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    Red River Smoke reacted to sarkowski in Banana Bread   
    My wife has this banana bread recipe that she got from a friend years ago.  She's tweaked it a little each time she's made it until we felt like it was perfect.  And then we cooked it on the Akorn over hardwood lump and a couple of chunks of pecan wood.  Now it's perfect!

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    Red River Smoke reacted to GrillDawg in "Sweet Heat" Pizza   
    Decided to fire up the KJ for my first pizza cook last night. We had a bad stretch of storms come through and were under a tornado watch...but I was hungry so we made it happen
    Made my own crust using John's recipe. Toppings consisted of sausage, banana peppers, spinach and a honey drizzle once I took it off the grill. Decided to label this one "Sweet Heat."
    Had some trouble getting the KJ up to 900 but seemed to work fine at 750.
    Overall, it was really good. Can't wait for our next pizza night!




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    Red River Smoke reacted to Ms84 in Kamado trolley   
    Just thought I’d post a pic of my new Kamado Joe trolley made by someone local with welding experience
     very happy with it and now able to wheel around the rear garden with no fear of it toppling due to uneven ground
     now what to do with the old stand?... ideas?

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    Red River Smoke reacted to keeperovdeflame in Don't kick your gasser to the curb!   
    With the right technique, a gasser or any grill for that matter,  can turn out some amazing cooks. I did bone in pork chops, and made a nice risotto with garlic, a Granny Smith apple, and some sliced yellow onion on my Weber Summit, for last night's dinner. I filled the smoke tray with soaked pecan chips.   I used a small cast iron pan to braise the apple chunks, onion, and whole garlic cloves in chicken broth. When the apples, garlic, and onion were soft I added them to some packaged risotto in a small dutch oven also on the grill. I smoked the chops standing vertical in a taco rack and then finished them flat on the grate.  Came out great and made for a wonderful dinner. Chops took about 20 min start to finish. This cook is in the regular rotation at our place. Quick and Easy .

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    Red River Smoke reacted to John Setzler in Karubecue KQB C-60 Boston Butt   
    My rub without any sugar at all in it doesn't lend itself well to a tight bark....  this thing is jello tender... gonna rest it a while and then pull it apart...
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    Red River Smoke reacted to DerHusker in NYE Pizza   
    On New Year’s Eve we had our friends over for dinner.  They were getting up early to go to the Rose Parade so the evening ended early but we still had a great time.

    I made 2 pizzas. The first was a Hawaiian Pizza with red onion, black olives, Canadian bacon and pineapple.




    The second was a Meat Lover’s Pizza with red onion, black olives, peperoni and Italian sausage.




    Both were delicious but I have to say the Meat Lovers was my favorite.

    Thanks for looking.

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    Red River Smoke reacted to 3547fl in Fall Clean-up   
    After heavy use over the summer did a fall clean up, pressure wash, grills cleaned, stick cleaned. Everything pulled from drawers / storage cleaned and put away. Ready for a heavy Thanksgiving weekend, glad to get it done. 

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    Red River Smoke reacted to pmillen in Beef Short Ribs   
    I smoke-roasted the ribs on a Karubecue C-60 but the recipe should work on any pit or Kamado.
    Beef ribs
    Your favorite rub
    Trim off fat and sinew Don't remove the bone-side membrane, it holds the ribs as a unit Apply rub to the meat side only Don't season the membrane side, it appears to be impenetrable Refrigerate for a couple of hours Preheat pit to 250°F Smoke-roast until internal temperature (IT) is 202°-204°F Serve  
    It's pretty simple.  I had a bit of a problem deciding when they should be pulled from the pit because the meat varies in thickness.

    Short ribs (6.6 lbs.)

    Trimmed to 5.9 lbs.

    Seasoned and rested.  Ready to cook.  Direct from refrigerator into the pit.

    Done.  I pulled a bone and took a bite.
    They were pretty good.  A great "beefy" taste, tender but a bit "stringy".
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    Red River Smoke reacted to Smokingdadbbq in KJ Jr. IKEA Table Modification   
    Looks incredible.... not sure I like my storage / stand combo that I slapped together 

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    Red River Smoke reacted to KamadoHop in KJ Jr. IKEA Table Modification   
    Thanks to @Kamadobjorn for the inspiration. The table is the “Applaro” Line. The hardware that you see in the last pictures all came from Hobby Lobby. The table comes with a thin, cheap pull bar and nothing else, not even knobs for the doors. The cooler pic is just for reference as that was what I was doing prior to getting the table. The last pic is sans hardware just the way it comes from IKEA. 
    I used Lenox 18TPI metal jigsaw blades with an adjustable speed jigsaw set to its lowest setting to cut the hole. I used this edge trim from Amazon: Trim
    If you have any other questions just ask. Cheers. 

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    Red River Smoke reacted to ckreef in Steel Head Trout in Grandma Pan   
    I got me a nice piece of Steel Head Trout. I actually like it better than salmon. It's not as tall as salmon so it doesn't have the thin belly meat. 
    Gave it a nice lemon Pesto topping. Cooked it in my 19" KK on the upper grate in my new Grandma pan. It was a gorgeous piece of fish. 

    Below that on the main grate was some baked potatoes and homemade stuffed scallops. 

    Slid right off the pan and onto the serving platter without a care in the world. I really like Lloyd Pans. 

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    Red River Smoke reacted to keeperovdeflame in Big Muley behind my cooking spot   
    This fellow and his harem of 8 does joined me for my morning coffee today.  He is standing below my deck about 30 to 40 Yds from where I cook. He actually bedded down for a couple of hours right about where he is standing. Our place is about a 1/4 mile from the national forest boarder, so he and his girls feel pretty safe in amongst our group of homes. However, once he steps into the national forest and gets safe shooting distance away from the houses he undoubtedly makes a nice target.  A number of big boys like to hang in the hood during the day light hours. 

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    Red River Smoke reacted to jde30ster in Turkey   
    Happy thanksgiving 

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    Red River Smoke reacted to keeperovdeflame in Pan under the turkey?   
    A pan filled with veggies under a bird is one of my favorite cooks. I have cooked countless chickens like that, however, never a turkey. I beg each year to be able to put a veggie pan beneath our turkey, but am voted down, with the others in favor of mashed potatoes, yams, stuffing, and more traditional sides. Just set a deflector low and then use copper elbows  to create an air space between the ceramic and the bottom of your pan, that way stuff won't have a tendency to fry and burn. My favorite pan is an enameled Lodge cast-iron brasier. Use some chicken broth and keep some with to you to add during the cook as some will evaporate during the cook.Here are some pics from  a recent chicken cook. To prevent the bird from steaming, as you mentioned, I like a good amount of space between the pan and the bottom of the bird sitting on  the main grate. Pretty much any veggie mix will work. My favorite includes heirloom carrots, sweet onions, celery, orange wedges, apple wedges, and sweet Italian sausage meat balls. after the cook you can pull the veggies an then stir a little flour into the broth and drippings to thicken it for a nice sauce  / gravy. 

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    Red River Smoke reacted to ckreef in Sponge Bob Steak   
    I did this cook 3 times this month trying to get a good set of pictures - no luck :(
    The first attempt was the best but the pictures weren't worth posting. This is the third attempt. Still really good but pictures weren't that great so I'll only post a few. Keep in mind I'm not really complaining about eating this cook three times in one month it's just a little frustrating when the pictures look  way worse than it tasted. Anyway enough of my crying........ 
    Steak Sponge Bob - a medium rare ribeye topped with a Maryland style crab cake. 
    I started out with a forward sear. Searing first is easier and gives much more controlled results but you do need two different grills to make it work. Searing on the 16" KK about 600*.

    I then moved them over to the 19" KK for a 250* low and slow finish. Added the crab cakes to par-bake them. 

    Finally I put the crab cakes on the ribeyes and a few moments under the broiler. 

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    Red River Smoke reacted to philpom in One big butt   
    Certainly on the larger side of what I normally see.  Did a nice long cook at around 275°f with some GPR #86 and hickory wood using B&B lump. 
    Was running low on #86

    What a great price and a nice size.

    The cook progression.

    And final product.  This one turned out fantastic!

    Portioned it out in 1 pound vaccum bags and started gifting.  It's a great way to share.
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    Red River Smoke reacted to KismetKamado in A swing and a miss....Pulled Pork Leftover Challenge Fail   
    A couple of weeks ago - what some would call a blizzard butt went down in anticipation of what would become an October Challenge Cook. 


    Double Brr...

    And Brr...

    Ok, with that done I parked my pulled pork in the freezer.  Truth be told, didn’t even make a first meal out of it since it finished in the morning. Kept the temp nice and low for a corned beef “pastrami” that tagged along on the lower rack. Seasoning was simple to be versatile for leftovers:  salt, pepper, garlic and a little Chupacabra. 
    Fast forward a couple of weeks and I was rapidly running out of time. I had parked a bag of pulled pork in the home freezer and work freezer in an attempt to maximize my chance for a cook. With today being the last chance, and no work cook possible (I was dreaming to even think I could sneak it in with month end), I brought my bag of thawed pulled pork home with me from work. After getting everyone settled from evening festivities, I went about starting my challenge cook. Temps were slightly more pleasant today though the wind was howling. Seemed slightly better than the single digits highs and record low temps of the last couple days. 
    Cleared a spot for Jr on the deck... which made it clear of snow, but slicker than all get out. 

    Lit my charcoal with a torch - super sparky, but wasn’t really feeling any imminent fire danger...  Went about tending to other things. Checked back half an hour later and fire was out. Resorted to a tumbleweed starter. Got it going, or so I thought, set vents and came out another half hour later to fire out again. At this point snow was coming down and I really don’t like Jr exposed to the elements. So I threw in the towel and lugged the little guy inside and decide to carry on indoors. 
    Crisped up the pork in a small cast iron pan. 

    Added some green tomatillo salsa. 

    Mixed that together and added some black beans and corn. 

    Started layering my nachos in a larger CI pan with the handle lopped off (this fits in Jr and pretty sure the other pan would too, but didn’t get that far).

    Threw it in the oven to melt the cheese. 

    Underestimated the power of the convection feature. 

    Not challenge worthy / eligible, but tasty nonetheless. 
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    Red River Smoke reacted to Beachpig in Titan 10” Kamado Review   
    I decided to add a Kamado grill to my collection. I currently own a Wilmington propane stainless grill. This is probably one of the best in the market at the $1,200 price range. I also own a Smokin-it smoker which is an awesome smoker and had many fantastic cooks on both. I have done lots of research on the Kamado grills and decided venture out and see what’s in the market. I wanted something small as I’m only cooking for two most of the time.
    I looked at the BGE MIniMax 13” ($600), Kamado Joe Jr. 13.5” ($400) and the Titan 10” ($150).  I decided to give the Titan a shot knowing I was giving up 3” of grill space. On the flip side I was saving at least $250.
    Titan 10” : I purchased the grill on sale from   https://www.titangreatoutdoors.com/outdoor-cooking-1/10-inch-ufo-kamado-grill-899169.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMInrPisdKV5gIVS18NCh2lKQiIEAQYASABEgKetfD_BwE&utm_medium=cpc&adpos=1o1&lang=default&sc_intid=899169&scid=scplp899169&utm_source=google    for $147.00 free shipping. 
    I received the grill and put it together within a half hour. This grill is solid!. I found an aluminum pan that fit until the grill rack for indirect cooking. I also found an old iron chair and mounted the Titan on it for more height convenience. I fired it up numerous time using Cowboy lump charcoal. I cooked burgers, steaks and chicken to great satisfaction. Searing you say, 800 Degrees!!!! If that isn’t hot enough, wow.
    I decided to do a long cook this weekend putting four large pieces of lump in the chimney to desired appearance and then dropped them into the Titan. I placed a 5lb Boston Butt on a let it go for 7hrs. The weather conditions were 60 degrees, windy and raining. This kamado held 250 degrees for the duration with no fluctuation in temp. I was very impressed with this Titan. The Butt came out fantastic! The brisket will be next week.
    I checked on the Titan 4 hrs after the cook and it was still holding 300 degrees as I was trying to burn of the grill. Note: I never added and more lump charcoal to the grill.
    Overall, if anyone is looking for a great small Kamado grill this is the one for the price! I am very please with this purchase as I don’t normally take the time to write reviews. 

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    Red River Smoke reacted to GreenJay in 13" & 18" model???   
    I can confirm that there really is a Pit Boss K13, because I was given one as a present.
    They are apparently an exclusive offer through Bunnings in Australia and this week they are being clearanced at $70 instead of $150.
    It is amazing for a rack of short ribs, a chicken, or a table top grill, only needs a tiny amount of charcoal for 5-6 hours of low n slow. I haven't had to fill the firebowl more than halfway for anything yet. Oh, and it's portable enough to take anywhere. I love this baby Kamado.

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    Red River Smoke reacted to philpom in No Stuffer No Problem!   
    If you have a jerky gun similar to this one.  We've had it for many years and recently decided to give it a run.  While laying out 5 pounds of meat stick in the dehydrator I had a thought!  Can I use this to stuff a 1 pound fibrous sausage casing?  I soaked a casing in warm water and gave it a go.  I just worked the casing over the tip meant for round snack sticks and filled it holding it with my hand firmly and tied it off.  Worked like a champ.

    Here is the beef sausage freshly filled and tied.  Can for size reference.

    I put it in a vacuum bag and tossed it in the sous vide when I was  ready for bed.

    I did allow it to cure before cooking for 2 days.  After the bath I placed it in the fridge in the cold drawer for a day.  Here it is ready to eat.  I noted it had practically no air pockets, was well formed and sliced nicely.  Flavor was great!

    This was a last minute experiment, I used 90/10 beef and should have used 70/30 but it's what I had.  This worked so well I'm starting to think about Christmas!  I believe using the jerky gun is a reasonable workaround for doing a batch of around 5 pounds, worked very well.
    If you try it I hope it works well for you! 
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    Red River Smoke reacted to MossyMO in Owens BBQ Inventory Update   
    Besides Tatonka Dust and Buffalo Wing seasoning from Owens BBQ, we offer many seasonings for sausage, jerky, brats & meat sticks. We also carry seasonings/rubs, sauces/glazes, injections, brines, accessories & supplies from the following highly respected manufacturers in the BBQ industry!
    - 2 Gringos Chupacabra
    - Arnold's Misfit Acres
    - B Xtreme BBQ
    - BEER:30
    - Beer’s Blackdog BBQ
    - Bexten’s Best
    - Big K'z Glaze
    - Big Frig
    - Big Smoak BBQ
    - Big Swede BBQ
    - Blues Hog
    - Boars Night Out
    - Brine Some Turkey
    - Burnt Finger BBQ
    - Butcher BBQ
    - Chili Dawg's
    - Cimarron Doc’s Bar-B-Q & Chili Co.
    - CJ’s All Terrain
    - Clark Crew BBQ
    - Daigle's
    - Demon Pig
    - Double Barrel BBQ
    - Duck Fat
    - Elk Creek Bar-B-Q Co.
    - Fat Bottom Girl BBQ
    - Fergolicious BBQ
    - Fire Dancer BBQ
    - Grill Pinz
    - Heath Riles BBQ
    - Hillside BBQ
    - Historic BBQ
    - Johnny Joseph Steak Rub
    - JonesyQ BBQ
    - Jumbo
    - Killer Hogs Barbecue
    - Kosmo’s Q
    - LC BBQ
    - Loot N' Booty BBQ
    - Lumberjack wood pellets
    - Malcolm’s How to BBQ Right!
    - Maverick thermometers
    - Meat Church BBQ
    - Meat Revival
    - MOJO RUB
    - Montana Outlaw BBQ
    - Owens BBQ
    - Pancho & Lefty Steaks
    - Pellet Envy EAT Barbecue
    - Plowboys BBQ
    - Pork Pachanga/After Party
    - Queshine/Brantley Creek BBQ & Company
    - Richie Z’s
    - Slap’s BBQ
    - Slawsa
    - Smokin’ Hoggz BBQ
    - Smoky Okie's
    - Steak Dance
    - SuckleBusters
    - Sweet Rub O’ Mine
    - Swine Life
    - Texas Oil Dust
    - Texas Pepper Jelly
    - Texas Swine Shine
    - Thunderbird Ranch
    - Timber charcoal
    - Triple 9 Swine
    - University of Que
    - Vortex - in/direct heat
    - World Championship SCA – Steak Cookoff Association
    - Wright Barbecue Company

    Updates that need to be added to the processing menu.

    Cooked/Smoked Sausage Seasonings
    - Polish Kielbasa
    - Pepperoni

    Meat Stick Seasonings
    - Hot
    - Mild
    - Philly Cheese Steak
    - Buffalo Wing
    - Sriracha
    - Mango Habanero
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    Red River Smoke reacted to keeperovdeflame in Rosemary roasted potato bread - Test run successful   
    I wouldn't imagine that bread to taste smokey.
    When I bake in my Egg I use straight lump and do not put the dough on my stone until I have consistent thin blue grey smoke. I never get smokey tasting bread. Some of the best bread I ever tasted was made in a hot shepherds oven over oak wood,  out behind a winery in Healdsburg Calif. no smokey taste there either.  Fresh baked warm bread, a chunk of good cheese, and a glass of wine.  Good Stuff
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    Red River Smoke reacted to Rob_grill_apprentice in Rosemary roasted potato bread - Test run successful   
    Rosemary roasted potato bread - test run successful.    Hydration 61%, fresh rosemary at 1 %, hard red spring whole wheat flour at 15%,  Hard white wheat artesian flour at 85%, roasted potatoes at 25%.  Taste is very nice, rosemary not overpowering,   Might try again at 2% later next year.    Still need to improve my shaping so line in bottom not visible.   If this was entered in to bread baking contest I would lose some points.  Everything else would score decently. This is another success as far as I am concerned for taste, crumb, texture and moisture.  
    Temperature outside was -9C,   Made sure final dough temperature after final kneading at 75 F.

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    Red River Smoke reacted to John Setzler in Kamado Guru - John's Really Right Stuff List   
    The Kamado Guru Really Right Stuff Guide!
    NOTE:  I am no longer participating in any affiliate programs.  My recommendations are purely based on experience and my personal likes.  I don't get paid to promote anything you see on this page and I don't get any kickback of any kind from you clicking on any of these links.  The Amazon links ARE my old affiliate links just because I have not changed them since I cancelled my affiliate membership.  The links still work.
    The Kamado Guru / Man Cave meals REALLY RIGHT STUFF list is my personal list of stuff that I think is awesome to own.  Most of the stuff on this list is stuff that I have bought myself.  If it was provided to me, I have indicated that on each item.  Regardless of where it came from and who paid for it, if it's on this list, it's something I love and recommend.  
    I want to start this guide out with the place where I buy my high quality meat.  When I want something that is amazing quality I go here:
    Porter Road - https://porterroad.com
    Porter Road approached me earlier and offered to provide me with some of their meat to try.  I accepted that offer and they won me over as a customer in the process.  I am buying meat from them now when I need something exceptional in quality.  
    My full review of Porter Road is here:
    Thermoworks is at the top of the food chain when it comes to instant read digital thermometers.  They also have some amazing quality remote monitors that I have also.  I own each of the products listed here and I highly recommend them:
    Thermapop - LINK
    Thermapen MK4 - LINK 
    Thermoworks SMOKE - LINK 
    Thermoworks SIGNALS - LINK  (Provided to me by Thermoworks)
    The Thermoworks Signals has an add-on enhancement that turns it into a grill controller: LINK  The Billows product doesn't offer customized adapters to make it fit your specific grill with any amount of precision so you may need to fabricate one.  I do NOT recommend the Billows product at this time.  I feel like it needs some enhancement on the software side before it's ready for prime time.  If this product evolves into something I like, I will add it to my temperature controller section below.  
    Thermoworks IR GUN - LINK
    I use an infrared thermometer fairly frequently.  When I am cooking on a soapstone or cast iron griddle, I use my IR thermometer to let me know when I have my temperature in the range I am looking for.  I do a good bit of cooking on flat surfaces that are in the 350-375°F range and then some more in the 475-525°F range.  The IR thermometer just helps me hit the target more quickly.
    There are other thermometers out there that work just fine also.  The top of the food chain thermometer I own in the lower price category is:
    Lavatools PT18 - LINK 
    If you search Google and Amazon for instant read thermometers, you will come up with tons of options that range in price from cheap to not so cheap.  The reason I prefer the Thermoworks stuff is the durability aspect.  If you want durability and don't want to break the bank, grab the Thermapop.  In my extensive experience with those and the Thermapens, The speed is the only real difference in the two.  The Thermapen reads in 2-3 seconds and the Thermapop reads in 5-7 seconds.  
    My other favorite Thermoworks product is:
    Extra Big & Loud Timer - LINK 
    Temperature Controllers that I Own:
    I am also a big advocate of using temperature control systems on your Kamado or other grill/smoker.  These can take a good bit of work out of your setup process and they can also give you peace of mind when running a long cook where you aren't attending the grill for the entire time.
    BBQ Guru PartyQ - LINK  (6/10/2020 - I think this product has been discontinued.)
    This is the most basic system out there.  This is an updated version of the one I have.  The PartyQ does one job and does it very well.  It simply controls the temperature of your pit.  It doesn't give you any extra bells and whistles.  It's battery operated.
    Flame Boss 400-Wifi - LINK 
    The Flame Boss 400-Wifi is one of the cheapest wifi-controlled pit controllers on the market.  This one will controll the temperature of your pit and monitor the temperature of one meat on the grill.  This unit is controlled via a phone, tablet, or via a web browser on your PC.  It requires a phone or table to get it set up.  
    Kamado Joe iKamand - LINK 
    (provided to me by Kamado Joe)
    The iKamand is very similar to the Flame Boss 400-Wifi in terms of use and control.  This unit only works on Kamado Joe grills so if you aren't using a Kamado Joe then don't buy this option.  This unit works well and I don't have any issues with it.  I used it daily for a LONG time.  
    Flame Boss 500-Wifi - LINK 
    The Flame Boss 500 is the updated and most recent version of an older model that I have (the Flame Boss 200 which was provided to me by Flame Boss.)  This unit also offers wifi control via an app or pc but it also gives you hands-on control at the device itself.  It doesn't require a wifi connection to operate or change the configuration.  You can do all of that from the device itself.  It's capable of controlling the pit temperature and monitoring 3 separate meats at once.  It only comes with one pit probe and one meat probe.  If you want the additional meat probes, they must be ordered separately.  I recommend this unit if you feel like you need something more than the previous models listed here.  I don't use my Flame Boss 200 anymore but if I was going to use it, I would upgrade it to this model.  The only time I would want to use this is if I wanted to run a controller and monitor meats where I had no wifi connection.  
    The Fireboard - LINK 
    In terms of bells, whistles, and shiny things, the FireBoard system is at the top of the stack.  It's a bit more difficult to understand what you need with the Fireboard, but the base configuration you need for pit control is the basic Fireboard system ($189) with the fan ($59) and the Drive Fan Cable ($79).  In my personal experience, the Fireboard is control unit is so small, light, and fragile, I would never want to use it without the FireBoard Case ($55).  So that base configuration adds up to about $380 making it the most expensive of the list here.  Fully dressed out it costs $440 to take advantage of all six thermometers it's capable of managing.  
    Since I wrote this article originally, I have added the Fireboard 2 Drive AND the Fireboard 2 PRO to my lineup.  At this point, the Fireboard systems ARE MY GO-TO and RECOMMENDED choices here.   
    Charcoal Baskets:
    If your grill doesn't come with a Charcoal basket, I highly recommend buying one.  Charcoal baskets offer you the ability to EASILY remove ash from your charcoal so that you can easily reuse any leftover coal from your previous cook.  They help create a zero-waste situation with charcoal.  They also promote more even airflow through your charcoal for more efficient burning.  I consider these to be MUST HAVE.  
    Kamado Joe Charcoal Basket - LINK (Provided to me by Kamado Joe)
    If you own a Kamado Joe grill, the Kamado Joe charcoal basket integrates with the Divide & Conquer cooking rack system included with those grills.  These come with a divider that can position either direction in the basket.  
    Kick Ash Basket - LINK
    Kick Ash Basket makes charcoal basket options for about every Kamado grill out there.  I have Kick Ash Baskets for all of my Kamado Joe grills.  I also bought several smaller sizes baskets that I use inside my Kamado Joe grills when I want to keep a smaller amount of charcoal bunched together in the larger grill.  
    Vacuum Sealers:
    I am a firm believer in the use of vacuum sealers.  They are PERFECT for storing/freezing leftovers.  There are two kinds of vacuum sealers out there.  There are Chamber Sealers and Channel Sealers.  My GO-TO right now is a chamber sealer.
    JVR Industries Vac100 - LINK
    THIS has become my go-to here at the Man Cave.  This thing is a beast and I recommend it highly.  There is a newer model of this out since I did this video. 
    Sous Vide Circulators:
    I am not a huge fan of sous vide cooking.  There are a couple things I like about sous vide cooking but not nearly enough to justify the cost of the equipment in most cases.  I do, however, believe that a sous vide circulator is a must-have device if you are using a vacuum sealer to store frozen leftovers.  The cirulator is the BEST way to reheat frozen foods, especially meats, without overcooking them in the process.  Take prime rib for instance.  If I cook one and have several big slices of it leftover, I never hesitate to vacuum seal those and toss them in the freezer.  I can reheat them in a sous vide bath at 135°F for an hour or so to restore them to a medium rare temperature and they are ready to eat.  They don't get overcooked during the reheating.  I reheat frozen pulled pork, ribs, and brisket in sous vide baths at 165°F.  I have had hands on experience with three different sous vide circulators.  My favorite one is below:
    Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker - LINK  
    There are cheaper sous vide cookers out there and feel free to buy whichever one you like.  I like THIS one because its easy to fit it on to about any kind of container you might want to use.  It's also quite intuitive to operate and it doesn't REQUIRE a smart device to control it.  I don't see wifi as a necessary tool for sous vide but, like everything else in culinary world, smart devices are taking over.  
    Miscellaneous Accessories:
    The Xapron - LINK

    (Provided to me by https://www.xapron.nl/en/)
    I started wearing an apron regularly several years ago.  I looked at leather aprons and couldn't find one I was willing to pay for.  The stuff I found that I liked was $300 and up.  When I discovered the Xapron, I was extremely happy.  My Xapron is the "Utah" model in the "Choco" color.  The Xapron line has models priced between $79 and $149.  Atlanta Grill Company (https://atlantagrillcomany.com) has some customization options available as well such as the towel ring and square patch you see on mine in this photo.  People ask me about how hot it gets in the summer, but I am able to wear this leather apron more comfortably in the heat than my previous canvas material apron.  
    Texas Canvas Wares Apron - LINK
    This is a $40 workshop style apron that I was wearing and quite happy with before I got the Xapron pictured above.  I like the pockets on this apron quite a bit.  
    Power Practical "Sparkr Wick" - LINK  
    This is the coolest BBQ grill lighter I have ever seen.  Windproof and never needs a refill.  It just needs an occasional battery charge with the provided USB cable.  
    Grease Monkey Gloves - LINK
    These are the red gloves you may see me wearing in videos for handling food.  I like these gloves because they are reusable for quite a while.  I wash them in the washing machine and let them air dry.  I bought at 15-pair pack of these over a year ago (as of late 2019) and I'm still using them all.  These gloves are great for food prep and for handling hot food.  They are not durable enough for handling hot pans.  I have big hands and these LARGE size fit me fine. I have only seen them available in large.
    Grill Beast Stainless Steel Injector - LINK
    I use my injector for injecting flavor blends into poultry and injecting curing brines into larger cuts of meat such as hams.  THIS one is extremely good quality at a great price.  I owned a SpitJack system also (https://amzn.to/2Nmteu1) that has some bells and whistles at a MUCH higher price point and I gave it away.  I prefer the simplicity of the simple system.  Its MUCH EASIER to load and clean than the SpitJack.  
    Traeger BIG Spatula - LINK
    This is one of my favorite grill utensils.  I use it frequently when I want to remove a butt or a brisket from the grill.  
    Weber STYLE Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set - LINK
    This is my favorite tong/spatula set for general purpose grill use.  I bought my set about 7 years ago and they have been my go-to tools since then.  I have had no issues with them.
    Kuhn Rikon Vase Grinder - LINK
    I use two of these... one for coarse salt and another for whole peppercorns.  They work extremely well and are easy to use and clean.
    My Bookshelf:
    Rule #1 about buying cookbooks:
    If you are looking for recipes, use the internet.   It's free.  Any book you BUY should be a book that teaches you something about cooking and not just a collection of recipes.  When you get enough of those you will understand cooking METHODS and become able to free yourself from recipes.  I have a metric butt ton of cookbooks around here, but several of them rise to the top of the stack when I consider how much the have to offer beyond a collection of recipes.
    Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling - LINK
    I think everyone should own this book.  This book does have a lot of great recipes in it.  This book is also packed full of the fundamental knowledge you NEED to gain understanding of everything that is happening when you cook on your grill or smoker.  This is a cover-to-cover read book.  If everyone in the BBQ and grilling community bought this one, you would quickly lose interest in most of the others out there.  
    Serious Barbecue - Adam Perry Lang - LINK
    This book is also full of outstanding recipes but I learned a lot more from this book in the form of cooking technique.  The recipes and content in this book are a little more difficult.  
    Michael Symon's Playing with Fire - LINK
    Michael Symon was one of my two favorite Iron Chefs.  This book brings some great technique and flavor profiles to your table.  
  25. Like
    Red River Smoke reacted to Owly in Vanishing Apple Pie   
    I'm one of those people who do not write recipes down  ;-(  .......... I depend on muscle memory and instinct.      A few years back, frustrated with bland apple pies, I perfected the apple pie.......... and yes "perfected" is  not an exaggeration.   The key was to take half a can of frozen concentrate apple  juice or cider....... full strength and undiluted concentrate.... add 3/4 to one cup of sugar in a sauce pan and cook it down into a thick goo....... like making candy, but  not that far.    I also added cayenne to give the apples a spicy bite, like adding red hots to apple sauce.   I don't use a candy thermometer....I  just do it by instinct, but it is quite gooey when I get done.   This is then poured over the apples in the pie crust.   I've found that the Kruzeaz pie crust mix (just add ice cold water) makes as good a pie crust as I can make using lard........ nice and flaky...... not the garbage that the premade crusts are.   I use Granny Smith apples, and there really is no point in listing quantities.   I of course also add cinnamon as any good baker does........ use your judgment on quantities here.
    The thick goo is of course diluted down by the moisture in the apples during cooking, resulting in a perfect sauce that is so delicious that people lick their plates.   The key of course is that the frozen concentrated is concentrated, and packs a huge apple flavor punch that  you cannot get any other way.  It was a run away hit from day one..........
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