getting it all soaked.  Though I did have to adjust the Fireboard set up since I have no desire to find out exactly how water resistant it is.

    Cream together cream cheese and butter.  Add vanilla and milk until incorporated.  Add powdered sugar ½  cup at a time.
    Frost slightly cooled rolls.

    All in all a successful and tasty cook, and they were devoured here at home and the next day at the office.
    Trish’s Cinnamon Rolls (1).docx
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    Red River Smoke reacted to KamadoChris in Tacos al pastor   
    This cook has been on the list for quite awhile but it was going to take some time and effort to make a trompo and gather the ingredients.  I finally got my stuff together and the results were fabulous.  I put my trompo together with a pizza pan and made the skewer out of 3/16 stainless rod - threading the rod was my least favourite part of the process. After putting the pastor marinade together I sliced a 5 pound pork shoulder on 1/4” slices and let it do it’s thing for all most 24 hours in the fridge. I stacked it with a slice of pineapple on the bottom, middle and top. Cooked indirect at 450° it took about 2 hours or so, and I pulled it out and sliced off the cooked and charred parts 3 times before it was cooked all the way through. I reheated it all back up in a frying pan at dinner and pressed out fresh tortillas. With a couple fresh mojitos this made the absolute best tacos al pastor I’ve had. 

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    Red River Smoke reacted to MD_Ag in Accidental Challenge - Chicken and Peaches   
    As the title suggests, this was not meant to be a challenge entry. I just happened to pull up the forum after putting the chicken on the grill to see the July Challenge up and realize my dinner on the kamado fit perfectly.
    Five ingredients:
    Chicken breasts, split in half
    Peach halves (freestone!)
    Goat Cheese
    Balsamic vinegar
    According to the challenge guidelines, the olive oil and lemon thyme do not count toward the total.
    For the chicken:
    Split the breasts if they're too thick.  Slice the lemon four or five times, then juice the remainder.  Marinate chicken in a bag with oil, vinegar, lemon, juice,  and lemon thyme while preparing the grill.
    Cut in half, then remove the pit. Use a small spoon to deepen any shallow hollows.  While things are cooking, prepare the filling. Smash the goat cheese (~5 oz.) and add picked lemon thyme, along with a splash of balsamic. Mix thoroughly, then chill.

    Cook everything over indirect heat. The peaches go on a bit late and get pulled off early. As you flip the chicken, make sure to keep the lemon slices on top.

    When everything is done, scoop the goat cheese mixture into the peaches, plate everything, then sprinkle with additional balsamic.

    I can also confirm from lunch today that the peaches are just as wonderful served cooled, especially when eaten on a covered deck on an extremely hot day.
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    Red River Smoke reacted to Ben S in The first cook on my Breeo.   
    I ordered a Breeo 19 inch X series during their Memorial Day sale, it came with a free lid on the grill combos. 
    after using it as a firepit and s’more maker, I finally tested out the cooking capabilities.  This was fun!  
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    Red River Smoke reacted to Shayes2791 in Alternative topper(like smokeware)   
    Until I get my grill shack built with a roof, I wanted a way to keep rain and snow out of my Louisiana grills 24 inch kamado top vent.  Smokeware doesn't and won't make their version to fit.  I do have one of the smokeware ones for my large grill dome and love it. 
    I have searched extensively for a solution and found a possible solution.  I got a 9 inch galvanized stove pipe cap for reasonable price that only requires the kamado gasket seal for snug fit.  This does go over the existing vent top. I have yet to test but does fit nicely.
    I don't remember the guidelines as to if I can put the link here or not but is on Amazon for about 16 bucks.  Cost more for shipping but still for around 35 dollars is a nice solution in my opinion.

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    Red River Smoke reacted to len440 in Wrapping in 2 year old Kick Ash Basket   
    I don't have a kick ash basket (yet) but have been using charcoal grills for over 50 years and what I see in the warped basket is just plain normal wear and tear on a grill grate. It's metal and will expand and shrink and move around when heated to at the least red hot. So I don't see what the problem is.
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    Red River Smoke reacted to KismetKamado in Farmers Casserole   
    Alright - enough slacking and time to get in gear and post a challenge cook... with a good several hours to spare, I might add. 
    Couldn’t decide what to do and was running out of time. Decided on a farmers casserole. I’ve made this a number of times at home and at work, but pretty sure I haven’t done it on a kamado. It’s always a hit and you can change up the ingredients to suit what you have on hand. 
    Hash browns, farm fresh eggs from a coworker, evaporated milk, cheese, ham, bacon, Anaheim, jalapeño, sweet peppers, mushrooms and a shallot that missed the photo shoot were today’s cast of characters. Also some salt, pepper garlic of course...

    Fired up Big Joe for the first time since last fall. Cleaned it up and left the lump in and it sat covered outside all winter. Was hoping this wouldn’t bite me in the back side and cause issues getting to temp, but was willing to gamble. At least Wyoming dry climate is good for something.... No mold issues like some of you have. 

    Chopped up everything and put a light sauté on it in cast iron on a butane burner outside. Wind blowing 20+ and blowing out the burner... that was fun. 


    Took that in and tossed the hash browns with a bag of shredded pepper jack and then added in the veggies and ham and some seasoning. Then spread that out in the pan. I usually just layer things in, which works fine too. 

    Then whisked about 9 eggs and a can of evaporated milk together with a little more seasoning. 

    And poured it over and added more cheese. 


    Then on to the grill about 375. 

    And baked indirect for about an hour - or a little more. 

    Made up some pico in the meantime.


    Let it cool for a bit after pulling and then cut it up. I go with uneven pieces (about 1/3 and 2/3)  - the larger side is pieces for Mr. KK and the smaller side is pieces for me. 

    And plated it up. 

    This reheats really well and will be a quick and easy breakfast for most of the week here. 
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    Red River Smoke reacted to BURGER MEISTER in Weber kettle vs Kamado   
    You are pretty much the only one that can decide if it justifies the cost of going to a ceramic cooker.  I cooked on Weber kettles, 4 of em in 40 years and didn't regret one of them.  I coulda stretched the life of them by replacing movable parts but I had to face the facts, I wanted a KJ so I bit the bullet and bought 2 of them.  Like the Webers, I don't regret getting the KJs either.  Good luck
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    Red River Smoke reacted to ckreef in Wrapping in 2 year old Kick Ash Basket   
    My newly released Primo Oval Jr KAB has shipped and is scheduled to deliver on Thursday. This will be my first true KAB as my Komodo Kamado's come from the factory with an ash basket. 
    Also for anyone about to get the new Gen 2 stainless steel version - realize that when stainless steel gets heated to a high enough temperature it rusts. If I remember correctly the chromium in stainless steel is what gives it the stainless property. At high heat the chromium molecules on the surface gets burned off and the stainless steel starts to rust. 
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    Red River Smoke reacted to keeperovdeflame in Wrapping in 2 year old Kick Ash Basket   
    I have Both a gen 1 original, and a thicker beefed up gen 2 KAB. Both are bent, charred, rusty, but still perform their intended function. Hard to to imagine putting piece of gear in to a more harsh environment. Ck is right, the temp in your fire box is easily 2x the temp on your dome thermometer.  Anything, stainless or not, is going to show wear over time, the more you cook the quicker the damage appears . KAB puts out a great product, but everything including me has a life span,  I just figure on replacing my basket every 3 or 4 years. Cost of doing business.
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    Red River Smoke reacted to ckreef in Wrapping in 2 year old Kick Ash Basket   
    You all do realize that at 500* dome the temp down in the basket area is 2 to 3 times that hot. 1,000* - 1,500*. A little warpage can be expected. Still the benefit out weighs the warpage. 
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    Red River Smoke got a reaction from lnarngr in Over the Top Chili   
    I posted this on the Facebook page a couple of weeks ago and someone asked for the recipe, better late than never I guess. If you have a recipe of your own for traditional chili that you like and want to try this method, just separate the meat and spices from the rest, make the meatball and cook accordingly. This one is a pretty big hit, even with my wife who claims she doesn’t like smoke that much. An enameled Dutch oven is recommended, but if you have a well-seasoned cast iron or other heavy pot that is ok to go in the kamado, that would be fine.
    One other side note, I won't say the Oktoberfest was the best pairing, but it's what I had. Normally I like a Negra Modelo or Sol with chili.
    Over the top Chili (Giant meatball chili)
    2 lbs. Ground beef (we like 90/10 you can go less lean if you like)
    1 lb Hot Italian bulk sausage
    1 tube of Chorizo (I get the Supremo from Costco, think it’s about 8 oz.)
    3 T Chili powder
    2 t cumin
    1 T Garlic powder
    1 T Onion powder
    ½ t Black pepper
    1 large onion, diced
    3 bell peppers chopped (I like to use red, yellow and orange)
    1 Jalapeno chopped
    3 or more garlic cloves, diced
    2 14oz. can diced tomatoes (I had frozen diced cherries that I used this time)
    1 14 oz. can tomato sauce (I had homemade this time)
    2 cans of Rotel
    2 cans of chili beans
    12-20 oz of beer or broth (cheap beer, I usually have some High Life around for just such an occasion, Modelo works, I imagine an IPA would too)
    12oz or so of frozen corn
    It’s all to taste, if you want it heated up can add more jalapenos, rotel, chili powder, cayenne whatever.
    Bring grill to 275-300 F with heat diffuser in place with some kind of spacer for the Dutch oven to sit on, I use ½” copper elbows. I usually just have 1 or 2 chunks of wood in my lump for this, that ground meat will take on smoke flavor pretty easily.
    Sauté onion and peppers in a couple of tablespoons of olive oil until starting to soften in Dutch oven over medium heat on stovetop, add rest of veggies and cans except for the corn and transfer to kamado uncovered.  Mix all of the ground meats together in medium mixing bowl with all of the dry spices, try to get a fairly even blend, form into a giant meatball and place on wire rack that will fit over the dutch oven in the kamado. (I use a bowl that will pretty much be the right size for the ball, so I just kind of plop it onto the wire rack.) Put meatball directly over DO on grill and bring to an internal temp of 150 F, (should be a couple of hours) remove meatball and chop into bite size chunks, add meat back to DO with the corn.  I usually decide to add more liquid at this point and will generally have a pounder of cheap beer to throw in, I imagine chicken broth would work nicely too. Cook an additional 1-2 hours or you could eat it now, bring back to the stove and skim any fat off the top, add any spice you think it needs.
    Fits pretty perfectly in my 6 qt. DO.

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    Red River Smoke reacted to keeperovdeflame in White smoke?   
    I have not used them when cooking a brisket, but not because I am worried about their fat capacity.I  just haven't cooked brisket since I got them.  I have done pork butt and turkey which drop a lot of goo. I would probably go with the 16"  for brisket.The lip is 1" depending on how straight an angle my eye was at when I looked at the tape. Even if you get a 1/2" inch of goo over a 16" surface, that's a lot of goo. You could always call Tom at CGS, he is in Denton Texas an the CGS number is on their website. I am sure he has cooked many a brisket and can  give you better information that I have available. By the way I find Tom to be a great guy and very helpful. He really knows his gear and what works for what. 
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    Red River Smoke reacted to FLgrill in New Louisiana K24 from Costco   
    I was overly exited about my new toy and my current situation and did not really think this statement out very well. My wife and I have recently started new jobs, have moved back to Florida, and everything has been falling into place after years of hardship and uncertainty.
    Obviously all is not right in the world and my thoughts and prayers are with any who may be adversely affected by these unprecedented times we are all living through.
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    Red River Smoke reacted to ckreef in King Arthur Crispy Cheesy Pan Pizza   
    Wanted to try out this new recipe. I mixed up the dough Thursday night and into the refrigerator it went. This is my kind of recipe using stretch and fold instead of kneading. I debated weather to use a Kamado and CI pans like the recipe shows or my wood fired oven and a Lloyd pan. Being a gorgeous day decided to play with the wood fired oven. 
    Brought the wood fired oven out of winter hibernation and fired it up. 


    King Arthur Crispy Cheesy Pan Pizza. Parmesan, Fontina and Mozzarella with a homemade sauce. I originally upscaled the recipe for CI pans but I used a 11" x 15" Lloyd pan. Next time I use this pan I'll upscale a little more for a thicker crust. Oops left it in a minute or two too long. Still tasty and a nice soft fluffy crust. 


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    Red River Smoke reacted to ckreef in A 3 Kamado Cook.   
    One Kamado is definitely not enough and if 2 is better than 1, than 3 is better than 2. Not that you couldn't do it with 1 or even 2 Kamados, 3 just makes it easier. 
    Potatoes and carrots on a Primo Oval Jr 

    When those were close to done I did a 500* forward sear on the 16" Komodo Kamado using Grill Grates. 

    I then moved them over to the 19" Komodo Kamado to finish low-n-slow. I pulled them at a IT of 130*. Almost ready to pull. 



    While all that was going on Mrs skreef made a cheesecake with peach topping. Dinner and desert was served. 


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    Red River Smoke reacted to keeperovdeflame in First Dinner on the Deck this year   
    It is beautiful here, we probably had our last snow a couple of weeks ago  and temps are on the rise, with a number of trees in bloom. Just a wonderful celebration of Spring,  If it weren't for the fact we are in the middle of dealing with a pandemic with all the restaurants at take out only, no Spring baseball, and even the  tough high desert  folks wearing face masks and staying 6ft from one another in the grocery stores so they will lessen the chances of catching this modern plague. Trying to make the best of it, my wife and I had our first dinner on the deck the other night. Grilled Rib Eye and Mexican Corn. It was probably around 60-61 degrees so my wife wrapped up in a blanket, but in general a good time was had by all. 

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    Red River Smoke reacted to keeperovdeflame in Probably unusual, but very good.   
    This little dish kinda evolved at our house. I cook pork chops and started adding apples and onions. We also liked sausage and peppers, however, the peppers developed a strong dislike for my wife. Now I do Sausage, Granny Smith apple, and sweet onions, marked good on the grill and then steamed in beer.I use McCormicks Garlic and Herb Seasoning to give it some depth. Actually a very good simple dish. We usually eat it with garlic bread. After they hit an IT of 165, I pull the sausage and slice it, putting it back in the mix. Along with a beer and some spicy brown mustard, it really hits the spot. The sweet of the apples and the savory of the sausage with  onions and garlic turns out to be a nice combination.

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    Red River Smoke reacted to Hundu in Hello from Estonia!   
    Hi to everyone!
    As for most of us, this Corona business is strange thing, makes You to think alternative ways to spend time in quarantine. So I finally got the Kamado Joe Classic II with iKamand  Had planned this long-long time.. After first try - low temperature pork neck, 6 hours at 140C  - no regrets whatsoever.... Money well spent  
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    Red River Smoke reacted to Smokingdadbbq in Table build ... progress blog for two Kamado’s   
    Have the cedar oiled 

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    Red River Smoke reacted to CentralTexBBQ in Reasonable price for Whole Packer Brisket?   
    The most expensive brisket I have purchased is $3.59. And, that was for Costco Prime. Typically between Costco and Restaurant Depot (CAB / high choice), I can get them anywhere from $2.79 – $3.59. Make sure you compare apples to apples or grade of beef to grade of beef. In a pinch, I might go for @Ogopogo's $3.99, if it was prime. My local Kroger typically starts @ $3.99 and goes higher and that is just for Select They only drop prices when that expiration date is close and then you can grab them ~$1.99 – $2.99 per.
    p.s.- I'm really considering asking mr. @philpom to flag himself for constantly rubbing his brisket prices in everyone's face... 
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    Red River Smoke reacted to dylanm in Peach pork butt   
    A couple weeks ago I did my first overnight cook.  No fancy programmer needed to hold temp.  Set up my probes to alert if under 225 and over 275 and alarm if suddenly reaches about 195 internal before I wake up.  Grill fired up around 10:30pm got to temp within 30 minutes then let it hold for another hour to make sure dialed in correctly then on by midnight.  Butt was about 8lbs trimmed and was covered in yellow mustard then Badd Byrons butt rub then topped with Smuckers Peach Preserves.  Got to 199 degrees by the following day around 11:30am.  Removed from grill and FTC for another hour and a half.  Pulled and was the best so far.  This was first time using peach preserves and was definitely a hit!  Bark was out of this world!  Through on some fresh rolls with some slaw and the rest to the freezer!

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